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Wednesday 18th December 2013: Thanks to Neil for providing further information, including confirmed scores, new DYK notes, scoreboards and other additions regarding SPIEL 1967. Neil and I have also added an additional note to the 1979 Introduction concerning an infamous spelling error in the 1979-80 opening title sequence. Also, scoreboards have been added for IAK 1975 Heat 2 and JSF 1981 Heat 1.

Sunday 15th December 2013: Many thanks to Neil Storer who, with the assistance of Richard Farnham and Richard's friend Arnd, has been able to track down new information about the German Domestic Series of 1967. For now, he has supplied the name of the previously unknown team who played against Straubing in SPIEL 1967 Heat 5, but there will be considerably more to come in the near future. The West German Team Database has been revised accordingly.

Wednesday 11th December 2013: House move back on, but delayed... Watch this space as JSFnetGB moves to a city with an IAK/JSF pedigree! In the meantime, I've revised the page of It's A Celebrity Knockout 1975, to include team member, game and personnel information. I've also written three new DYK notes for this event.

Wednesday 4th December 2013: Unfortunately, my house move has hit the buffers, and I am back to square one... so unfortunately, the disruption to the site may well continue into 2014. However, I will try to keep things bubbling here as and when I can. Tonight, I've added a couple of new DYKs to the 1982 Christmas special, Trio.

Wednesday 27th November 2013: Today marks one of those days where JSFnetGB uncovers something surprising - a whole, previously unheard of (by us, anyway!) It's A Knockout spin-off - Fit to Win. I've done some research into this programme after being kindly tipped off about it by Julian Watson (many thanks!). For details, see FIT TO WIN 1993. The British Team Database has also been updated with the new information.

Tuesday 26th November 2013: I've found myself with a few unexpected spare hours today, so I've revised the INTERVILLES 1962 series guide page to include teams participating, results (one has changed, others are completely new!) and some DYK notes. I have also revised the French Team Database with this new information. Many thanks to Sebastien Dias of JSFnetFRANCE, who put in many more hours than I did on the research!

Finally, British presenter Stuart Hall, currently in prisoner for historical sex offences, will appear at Preston Magistrates' Court on Friday to answer further charges of a similar nature. An additional note has been added to this sorry, distasteful story.

Monday 25th November 2013: My apologies for the dearth of updates in the last few weeks. My wife and I are in the process of moving home and this has been taking up all of our attention. Hopefully once the move is completed, a normal service can be resumed. To tide you over, Neil Storer has revised the DYK information for Games 1-3 of the JSF 1966 International Final, and David Ashurst has added a couple of team members to Southport IAK 1974 and JSF 1974. Thanks Neil and David!

Sunday 6th October 2013: Thanks to Neil for supplying revised team member names for JSF 1976 (Heat 3).

Wednesday 2nd October 2013: Some more detail from Neil today about IAK 1972 from Luton, concerning the venue. The venues page for the site has also been revised, has an additional photograph and, thanks to the kindess of Des Brittain, also now features a video of the Luton IAK site as it was in 2012. Also, additional details about the 1992 TV Hell programme that featured It's A Knockout has been added. The TV Hell programme has also permitted Neil to make updates to the following pages: IAK 1967 (Heat 3), IAK 1968 (Heat 1) and JSF 1968 (Heat 4). I have also written a short biography of Maggie Clews, who presented IAK 1968 Heats 3 and 4. Finally today, team members added for IAK 1975 Heats 2 and 3, SPIEL 1975 Heat 5, and JSF 1975 Heats 2, 3 and International Final.

Tuesday 17th September 2013: It's a giveaway day at JSFnetUK! Help yourself to PDFs of the souvenir programmes for It's Celebrity Knockout 1975 and IAK 1976 Heat 2 (Stoke-on-Trent), both of which have been kindly donated by Neil Storer and scanned by yours truly.

Friday 13th September 2013: A great update from Neil today, which adds lots of lovely detail to Interneige 1968 and Scoreboard 1968. Neil has also added team members and new DYK notes to IAK 1976 Heat 2. The 1968 Introduction has also been revised by Neil and myself.

Wednesday 28th August 2013: Thanks to Neil for supplying the names of two West German team members, of the Ansbach and Bayreuth teams - SPIEL 1973, JSF 1973, SPIEL 1974, JSF 1974.

Sunday 25th August 2013: Thanks to Steve Arnold, we've been able to correct some information on the site and add scoreboards: pages affected: IAK 1971 (Heat 1), IAK Cup Final 1971, IAK Celebrity 1975, IAK 1976 (Heats 2, 3, 5, 7 and Championship), Christmas 1976, IAK 1977 (Heats 3, 5 and Championship), IAK Cup Final 1977, IAK Celebrity 1977, IAK 1978 (Heats 1, 3, 7), IAK Celebrity 1979, Christmas 1979, IAK Celebrity 1981. Thanks also to Hazel Ford, who has spotted a reference online to Eddie Holder having been a member of the IAK 1976 / JSF 1976 Redcar team.

Saturday 17th August 2013: One of Neil's amazing updates today, focusing on the 1967 domestic and international competitions. This means lots of Did You Know notes have been added, mostly concerning the venues at which the games were staged: IAK 1967, SPIEL 1967 and JSF 1967 have all benefited greatly from his latest researches.

Monday 5th August 2013: An excellent and exhaustive update today to Interneige 1967 from Neil Storer, complete with extensive Did You Know notes. Neil has also revised the 1967 Scoreboard as a consequence. He has also supplied minor updates for Interneige 1965, Interneige 1966 and IAK 1973.

Friday 2nd August 2013: Another day, a new result - for It's A Cup Final Knockout 1971. Revised venue, recording date and result for It's A Cup Final Knockout 1976, revised recording date and result for It's A Celebrity Knockout 1976 and a revised result for The Knockout Star Gala 1983. Also, thanks to Neil, team members for It's A Celebrity Knockout 1975 are now fully identified, and the Did You Know section for this event has been revised. There's also a new DYK for IAK 1974 Heat 1 concerning Miss Knockout, Pauline Davies.

Thursday 1st August 2013: Small update today to correct the result of XMAS 1973 and add a scoreboard.

Wednesday 31st July 2013: We round off July with another press-based update, courtesy of Hazel Ford, who has kindly sent in some newspaper and magazine items for scanning. Take a look at: News 1980 (items 6 and 7), and a great, 5-page feature from Reader's Digest from News 1981. Thanks very much, Hazel. Very generous of you! Thanks also to Neil, for sending four items: the cover of the souvenir programme for IAK King's Lynn 1973, photos of the King's Lynn and Manchester teams in Teams 1973 and one of our earliest items of memorabilia: a key chain commemorating Bardenberg's JSF participation in 1967.

Thursday 25th July 2013: A small update to It's A Celebrity Knockout 1980, comprising team members assigned to teams, game names, two DYK notes and an amendment to the 1980 Scoreboard. I have also been able to identify one of the team captains for It's A Celebrity Knockout 1979.

Tuesday 23rd July 2013: Continuing our journey through Tim Cooper's scrapbooks, today we present: a press item from 1979 about games devisor Stuart Furber, press items from 1980 (including a welcome positive story about Stuart Hall), press items from 1982, new DYK notes for IAK 1980 (Heat 1 - inc team members - and Championship Knockout), JSF 1980 (Heats 1 & 2). Many thanks to Tim for trusting me with his treasured scrapbooks, from which all the information and imagery presented yesterday and today is sourced - the gesture is hugely appreciated.

Monday 22nd July 2013: Many thanks to Tim Cooper, who has kindly sent his scrapbooks covering the 1978-1982 period for JSFnetGB to go through. We'll be scanning some items and also using the scrapbooks as an information source, before returning them with thanks to their owner. First off today, we present a few items - starting with the tickets that Tim and his father were issued with at the Wolverhampton IAK of 1978, some newspaper items from 1978 and there are DYK notes added for IAK 1978 (Heats 1 & 4 plus Championship IAK), JSF 1978 (Heat 4 and International Final) and IAK 1979 (Heat 5). Finally, the announcement on the front page has been hived off onto its own page - it has sullied the home page for long enough.

Wednesday 10th July 2013: A great update today that I honestly never expected to be able to make. It's thanks to the kindness of Tim Cooper that I've been able to add some flesh to the bone of the 1984 British IAK spin-off series Anything Goes. This means I have been able to add scores, team members, games, DYK notes and enhanced credits for ANYTHING 1984 Heats 1 and 2, and also add a scoreboard entry to Scoreboard 1984. It has also led me to update the DYK notes for the 1978 Miners' Special. British Team Database also updated with the placings from these two competitions. If anyone has access to any more of this series, or to pre-1984 It's A Knockout heats and specials, please drop me a line.

Friday 20th June 2013: Another update I really didn't want to have to make, but one that was sadly inevitable considering recent developments. The Stuart Hall trial finished on Monday 17th June and the former It's A Knockout presenter has been jailed for 15 months for sex assaults committed, often on BBC premises, between 1967 and 1985. The greatest presenter of It's A Knockout is now its bête noir, his reputation and remarkable career in broadcasting in tatters. As a good friend said to me, I don't know whether to feel disgust or pity, but I do know I hope I never have to make another update here that is so totally depressing.

Wednesday 5th June 2013: A few little tweaks suggested by Neil. IAK 1972 has new or revised DYKs concerning the original intended venues for the West German and Dutch International Heats. The history of Spiel Ohne Grenzen has now been revised to take into account the results of our recent researches. Additionally, SPIEL 1971's staging/transmission dates have all been revised, as we have discovered that they all ran a week later than we had previously ascertained. The item that led us to this conclusion can be found in the 1971 Collectables section. Finally, we have changed the staging location of Heat 2 of the 1971 Spiel Ohne Grenzen, having unearthed more accurate information.

Saturday 1st June 2013: More free gifts... PDFs of the souvenir programmes for the 1972 JSF International Heat from Bern, Switzerland, the 1977 FA Cup Final Knockout, the Wolverhampton IAK of 1978 and the 1987 Grand Knockout Tournament - also added to their respective Series Guide pages. Thanks to Neil Storer for the loan of three of these items, and also for allowing me to peruse another Grand Knockout book, which you can read about here. Finally, Neil has also provided a mystery collectable from 1971.

Friday 31st May 2013: My apologies for the radio silence here at JSFnetGB over the last month. I'm sure visitors will understand that the situation regarding Stuart Hall has been uppermost in our minds and that this unpleasant development has inevitably soured things for us of late. Although Hall's sentencing isn't due until mid-June, we have decided that the time is right to get the site back to something approaching business as usual. After all, there is very much more to the series than just one presenter, however influential he may have been in Great Britain. Those of us for whom Stuart was indelibly a wonderful part of our childhoods have had a rude awakening, but we will not let this spoil the site or how it develops.

I was delighted to receive a visit today from my good friend Neil Storer, and together we produced a small update for JSFnetGB to kick off the post "Hallgate" era. It comprises the following: SPIEL 1967 has a new venue added for Heat 4 at Mittenwald and Collectables 1967 displays how we confirmed it! Neil has also supplied other Spiel Ohne Grenzen collectables from 1969 and 1975, a poster from the Montecatini Terme JSF International Final 1967 and the cover of the souvenir programme from Riccione JSF 1975. Further Collectables, these ones from Christos Moustakas, were also added. These are: an official's pin badge from Avignon 1970, a poster for Arnhem JSF 1973, a pin badge from Engelberg JSF 1975, poster from Gent JSF 1982. Also, I am grateful to Hazel Ford for adding a team member - Bonnie Langford - to the Knockout Star Gala 1983.

Neil and I have also been able to add team members for the Cirencester and Winchmore teams for IAK 1976 Heat 3, with special thanks to David Ashurst who has supplied a PDF of the souvenir programme for that competition. David has kindly allowed us to share this PDF with JSFnetGB visitors - it can also be downloaded from the 1976 page.

This last item could have been lost to us were it not for David's generosity, as it was on sale on ebay and went above the amount that could be covered from JSFnetGB funds. This is why donating to site funds is important - many fascinating historical documents are surfacing and then going back into hiding, as site funds do not cover their purchase. If you are happy to download this item, or others we have offered in the past, please consider making a contribution to JSFnetGB funds, however small. These can help us keep the free gifts flowing! For donation details, please see the top of the page. Many thanks.

Saturday 4th May 2013: This is the update that I prayed I would never have to make. British readers will know exactly what I am talking about, but those overseas may be less well informed regarding a recent scandal that has hit the pages of our newspapers, news services and wider media. BBC It's A Knockout presenter Stuart Hall was arrested last December and charged regarding historical sex offences committed between 1967 and 1986 which had been reported in the wake of the Jimmy Savile investigation. On Thursday 2nd May, it was revealed that Hall has entered a guilty plea regarding fourteen offences, and he will be sentenced in June.

Visitors to JSFnetGB will have noticed that, despite occasional updates, the site has been relatively quiet since the end of last year, and this case is the reason. Like many who are nostalgic for the time of our childhoods, I was convinced that the charges brought against Stuart Hall were some awful misunderstanding, and that he would prove himself innocent. Suddenly, we are faced with a shocking truth - that one of the greatest heroes of British broadcasting was, behind the scenes, a very different personality, capable of terrible, perverse things.

Yesterday, I went through the whole site (all 700 pages) and evaluated each reference to Stuart Hall. As a result, references here are now plain and factual - he cannot be airbrushed from JSF history, but his contribution is now sorely put into perspective with these recent developments. For a short while I wondered if the site could possibly continue - in Britain, It's A Knockout is surely scarred forever thanks to Stuart Hall's crimes and deceitful actions - but eventually, I came to the conclusion that although Hall was a large part of the success of the series in the UK, there is so much more to the series, both domestically and internationally that deserves to be recorded and celebrated. JSFnetGB will continue to be a vessel for that celebration, even though today it seems a tough ask to see beyond the current scandal, which has seen one of my greatest childhood idols revealed as a sick, twisted man who abused his celebrity for sexual gratification. He has conducted himself reprehensibly.

JSFnetGB is a fan endeavour, produced as a fun diversion from the pressures of the real world, and yet now the people who put many thousands of hours into the research and production of the site have found the real world intruding incongruously on their innocent pastime. The Stuart Hall hero worship has ended with a sudden, awful jolt, and aside from our reporting the verdict and sentence to be delivered at his June trial, JSFnetGB will refocus itself on championing what is special about It's A Knockout and Jeux Sans Frontières, in Britain, across Europe, and worldwide. The selfish, perverted behaviour of one man cannot be allowed to ruin the series' legacy, and we are determined not to let it do so.

Saturday 6th April 2013: Breaking off from my birthday celebrations (though not sure if I should celebrate being 48!), a quick update to add a new venue for Spiel Ohne Grenzen 1969 Heat 3. Thanks to Neil for furnishing me with the info.

Friday 29th March 2013: Some collectables added today, with thanks to David Ashurst, Neil Storer and Christos Moustakas. Please take a look at: 1968, 1970, 1971, 1980 and 1993. Neil has also tracked down some information which has led to a change of venue for SPIEL 1970 Heat 7 and a new DYK note for the heat.

Friday 1st March 2013: As promised a little while ago, I have now added the remainder of Neil's Interneige 1966 updates to the site. These comprise a major update to the restaged Heat 4 and tweaks to all the other heats of that year. Thanks to Neil for another high quality update.

Thursday 28th February 2013: Many thanks to Mike Peters and Brad Cooper for supplying material which has helped me to work out some more team information for IAK Australia 1987. Changes have also been noted on Team Database Australia.

Friday 22nd February 2013: Neil Storer looks at Heat 3 and the abandoned Heat 4 of Interneige 1966 today, with the 1966 Scoreboard also getting a revision in the process. The restaged Heat 4 will be updated soon.

Thursday 21st February 2013: Neil moves on today to cover Interneige 1966, beginning with Heats 1 and 2. Also, following a tip from Neil, I have written a new DYK note for IAK 1980 Heat 1 concerning the possibility that Antibes was not the first choice as host for the 1980 French International Heat. Also today, with thanks to David Ashurst, two Collectables items - the first from 1969 and the second from 1974.

Tuesday 19th February 2013: A major update today, beginning with team members for Zandvoort JSF 1997, an improved scoreboard grab for Heat 8 of the same year and a correction to the Yugoslavian presenter line-up for JSF 1981 from Ischa Bijl, plus team members for the Jaca team of JSF 1990 and Christmas 1990 from David Laich Ruiz. The Interneige 1965 series receives considerable attention from Neil Storer today, with significant updates to the results page, the 1965 Introduction and the 1965 Scoreboard.

Monday 4th February 2013: A rather sad update this evening. Neil has just learned why the name Pierre Brive disappeared from the credit sequences of Jeux Sans Frontières programmes after 1965. We understand that Brive died just fifteen days after the live transmission of the JSF 1965 International Final, aged just 54. Our 1965 Introduction has been updated with this information. Brive was, along with Guy Lux, one of the creators of Intervilles, Interneige and Jeux Sans Frontières, and it is tragic to think that he left us on the cusp of Jeux Sans Frontières becoming a true international phenomenon.

Monday 21st January 2013: Many thanks to Neil for supplying a description of a game previously missing from JSF 1966 - 'The Roller-Skating Waiters' from the International Final.

Thursday 10th January 2013: Tonight we come to the end of Neil Storer's mammoth JSF 1967 updates, with extensive notes added to the International Final.

Wednesday 9th January 2013: Many thanks to Christos and Jean for kindly transcribing and checking a a long list of names involved in the production of NEIGE 1967. Great work, gentlemen!

Monday 7th January 2013: Neil has today turned his attention to Heat 6 JSF 1967 to cover it in extensive detail.

Sunday 6th January 2013: Another visit today to JSF 1967 for more of Neil's updates, with extensive new DYKs being added for Heats 5.

Thursday 3rd January 2013: Back to Neil's JSF 1967 updates today, with extensive new DYKs being added for Heats 3 and 4. I have also rewritten the 1967 Introduction and added additional production credits for NEIGE 1967 and at last a first name for 'Monsieur Vampa', results collator for Jeux Sans Frontières and Interneige 1967. Finally today, Neil has provided updated venue information and details about them for IAK 1966 Lancashire Heat 2 and Yorkshire Heat 2.

Wednesday 2nd January 2013: Thanks to Ischa for tracking down a qualifying scoreboard for the JSF 1997 International Final.

Tuesday 1st January 2013:  Happy New Year to all visitors and contributors to JSFnetGB!  Our first update of 2013 - our tenth anniversary year! - is an obvious one assuming you drop in on this page regularly - the 2012 updates have been archived, so please check the link directly beneath this one to catch up on updates over the Christmas period. Moving on without as much as a beat, we get the ball rolling with Ischa Bijl supplying updated game names for JSF 1993 and JSF 1995. We also continue with Neil Storer's JSF 1967 updates which commenced in the run up to New Year, this time with extensive DYK notes being added for International Heat 2. Meanwhile, if you enjoyed our 2012 updates, please consider making a contribution to our funds, however small  - see the top of the page for details. Many thanks and best wishes.

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