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Tuesday 20th October 2015: With thanks to Jean P, scoreboards have been added to SPIEL 1976 Heats 1-4 and SPIEL 1977 Heats 3-6. There is also a correction to the venue of Heat 1 for SPIEL 1976.

Wednesday 26th August 2015: Please note that our contact email has changed. It is now - thank you.

Friday 5th June 2015: Results and scoreboards have today been added to SPIEL 1977 Heats 1&2 and both SPIEL 1978 heats with thanks to Jean P.

Wednesday 29th April 2015: Thanks to Neil, we've been able to correct venues for Heat 2 of SPIEL 1975 and Heat 1 of SPIEL 1977. Photos of the games locations have also been added. Remaining on the subject of venues, Neil has trekked down to Camberley and Windsor to photograph two games venues - the first of IAK 1977 Heat 5 and the other of JSF 1977 Heat 5.

Friday 24th April 2015: Many thanks to Neil for his diligent research into the Meinerzhagen (D) team which means that we've been able to add team members to SPIEL 1973 Heat 5 (as well as game titles and theme) and JSF 1973 Heat 4.

Thursday 23rd April 2015: Following on from yesterday's update, today we present the game results and rankings for JSF 1991 and JSF 1992. I have also been able to add team members to IAK 1980 (Championship) and JSF 1980 for the Arun (GB) team.

Wednesday 22nd April 2015: Games results and rankings plus game titles added to JSF 1990 and XMAS 1990.

Sunday 5th April 2015: Results and scoreboards have today been added to both SPIEL 1979 heats with thanks to Jean P.

Saturday 4th April 2015: Some more on the Mansfield IAK 1977 heat including team members, the games in detail and an item added to Collectables 1977.

Thursday 2nd April 2015: Games and additional notes added to IAK 1977 (Heat 3). Thanks also to Michel Filannino for spotting an error in our Interneige Winners' Circle relating to the team which won the 1979 Winter Final.

Wednesday 1st April 2015: Team members added for the Macclesfield team - IAK 1977 and JSF 1977.

Wednesday 25th March 2015: Finishing off IAK 1976 today with a brush-up to the Championship Knockout and CUP FINAL 1976, including team members, games and results.

Tuesday 24th March 2015: Further games results and rankings added today, with thanks to Neil: JSF 1982, JSF 1988, JSF 1989 and XMAS 1989. Finally, I've been able to add team members, games and games results and rankings to IAK 1976 Heat 7 (with Edinburgh team members also added to the 1976 Championship Knockout and JSF 1976 Heat 7).

Thursday 19th March 2015: Further games results and rankings added tonight, with thanks to Neil: XMAS 1980 and JSF 1981.

Wednesday 18th March 2015: Thanks to Neil for adding some additional detail regarding the naming of the Aosta-Pilaz team in NEIGE 1977 and JSF 1988 and also supplying a photo showing a better view of the playing area at Plymouth in IAK 1968 and another, a candid team photo of Swiss team Gossau (Teams 1974). On the subject of Gossau, team members and a couple of Additional Information notes have been added to JSF 1974. Finally today, game results and rankings have been added to JSF 1980.

Monday 16th March 2015: Back after a few days off, partly due to having a busy few days and partly due to developing eye strain - anyone who wonders why should take a look at the sheer volume of updates over the last five weeks. I think I need to take things at a more leisurely pace! Eye test booked and no doubt hideously expensive new glasses to follow!

A few small additions today, however... The following teams have been added to the Teams section: Cheltenham Spa to Teams 1968, Tewkesbury and Schwabach to Teams 1971 and Ely to Teams 1973.

Tuesday 10th March 2015: Early morning update... Midnight oil burned... IAK 1976 Heat 3 from Winchcombe now sports Games in Detail, revised team member names, game results and rankings, and additional notes. Also, Neil has added in-depth venue notes to CUP FINAL 1975. while I have add game results and revised games and team members for IAK 1976 Heat 4 (and that year's Championship and JSF Heat 4). Finally, the same has been done for Heat 5 from 1976 from Harlow.

Monday 9th March 2015: A little additional work on GRAND KNOCKOUT 1987 today, to move the venue information from the Venues section (which has never really got going) to the programme's Series Guide page, now with additional photographs. I've also been able to add production credits and details of the alternative American television version of this programme. I've also added game results and rankings to CUP FINAL 1975 and CELEBRITY 1975, the latter of which has also had a scarcely believable note added about Game 6 to 'The Games in Detail'. Finally, scoreboard captures have been added to SPIEL 1980. Many thanks to Jean P for his help with today's updates.

Sunday 8th March 2015: A quick update to start the day - a rather jolly photo of the Redcar (GB) team at Bad Mergentheim has been added to Teams 1976. Also, thanks to Neil for adding further detail about the Redcar venue from IAK 1976. Games results/rankings have also been added to NEIGE 1980 (all Heats and Winter Final) and NEIGE 1981 (all Heats and Winter Final), IAK 1980 (Championship), IAK 1981 (Championship), IAK 1982 (Championship), XMAS 1981, XMAS 1983, XMAS 1984, GRAND KNOCKOUT 1987 and DISNEYWORLD 1988.

Saturday 7th March 2015: The Saturday update nearly became a Sunday one, but it's crept under the wire, just! Venue information for IAK 1976 has been added today to the Morecambe, Stoke-on-Trent, Harlow, Redcar and Stirling events, with photographs added to those and most others in that year's Domestic Competition.

Friday 6th March 2015: A change of pace today, or at least of focus! Teams 1974 now includes British teams Farnham and Thamesdown and the covers of the Farnham IAK, South Liverpool FC FA Cup Final Knockout and Herford Spiel Ohne Grenzen souvenir programmes have been added to Collectables 1974, Collectables 1977 and Collectables 1968 respectively. Also, illustrations from the latter have been added to SPIEL 1968 Heat 6 and game results and rankings to IAK 1975 Heat 3 from Onchan, Heat 4 from Stanley and Heat 5 from Gourock. Finally, thanks to Neil for his fascinating update to the 1977 Cup Final Knockout concerning the venue of the games.

Thursday 5th March 2015: More scorecards today... of course now referred to as game results and rankings! IAK 1977 (Championship), IAK 1979 (Championship) JSF 1977 (all Heats and International Final), JSF 1978 (all Heats and International Final), JSF 1979 (all Heats and International Final), NEIGE 1978 (all Heats and Winter Final), NEIGE 1979 (all Heats and Winter Final), and XMAS 1977, XMAS 1978 and XMAS 1979. Thanks to Neil for the legwork!

Wednesday 4th March 2015: Continuing with scorecard mania today... First up JSF 1976 (all Heats and International Final) and NEIGE 1977 (Heats 1, 3 and Winter Final). Neil and I have also been able to add scoreboard images for SPIEL 1970 (Heat 7), SPIEL 1971 (Heat 6) and SPIEL 1972 (Heats 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7). Also today, a great update to IAK 1973 to add copious venue and game notes to Heat 2. Thank you to Neil for the hard graft on this one and for the bulk of the scorecard research added over the last few days!

Finally, another small makeover tweak - from today, 'Did You Know?' notes are rebranded 'Additional Information', and 'Confirmed Scorecard' is now called 'Game Results and Standings'. The latter change is to avoid the confusion between scorecards and scoreboards!

Tuesday 3rd March 2015: Pottering around today, doing little tweaks (team colours on scorecard and team initial in the results windows for Domestic Series events), but I've also found time to add a Memories of Jeux Sans Frontières section to IAK 1973 Heat 2 (King's Lynn). Also, confirmed scorecards have been added to JSF 1971 (Heats 1 and 4), JSF 1972 (Heats 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and International Final), JSF 1973 (all Heats and International Final), JSF 1974 (all Heats and International Final), JSF 1975 (all Heats and International Final), IAK 1976 (Domestic Final), XMAS 1973, XMAS 1974, XMAS 1975 and XMAS 1976.

Monday 2nd March 2015: Scorecards galore today, thanks to Neil - JSF 1968 (all Heats and International Final), IAK NI 1969 (both Heats), JSF 1969 (Heats 2, 3, 4, 5), IAK 1970 (Heat 6) and JSF 1970 (all Heats and International Final).

Sunday 1st March 2015: First up on the menu today is a brush-up for IAK 1975, comprising production credits and scorecards for Heats 1 (St. Ives) and 2 (Swansea). If that's the hors d'oeuvres, then the main course comes courtesy of Neil, who has updated venue information for IAK 1968 and NEIGE 1968 and added scorecard for the events concerned, where possible.

There have been a slew of updates made during February, so make sure you check them out. Don't forget that if you enjoy the site, you can always help us to keep afloat by donating to our funds via the button above. We are grateful for all such contributions - though lately they have been few and far between, so if you're thinking of donating a little something, please do. Thanks.

Saturday 28th February 2015: I've today been able to revise IAK 1971 Heat 1 to include team members full names, games, a couple of notes and a confirmed scorecard.

Friday 27th February 2015: A few confirmed scorecards added today thanks to Neil's research - to IAK 1969 (Heats 1 and 2), IAK 1972 (Heat 4), IAK 1973 (Heats 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6) and IAK 1974 (Heat 1). I've also been able to add team members, games, a scorecard and a note on one of the games for It's A Cup Final Knockout 1971.

Thursday 26th February 2015: While continuing the makeover work, I noticed that I had information for Intervilles 1973 which had not been given its own page. Well, it has now! The information is sketchy, so if anyone can add to this, please drop us a line. Thanks! The French Team Database has been updated accordingly.

On the subject of the makeover, all of the Series Guide page re-organisation has now been completed.

Two confirmed scorecards have also been added: for IAK 1974 Heat 2 (Warwick) and Heat 4 (Farnham).

Wednesday 25th February 2015: The makeover is now rolled out for all Intervilles, Interneige, Interglace, Intercontinents, Almost Anything Goes and Anything Goes pages, plus Christmas, Celebrity and FA Cup Final specials in addition to the JSF pages mentioned yesterday.

Tuesday 24th February 2015: A fun update today, concerning the giant gorilla prop seen in the JSF 1977 International Heat at Évry, France. Many thanks to James Cowan for the astonishing photograph that accompanies our expanded Did You Know note.

Additionally, there is much work going on behind the scenes, with the intention of completing the "makeover" of the Series Guide that was started in June of last year. I have further played around with the format of the Did You Know sections, which are now divided into the following categories to enhance readability and easy access to information:

The Venue
The Rehearsals
The Games in Detail
Memories of Jeux Sans Frontières
Presenters, Officials and Production Team
Returning Teams and Competitors
Looks Familiar?
Did You Know?

At present, this has been rolled out for JSF Series Guide pages from 1965-1999.

Sunday 22nd February 2015: Venue photos now added to SPIEL 1967 and JSF 1967.

Saturday 21st February 2015: Photos added today to IAK 1967. Where venues are repeated from previous years, I have tried to include different views of these towns and games locations.

Friday 20th February 2015: A final polishing off today of the venues in JSF 1966, to include photos and descriptions of two previously elusive games locations in Huy, Belgium and Sennestadt, Germany. Also new today is a feature written by Mike Peters about It's A Knockout's Manchester base, BBC New Broadcasting House. The essay forms a part of our Fil Rouge section, the rest of which can be accessed from the menu to the left of each page. Finally, some rare photos have been added to IAK 1966 and MacDonald Hobley's biography.

Thursday 19th February 2015: We are returning today to the revamping of the Series Guide page layout, but with a nice twist - as you'll see from JSF 1965, JSF 1966 and IAK 1966 we are now adding general photographs of the venue towns as well as ones of the games locations themselves. This is in - in a small way - done in order to reflect the travelogue introductions in Jeux Sans Frontières programmes.

Wednesday 18th February 2015: First up this morning is our earliest collectable item yet - from Ciney, Belgium, 1965, along with both JSF Trophies won by British team Shrewsbury in 1969 and a programme cover from Great Yarmouth 1979. Team members for North Walsham, who competed in this IAK 1979 International Heat have been added today also. Finally, a small update to IAK 1973 at Ashington, including a scorecard.

Tuesday 17th February 2015: The deluge of updates (otherwise known as the result of dealing with an overflowing mailbox!) continues today... First, we have team photos of the 1979 British teams Didcot, Henley-on-Thames and Rushmoor. Team members representing these three towns have been added to IAK 1979 and (in Henley's case) JSF 1979. Thanks to Paul Leaver for sending these in. Neil has also sent further collectables (a coin from Siegen and an ashtray from Northampton) which have been added to 1968 and 1974 respectively. I am also grateful to Bill Brown for writing with his memories of the Aberdeen Domestic Heat of IAK 1970.

The major update today is to add a 1970 series from Spain called Un Pueblo Para Europa. Related to this update is the matter of Spain's intended entry into JSF a year later - for details, please see a new addition on the subject in the 1971 Introduction. The 1970 Introduction has also been revisited to include a mention of the Spanish Domestic competition, and the team has been added to Team Database - Spain.

Finally, while I've been immersed in all things Spanish, Neil has been looking into Spiel Ohne Grenzen and has amended the last two paragraphs of the 1967 Introduction and added a scorecard and other details to SPIEL 1977 Heat 3 (Dahn) plus a photo of the Dahn team to Teams 1977. Another team photo, of Lodève (France), has been added to Teams 1982.

Monday 16th February 2015: Plenty more to see today, starting off with venue information and photos plus scorecards (where possible) for IAK 1967, JSF 1966, JSF 1967, NEIGE 1966 and NEIGE 1967. We also have a fun news item about the 1987 Royal Knockout, a collectable postcard and a BBC pin badge, thanks to David Ashurst, plus photos of the 1974 Southport team. In addition to these goodies, I have also revisited the feature here on Top Town following some excellent research by Paul Leaver, who has also added two team member names to the Cardiff team of IAK 1969 (inc DYK) and JSF 1969 - thanks Paul!

I've also been doing some re-organisation to make the site a little more manageable and to begin with this means the Collectables - Promotional Items section has received a makeover. Rather than having one item per page, the section now has a page for each year with each of these pages containing all the promotional items for that year. This makes the section easier to update and easier for visitors to look through. We recommend you do look through as there are previously unseen and unannounced items included as of tonight!

Finally, disgraced IAK/JSF presenter Stuart Hall's biography is restored to JSFnetGB today. It has been heavily revised by Mike Peters in the wake of the recent revelations about Hall's sex offences and I would like to thank Mike for the great trouble he has taken over what has been a very difficult essay for him to write. We have been discussing how best to return the piece to the site and I feel Mike has addressed an awkward and at times highly distasteful biography with great sensitivity.

Sunday 15th February 2015: Some video for you to watch today, comprising behind the scenes footage from rehearsals for the JSF 1967 International Final (here's a quick link to the video itself). The video also includes an interview with Peter Claßen, a member of the Bardenberg team, who emerged victorious on the night. The original home movie footage can also be seen in three parts, here. Neil has also updated SPIEL 1967 (with some additional information about the Bardenberg venue and has added a fascinating DYK note to the JSF International Final 1967 regarding a remarkable monument to Bardenberg's win) and SPIEL 1968, providing additional information about the venues. Also new today is an image of one of the earliest boardgames based on JSF which was released in Italy in the mid-1960s; team member information for French entrants Lodève (JSF 1982); a new confirmed venue for JSF 1979 at Bonn; previously unseen collectables (for 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982 and 1994 - thanks to Neil and Christos for these); and a weblink has been added to JSF 1980 noting the availability of photographs of the Fribourg heat (direct link here).

Saturday 14th February 2015: Thanks to Neil's diligent researches in a Dartford library, we are now able to add team members for that team's foray into IAK 1977.

Tuesday 10th February 2015: An absolutely marvellous update today which has been made possible by the kindness and generosity of Brian Clark. Brian's is a name that regular visitors to JSFnetGB will recognise as he has previously contributed to our Memories section, having worked as part of the BBC It's A Knockout production team in the late 1960s to early 1970s. Well, Brian has been ever so kind and has gifted items of memorabilia from his collection to JSFnetGB and hopes that they may help to raise funds for the website. So, if you enjoy looking at these items - which will be shared via our Collectables section - please consider making a donation (however small, it all helps) to site funds via the link above. Thank you - and to Brian especially.

Collectables from Brian Clark: 1969 IAK pin badge, personnel identity badges (1968, 1969, 1970 and 1971), promotional stickers (1970 and 1971), pendant from 1970 Christmas Special, a Double Diamond IAK beer mat from 1971 and an embroidered patch badge from the JSF 1973 International Final.

Monday 26th January 2015: A very unexpected update today, to the one-off 1965 programme Bonsoir la Suisse. Thanks to Neil for pointing me in the right direction for this information, which includes game titles and details, the result, a scoreboard and even the identity of the presenters and programme director. I honestly never thought we'd be able to present further information about this rare television special at JSFnetGB. Wonderful!

Monday 12th January 2015:  Happy New Year to all visitors and contributors to JSFnetGB!  We at JSFnetGB hope that readers had a good Christmas and New Year celebration, and welcome everyone to the 50th Anniversary year of Jeux Sans Frontières! Yes, that's right - JSF is fifty years old. Hardly seems possible (beyond making us feel rather old!).

First update of the year is to add a new staging date, team members and games to Heat 1 of IAK 1971 (and therefore also Heat 1 of JSF 1971), with thanks to Neil Storer.

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