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Thursday 29th December 2016: We are greatly indebted to Andy Geneux today, as he has kindly supplied scans of the 1971 IAK souvenir programme for Heat 5 at Sheffield. We therefore present team member names and official game titles. Thanks Andy!

Thursday 22nd December 2016: Many thanks to Russ Barker for dropping us a line regarding the IAK 1972 heat between Luton and Watford, in which his father played for Watford. Thanks to Russ and his mother, who have scanned some contemporary materials for us, we will be able to add to our information for this event. To begin with, Russ has kindly supplied names of the full Luton and Watford squads.

Tuesday 13th December 2016: Individual game results have today been added to JSF 1996, thanks to Neil Storer's diligent research.

Friday 25th November 2016: Many thanks to Marko Voštan who spotted that our games score for INTERNEIGE 1979 Heat 1 from Val Carlina were wrong. Thanks to his help, they are now corrected.

Sunday 18th September 2016: The addition of qualification information to the Series Guide pages has now reached IAK 2000. Interneige is next up for this work.

Wednesday 14th September 2016: The revival continues... Today, to celebrate the recent 50th Anniversary of It's A Knockout, we present some terrific, newly-researched information regarding a lost episode from the programme's first series - IAK 1966 (Blackpool v. Lytham St. Annes). Thanks to Neil Storer for this great update.

The addition of qualification information to the Series Guide pages has now reached IAK 1982.

Tuesday 13th September 2016: ...and we're back! It's been a while, hasn't it? I had a computer failure in February and lost access to the site for a while. It knocked me off my rhythm with updates and I've been sidetracked considerably since with a film project that has taken much of my attention. I'm pleased to say that it's now finished and therefore updates here should now get back on track. I apologise for the downtime.

Today's updates:

  • new result: IAK 1966 Lancashire Semi-Final (thanks to Neil Storer)

  • new result: IAK (AUS) 1987 Round 2, Heat 12 (thanks to David Laich Ruiz)

  • corrected scoreboard and game titles: XMAS 1990 (thanks to Neil and David)

  • corrected the spelling of MacDonald Hobley's name (thanks to Cad Delworth for spotting our error, which was as a result of Radio Times magazine regularly spelling the IAK presenter's name wrong too!)

  • Memories of Jeux Sans Frontičres entry added to JSF 1969 Heat 2 (thanks again to Cad)

  • Rehearsals note added for JSF 1968 Heat 5 (thanks to Ian Rodger)

  • Photo of Arth-Goldau Team 1969 added (thanks again to Neil)

  • Finally, I am working through the whole of the site to add qualification information for semi-finals and finals (JSF 1965-1999 and Intervilles so far).

Tuesday 16th February 2016: An amazing photograph has been added today to JSF 1973 Heat 3 which shows just how small a space the Chartres heat was staged in!

Monday 15th February 2016: Team photos today! A recent internet trawl by Neil turned up the following team photos: Montecatini Terme 1966, Montecatini Terme 1967, Pontedera 1972, Attendorn 1975 and Grado 1980.

Thursday 11th February 2016: Our 1970 updates continue today with a brush-up by Neil of IAK 1970, complete with lots of lovely venue photos!

Wednesday 10th February 2016: Thanks to those of you who have sent donations to the site in the last few days. This is greatly appreciated and really makes a difference to keeping JSFnetGB on a firm footing. Today, Neil has delivered the remaining updates to ZESKAMP 1970 and I have, as he would say "worked my magic" on them. :)

Sunday 7th February 2016: A nice little Zeskamp related update today, thanks to Neil's diligent researches: results for ZESKAMP 1970 have now been updated and confirmed, and team members have been added for the Hoogland team in this competition and also JSF 1970.

Friday 5th February 2016: A more modest update today but a welcome one nonetheless! Scoreboards have been added for SPIEL 1975, confirming the results of these competitions - with thanks to Jean. Scoreboards for SPIEL 1976 Heats 5 and 6 have also been added, with the latter receiving a revised Additional Information note based on what was seen on screen.

Tuesday 2nd February 2016: A whole new section today, built from scratch since the weekend: the Venue Database. If you've ever wondered which year an IAK, JSF, Intervilles, Spiel Ohne Grenzen or other event at a specific venue took place, then this is the easiest way to find out. Take a look! This is also accessible via the regular link in the Data Bank section to the left of this page.

Saturday 30th January 2016: Our weekend update is to conclude Neil's superb investigation into JSF 1971 with the addition of Heats 5-7 and the International Final.

Friday 29th January 2016: We're drawing to a close with our updates across all competitions for 1971. Today, Neil has researched and written great swathes of information about Heats 1-4 of JSF 1971. The remaining heats will follow in the next few days.

Thursday 28th January 2016: An update today by Neil to ZESKAMP 1971 which has caused host town and venue information for competitions in the Netherlands to be updated across the site for the years 1970-1976.

Tuesday 26th January 2016: I'm doing some "under the bonnet" fixes today, but there is one new addition, something that Julian Watson sent me nearly two years ago and I had overlooked (rather embarrassing, that!) - some photographs of the Chippenham venue of FIT 1993 and one of the reconstructed Athenian trireme seen at the Poros heat of JSF 1994. This latter photograph is by Christos Moustakas. I have also been able to add scoreboards for JSF 1999 and a team photo of the Gaeta team of 1974.

Monday 25th January 2016: Neil has got the week off to a bright start with a colourful update to IAK 1971, adding town and venue photographs plus other information. Also, thanks to Christos for additional information concerning the decision to change the Italian venue for JSF 1974 Heat 3. There is a small change to the Additional Information for the corresponding IAK 1974 British Domestic Heat. A Portuguese magazine article concerning TRIO has been added to Magazines (in Portuguese). And finally, Neil's 1971 update now includes XMAS 1971.

Sunday 24th January 2016: Today we are travelling back to 1971 for a special It's A Knockout event - CUP FINAL IAK 1971 - which has received a considerable update from Neil.

Friday 22nd January 2016: First up today, we've been able to add some rare photographs to ZESKAMP 1970 and 1971, with thanks to Christos. Also an Additional Information note has been added to Heat 6 and the International Final JSF 1999 regarding the Greek team Patra. Thanks to Daniel for this bit of trivia. Thanks also to Neil who has provided an interesting note about the 1989 JSF title sequence.

Thursday 21st January 2016: Continuing with the recent updates, thanks to Neil for supplying games results for XMAS 1989, JSF 1993, JSF 1994 and XMAS 1994. Also today, a free download thanks to Ely team member Ian Rodger - the souvenir programme for IAK 1973 Heat 4 from Ely!

Wednesday 20th January 2016: The concluding part of Neil's Spiel Ohne Grenzen update has been added today, comprising Heats 4-7 of SPIEL 1971. It is worth noting the sheer depth of information in the updates made since Monday - Neil's Word document containing the information runs to a mammoth 51 pages! So make yourself a hot drink before reading... :) We've also added individual game results for JSF 1995 and JSF 1998, and venue information for Évry - JSF 1977.

Monday 18th January 2016: The first part of a major update is added today, comprising a very detailed look at the first three heats of SPIEL 1971 by Neil Storer. The information about the remaining heats will be added over the next few days.

Friday 15th January 2016:  Happy New Year to all visitors and contributors to JSFnetGB! We at JSFnetGB hope that readers had a good Christmas and New Year celebration! Sorry for the delayed update - I have been recovering from an eye injury (seems fine at last!).

On the menu for this first update of 2016 is the addition of scoreboard for all heats of SPIEL 1973 and SPIEL 1974 (except Heat 4), with thanks to Neil. Neil has also located the correct venue for IAK 1967 at Brighton - it can be difficult pinpointing these venues, particularly when the programmes themselves were wiped many years ago - and also, in this case, the venue is also long lost to us. A fascinating update.

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