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Wednesday 10th December 2014: Many thanks to Richard Lancaster for dropping JSFnetGB a line to let us know that his wife Sylvia (then Dewhurst) competed for Blackpool in 1971 (and was therefore an International Final winner!). As a result, Sylvia has been added to the Blackpool team list on the IAK 1971 and JSF 1971 pages. Thanks also to Alan Day for letting us know that his family took part in Anything Goes 1975 Heat 2.

Friday 5th December 2014: Scoreboards added to SPIEL 1970 and SPIEL 1971 today, resulting in a score update to 1970 Heat 6.

Monday 1st December 2014: Both staging dates have been revised for SPIEL 1980, and there's a related item of memorabilia added to Collectables today.

Saturday 29th November 2014: Some welcome new information has been added today to SPIEL 1970 and SPIEL 1971 (including a re-ordering of heats), with the changed information being reflected in Team Database: West Germany.

Friday 3rd October 2014: Thanks again to Gareth Nickels for now confirming the name of a Rhyl team member - IAK 1970.

Wednesday 1st October 2014: Firstly today, many thanks to Laura Reed for letting me know that her father Peter Allan was a Merton team member in IAK 1968. We also have a curious collectable from 1968, a newly confirmed venue for Rhyl IAK 1970 (with thanks to Gareth Nickels, town clerk of Rhyl Borough Council), a new DYK note regarding the JSF 1971 International Final result, confirmed staging dates for JSF 1994, an extra confirmed game and photo from the ZESKAMP 1968 Final, and finally, games and results have been added for ZESKAMP 1969-1970. Thanks to Neil for his help with these updates.

Sunday 21st September 2014: JSFnetGB goes Dutch today, as we've been able to update information for Zeskamp 1970 Heat 2, which now includes finishing places and the name of the referee for that year's competition.

Monday 15th September 2014: It's been a busy time for me recently, as I have been putting the finishing touches to a book about The Avengers television series. As this was published this week, I have a little more time on my hands for the things I used to find time for! First of these is to add scoreboards to SPIEL 1969, with thanks to Neil Storer and Richard Farnham, and to revise JSF 1965 to the new format, with added detail and images for venues.

Of course, something that has happened over the summer that went uncommented on due to pressures of other work is that JSFnetGB has moved web address. The domain name was becoming too expensive to maintain, and the reluctant decision to move the site has been brought about as a result of no donations to the site having come in in nearly a year. I realise that the site has been quiet, of course, and that this is no doubt a reason that the donations have dried up. Regardless, please set your internet favourites to Yes, JSFnetGB is now a Hidden Tiger website.

Anyone interested in the Avengers book can find it here: With Umbrella, Scotch and Cigarettes.

Thursday 24th July 2014: A little gem from Neil Storer has been added to Collectables 1976 today, a window sticker from the JSF International Heat at Caslano Malcantone.

Wednesday 23rd July 2014: Neil has now supplied the final result of SPIEL 1969, the results of which are now complete.

Tuesday 22nd July 2014: Thanks to Neil who has supplied updated team names and results for four SPIEL 1969 heats - always exciting when fresh results are added to the site! We are also pleased to add a team member, Trevor Mayall, to the Gloucester IAK 1982 team. There is also a DYK note about him. Thanks to his wife Kath for bringing his involvement to our attention.

Friday 20th June 2014: Now added to the site: scorecard for Interneige 1965 Winter Final, plus expanded venue information for IAK 1966, now with photographs. Thanks to Neil for all his hard work on this. We hope that regular visitors to JSFnetGB approve of our new look. Remember that if you would like to help support the site, donations to site funds are gratefully received and exceptionally helpful.

Wednesday 18th June 2014: The updates to the Series Guide pages go a step or two further today, with venue information and photographs added to Bonsoir la Suisse 1965, venue information, photographs and scorecards added to Interneige 1965 and a photo from the King's Lynn British domestic heat added to IAK 1973.

Thursday 12th June 2014: All Series Guide pages between 1959 and 1967 are now changed to the new format. It's a long, manual process, so the roll out across the whole guide will probably take some time!

Wednesday 11th June 2014: SPIEL 1968 has not only received a major update from Neil, but it has also been given a makeover in our brand new Series Guide style. We hope you like this new look and way of presenting the information - it will be rolled out across the site over time. JSF 1965, JSF 1966 and SPIEL 1967 have also been processed in the new format. The new format breaks down the Did You Know sections into three sub-sections - The Venues, The Games in Detail and Did You Know? - and we are also adding scorecards as we go which plot the points awarded game-to-game plus running totals.

Tuesday 10th June 2014: Scoreboards have been added to SPIEL 1968. Thanks to Neil Storer and Richard Farnham for making this possible.

Monday 19th May 2014: Thanks to Neil for his updates to SPIEL 1971, which includes some changes to staging dates, a DYK note and team members added for the Schwabach and Offenburg teams. This new information has also prompted tweaks to JSF 1971. Neil has also provided confirmed results for two SPIEL 1968 contests (Heats 2 and 4), for which we previously had no information.

Friday 16th May 2014: Another team member name added, this time to IAK 1977, with thanks to Pembroke competitor Dai Boswell for letting us know. We have also updated the 1968 Introduction, SPIEL 1968, IAK 1968 and JSF 1968 with information regarding the cancellation of the French International Heat due to the Paris student riots of May and June 1968. The 1968 series of Spiel Ohne Grenzen also has a newly confirmed result, care of Neil Storer, and it's the highest-ever winning margin in the history of the West German or British domestic competitions. See Heat 1. This has also prompted alterations to the DYK notes of SPIEL 1967 Heat 3 and IAK 1973 Heat 4.

Tuesday 6th May 2014: I'm very grateful to Bob Crawford for contacting the site. Bob played for Swindon in IAK 1999 and is now on the team members list here!

Friday 14th March 2014: Many thanks to Hellen Dunlavey (née Walton) who has contacted us to let us know that she competed for Bournemouth in IAK 1979. We are happy to add her name to the team members list.

Monday 3rd March 2014: Apologies for the break in service - JSFnetGB has been moving home. This doesn't mean that the URL has changed, rather that I have moved house and am only just getting back on my feet. There are still boxes of belongings everywhere, nothing is readily to hand, or if it is, I can't see it for the boxes! The upside is that JSFnetGB is now based in a place with a decent IAK and JSF pedigree. The downside is that the updates will be minimal for a little while longer while I sort everything out. Today's update is small but welcome - Neil has found another result for SPIEL 1968, for Heat 3.

Tuesday 11th February 2014: Thanks to Neil JSF 1966, JSF 1967, JSF 1969, JSF 1970 and JSF 1975 have all been updated with information concerning Italian competitor Giovanni Bellini, who made an impressive nine appearances in the series during this period. Details of Giovanni's exploits in 1968 will feature in a special update in the near future.

Sunday 26th January 2014: Today four West German teams have been added to Teams 1972 and Teams 1973, with thanks to Neil Storer and Christos Moustakas. A handful of photos have also been added to JSF 1970, SPIEL 1972, SPIEL 1973 and JSF 1974. The SPIEL 1973 page now features the team member names for the Pfullingen team, thanks to Christos. I've also written some DYK notes for the Marburg an der Lahn v. Pfullingen heat. Neil has also been able to add team members to SPIEL 1972, SPIEL 1973, JSF 1973, SPIEL 1979 and JSF 1979.

Saturday 18th January 2014: SPIEL 1971 staging dates revised as a result of fresh evidence being found. Thanks to Neil for this information.

Sunday 12th January 2014: Thanks to Neil, who has tracked down some information about SPIEL 1969 which had thus far proved elusive. As a consequence, we now have a venue for Heat 1, the full name of the Lauingen team and a theme and new DYK for Heat 3.

Thursday 9th January 2014: In a marvellous piece of poor timing, we at JSFnetGB are now celebrating Christmas... Neil Storer has done a fine job with documenting XMAS 1973, so if you're disappointed Christmas is over for another year, here's another helping of seasonal fare with our compliments!

Wednesday 8th January 2014: We round off Neil's excellent updates to SPIEL 1967 today, as he takes a detailed look at Heat 6, the final domestic heat of the year. Thanks also to Christos Moustakas who has opened his 2014 account with transmission dates of JSF 1993 in Hungary!

Tuesday 7th January 2014: A return visit to SPIEL 1967 today, as Neil looks at Heats 4 and 5.

Monday 6th January 2014: More today about SPIEL 1967 - the second part of Neil's updates to this series covers Heat 3 and adds significant detail to what we previously knew about the competition.

Sunday 5th January 2014:  Happy New Year to all visitors and contributors to JSFnetGB!  Our first update of 2014 is an obvious one assuming you drop in on this page regularly - the 2013 updates have been archived, so please check the link directly beneath this one to catch up on updates over the last few months. Thanks to Bury team member Jack Edgar for contacting us and pointing out our oversight in not crediting him as a member of the team in IAK 1979 and JSF 1979. Team member information is not always easy to track down, so it's very helpful when people like Jack drop us a line! Thanks also to Neil Storer, who has submitted an exhaustive set of updates for SPIEL 1967, the first of which, for Heat 1, has been added today. Meanwhile, if you enjoyed our 2013 updates, please consider making a contribution to our funds, however small  - see the top of the page for details. Many thanks and best wishes.

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