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Sunday 30th December 2012: A little sidestep from Neil's updates to add a great new Did You Know note for JSF 1975 (Heat 7, second DYK), which has been submitted by Southport local David Ashurst and concerns his memories of the construction and fate of the galleon built for the Southport International Heat. Thanks, David. So good to hear stories like these!

Saturday 29th December 2012: A simply staggering update from Neil Storer has arrived today, totalling 41 pages as a Word document, and this is now being integrated into the site. Let's make a start today with IAK 1966 (Heat 1, new DYK), 1967 Introduction (revised), SPIEL 1967 (Production personnel, Team Members, new result for Heat 6), IAK 1967 (new DYKs for Heats 1 and 2) and JSF 1967 (Production personnel, Team Members, Venues, plus extensive new DYK notes for Heat 1). Further work on Neil's superlative work will be undertaken in the next few days - just 32 pages to go! Thanks Neil for your incredible dedication to the site and JSF!

Thursday 27th December 2012: Today, thanks to diligent research by Christos, I'm pleased to say that the JSF pages from 1991-1998 now feature Portuguese broadcast details. RTP details also added for XMAS 1994 and JOGOS 1997. Christos has also been able to track down two previously unknown JSF 1994 staging dates, for the Portuguese heats from Batalha. Meanwhile, if you have enjoyed our 2012 updates, please consider making a contribution, however small, to our funds - see the top of the page for details. Thanks.

Tuesday 25th December 2012: Not an update as such, but I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all contributors and visitors to JSFnetGB the Merriest of Christmases and a healthy and rewarding New Year! Thanks for your support throughout 2012.

Sunday 16th December 2012: Today, with thanks to a nod from Neil, I've been able to add a team member to the IAK 1977 Mansfield team and write a new DYK for Heat 3 of that competition. Neil has also provided a wonderful update to IAK 1966, which has clarified venues and he has written new DYKs about the venues for Yorkshire Heat 1 and the Lancashire Semi-Final. Continuing on the theme of venues, namely that of Blackpool in Great Britain, he has also supplied new DYKs for JSF 1967 (Heat 6), JSF 1969 (International Final), JSF 1971 (Heat 6) and JSF 1976 (International Final). Thanks also to Sheena Brierley for dropping us a line to let us know that she was in the IAK 1979 Salford team that competed at Bury (as Sheena McPherson).

Friday 14th December 2012: When I updated SPIEL 1967 Heat 3 yesterday, I neglected to include a photo that Neil had sent. This is now in place along with a nice collectable from the 1971 run of JSF. He has also sent updates which have added a team member to the Italian teams of Adria (JSF 1969), Bassano del Grappa (JSF 1970), and Jésolo (JSF 1971 and JSF 1976), which has caused us to revisit DYKs on each occasion. Also, I have now completed adapting the JSF Series Guide pages for 1980-1982 in respect of Daylight Saving Time, with thanks again to Neil. Finally, through diligent research, Neil has discovered the name of North Walsham's co-Team Captain who was Headmaster at Paston Grammar School... To find out, please take a look at IAK 1979 and JSF 1979. Thanks to Anne Isaacson for her kind help in this matter.

Thursday 13th December 2012: A great discovery by Neil, a previously unknown scoreline for SPIEL 1967 Heat 3, and it turns out to have been the biggest outright win in the history of any variant of the series! Neil has also provided a quick guide to Daylight Saving Time usage in European participant countries, which helps to explain the live transmission time variations in Jeux Sans Frontières. For want of some better place to put it, I have elected to place this information in the Data Bank section. JSF Series Guide pages from 1965-1979 have been updated with this new information, and 1980-1982 will follow shortly.

Wednesday 12th December 2012: I am delighted to welcome Brian Clark into the contributors' circle for JSFnetGB. Brian was a member of the British It's A Knockout production team in the late Sixties and into the early Seventies. During that time, he wrote the book Games from It's A Knockout for the BBC. Brian has been able to confirm finishing positions for JSF 1969 Heat 1 and International Final (which sees a little rejigging compared to what we had previously presented) and the DYK sections for both events have been revised to fit. As if that wasn't enough, Brian has written a 1500 word feature which documents his memories of working on the show. It's a great piece, full of wonderful detail and anecdotes and I am exceptionally grateful that Brian has been so kindly written it for the site. Thank you Brian!

Also, thanks to Rod Crockford for supplying some additional detail about the captaincy of the IAK 1979 / JSF 1979 North Walsham team. This has prompted minor changes to team members and the 3rd DYK of IAK 1979 Heat 3.

Monday 3rd December 2012: More great research from Christos today, which means that our JSF 1988 and JSF 1989 pages are now updated to included confirmed Belgian RBTF transmission dates and times. Christos has also supplied a nice promotional item from the 1980 Belgian heat from Diest. Thanks Christos!

Friday 30th November 2012: Great update from Neil today, which adds much flesh to the bones of Stedenspel-Zeskamp 1968 including results and scoreboards.

Thursday 29th November 2012: Continuing on with Christos' research into Belgian TV transmissions by BRT and RTB/RTBF, we can now present confirmed information for JSF 1970, JSF 1971, JSF 1972, JSF 1973, JSF 1974, JSF 1975, JSF 1976, JSF 1977, JSF 1978, JSF 1979, JSF 1980, JSF 1981 and JSF 1982. Thanks Christos for an exhaustive search!

Wednesday 28th November 2012: Thanks to Christos for his brilliant research into the Belgian transmissions of JSF. As a result, we now have confirmed RTB transmission information for JSF 1965, JSF 1966, JSF 1967 and RTB and BRT info for JSF 1969. More to follow.

Monday 26th November 2012: A nice update today - some team member names for Worthing IAK 1967 and JSF 1967. Thanks to Martin Diplock for supplying these.

Friday 23rd November 2012: After a short breather after the last week's updates (I needed one!), I'm just popping in here to let visitors know about another way in which they can show support for this site. My self-publishing website Hidden Tiger Books now has a range of titles available and while these don't crossover with JSF (as yet!), there might be something to suit your tastes - or someone you know (with Christmas around the corner) - and proceeds from sales help this site's coffers. Thanks for listening (and buying!) - back to business as usual soon.

Wednesday 21st November 2012: As if to demonstrate that you can never predict a JSFnetGB update, today it's the turn of Zeskamp! We're finally able to present Christos Moustakas' research into the Zeskamp 1972-73 series, though the information pertaining to the end of that season is sketchy at best. Not Christos' fault, of course - the information proved elusive. If you can help fill in the gaps, please drop me a line! As a result of this update, Dutch team members have been added to JSF 1973 (Heats 2+4). As usual, the new info has been added to the Netherlands Team Database. Also, thanks to Christos again, there are new DYK notes gleaned from press coverage related to the Dutch International Heats for JSF 1970 (Heat 6), JSF 1971 (Heat 3), JSF 1972 (Heat 7) and JSF 1973 (Heat 4). Demonstration teams have been added for JSF 1972 (Heat 7), JSF 1976 (Heat 7) and JSF 1977 (Heat 5).

Tuesday 20th November 2012: A surprise find today, courtesy of Christos - a little known one-off 1965 Swiss Television version of Intervilles, entitled Bonsoir la Suisse. The update includes broadcast information and DYKs. I've also added a DYK to JSF 1996 Heat 4 regarding the Swiss team Ponte Tresa and have updated the Switzerland Team Database.

Monday 19th November 2012: More on the Australian series today. The 1987 Australian IAK has been researched and added, and I've been able to include teams, results and the occasional DYK. Also, I have added a team photo of the 1978 Cleethorpes team and have also been able to add some team members for that team to IAK 1978 and JSF 1978. To round off the day, I've found a rare photo taken in the lead up to the Cardiff v. Barry IAK 1969 and have added it to Heat 3, tweaking the DYK that now precedes it.

Sunday 18th November 2012: Short and sweet today - a nice update to SPIEL 1975 Heat 6, including behind-the-scenes home movie footage and games titles - thanks to Kostas for tracking down the former and to Neil for supplying the latter.

Saturday 17th November 2012: A less frenetic update today, but still a significant and substantial one. This time I present my research on IAK 1986 (Australia) and Celebrity IAK (Australia), complete with results, teams and team members where it has been possible to determine them and even few scoreboards! Also, I have added further results, teams, team members and scoreboards for IAK 1985 (Australia) and updated the Australian Team Database with the new information. It's been a real bugger to research, but I'm pleased to present plenty of information that has never been published on the internet before. If anyone can add to the information, please drop me a line.

Friday 16th November 2012: Following on from the last two days' updates, today we present further major additions to JSFnetGB. First of all, Christos has researched Portuguese broadcasts for JSF 1975 (inspiring a new DYK note for Heat 2), JSF 1981 (causing a DYK note about European timezones to be updated, with thanks to Neil) and JSF 1982 (ditto). David Laich Ruiz has also supplied some DYKs, JSF 1990 (Yugoslavia 2) and JSF 1991 (Wales 2). Thanks to Ischa, a presenter for Tunisia has been added to JSF 1992 (with a revised DYK on the subject for Heat 1). Ischa has also submitted DYK notes for JSF 1973 Heat 2 (final DYK), JSF 1977 Heat 7 (first DYK) JSF 1982 Heat 2 (first and second DYKs revised), JSF 1993 International Final (revised third DYK), JSF 1994 Heats 4 and 10 (which also has a new DYK from Christos), JSF 1995 Heat 4, JSF 1996 Heats 1, 4-7 and 9, JSF 1997 Heats 1, 2, 6 and International Final, JSF 1998 Heats 1, 3, 5, 9 and International Final (Game 16 and Trophies), JSF 1999 Heats 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 and International Final (Game 6) and WINTER 1992 (Heat 4 and Semi-Final). He has also refined the game titles for JSF 1997. As if that weren't enough, Ischa has also had a nice idea for the Series Guide pages and that is to show qualifiers for the International Final using a screengrab where possible. To begin with, we have Qualifying Tables for JSF 1977, 1991, 1992, 1995, 1998 and Winter Series 1992 (Semi-Final Qualifiers). Additionally, I have written a new DYK (the second) for JSF 1972 Heat 7 from Delft, come up with some game names (with help from Ischa) for several JSF 1994 and JSF 1995 heats and added a note to the 1997 Introduction about individual competitor trophies and a photo of the studios that Stedenspel was filmed in to the 2010 Introduction. It is now also possible to hear Mireille Mathieu's JSF song on the JSF 1981 page and another heard at JSF 1994 from Slovenia! Finally, today I am pleased to be able to add yet another previously unknown British It's A Knockout programme - It's A Telethon Knockout 1990.

Thursday 15th November 2012: Photo Day! It can't be denied that some of our updates are very text-centric... Now, we're proud of the level of detail that we at JSFnetGB present about all variants of the series, but once in a while, we step back and think... let's have something to look at... and today is about bringing some brightness and colour to the pages of this site. For starters, we thank Tony Smith, former It's A Knockout competitor and referee, for a series of great photos (and I apologise profusely for the time it's taken to get them published!). These can be seen on IAK 1977 Heat 6 (includes rewritten DYK), JSF 1977 Heat 5 (includes new DYK), Teams 1977 (St. Albans), 1978 Introduction (includes newly written note about the Stevenage team), IAK 1978 Heat 6, Teams 1978 (Stevenage), Teams 1979 (St. Albans), Collectables 1979 and 1999 Introduction. The filming order of IAK 2000 has also been re-ordered according to Tony's advice.

There are also two photos supplied by Great Yarmouth team member Terry Wing and these have been added to Teams 1970 and 1970 Introduction (which has a new related note about the Christmas Special). Terry has been added to the team members for Christmas 1970. Her memories have also been added as a DYK note to the JSF 1970 International Final.

Moving on now to images sent in by Christos... Collectables 1968, Teams 1968, SPIEL 1970 (Heat 4), Teams 1976 (Geel), Collectables 1978, Collectables 1979, Teams 1981 (Evergem), Records 1981 (Mireille Mathieu), Teams 1990, Collectables 1994 (which confirms a different staging date for the Pécs heat than the one we had, causing a small alteration to JSF 1994), Teams 1996 and Teams 1997.

Philip Minet has supplied a photo of a competitor's badge from Rochefort 1978, while Neil Storer has sent in two images - an advert for an Italian JSF game, and team photo of the 1976 Kirklees team

We are also very lucky to have three images supplied by former Montfoort (NL) competitor, Elly Streng-Dunnewold (who has also been added to the team members of JSF 1975 Heat 5): two, of the Montfoort team can be seen on Teams 1975 and the other, a competitors' diploma from the Mannheim JSF can be found on Collectables 1975. Richard Stannard has also got in touch and sends us a photo of the North Walsham team, which appears in Teams 1979.

Also, from the JSFnetGB Collection... Collectables 1971 and Teams 1971.

Many thanks to Tony, Terry, Christos, Philippe, Neil, Elly and Richard for all their kind submissions.

Wednesday 14th November 2012: A HUGE update today... Some more today on It's A Cup Final Knockout, sent in by Neil Storer. We have been able to add team member information and a new DYK to IACFK 1976 and team members, games and new DYKs to IACFK 1977. The 1977 Scoreboard has also been revised as a result of new information about these events. Also, I've added a new programme to Knockout TV 2012 - not so much a programme about JSF, but one that gave a brief nod in its direction - and some team members for The Knockout Star Gala 1983. Neil has also provided a DYK for JSF 1992 (Wales 1, Heat 5) and some major updates for JSF 1966 that I somehow missed back in April! These comprise: team members for Heat 5, Heat 9 and the International Final and major updates including extensive DYKs for Heats 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, plus Semi-Final 1 and the International Final. Also today, two new DYKs for JSF 1998 Heat 9 from Ischa Bijl. Ischa has also made a discovery about the blue scoreboard used from 1971 which it seems actually made its debut as a secondary scoreboard at JSF 1970 in Groningen. This has prompted me to write a new DYK note for that 1970 competition (Heat 6) and revisions to 1970 Introduction and 1971 Introduction. Ischa has also made a correction to the first DYK of JSF 1982 Heat 6 from Sherborne, concerning the disqualifications on the Fil Rouge and Christos Moustakas has provided a fascinating DYK about Swiss-Belgian co-operation in the commentary box for the same heat. Thanks also to Christos for a new DYK note concerning the West German town of Bietigheim-Bissingen who participated in SPIEL 1975. Finally, a new Collectables item for 1978.

Monday 12th November 2012: A change of tack today and it's Spiel Ohne Grenzen which is under the spotlight. Firstly, many thanks to Neil Storer for lending me a rare souvenir programme from the Herford v. Siegen heat of SPIEL 1968. I've scanned this to PDF and it's now available for download as another free gift from JSFnetGB. Secondly, I have added a scoreboard for SPIEL 1971 (Heat 5 from Offenburg).

Friday 9th November 2012: More on It's A Cup Final Knockout today, with updates to IACFK 1974 and IACFK 1977, amounting to a confirmed alteration of venue for 1974 and new DYK notes for both events. Thanks to Neil Storer for these updates.

Thursday 8th November 2012: Some fresh information has come to our notice regarding the 1977 It's A Cup Final Knockout, which has meant changes to the recording date, the venue and the DYK note. A new DYK note has also been added for IAK 1977 Heat 5 on this subject.

Monday 5th November 2012: A longer break between updates than I was planning, all due to a computer failure. All back up and running now, so here I am again! Sadly, I have found that replacing PC video cards can be an exceptionally expensive pastime!

First today, I'd like to thank Hartmut Flatten for spotting a small error in the Belgian Team Database - as a result, Schaerbeek (1976 JSF Heat 2) are now in the database instead of Italian team Bollate - it's the curse of cut-and-paste! Also today, thanks to Neil Storer for a new DYK note for Campanile Sera 1962 (see Programme 117). I have also revised the Series Guide 1961 page in response to a suggestion from Neil regarding the number of editions transmitted between 1959 and 1961.

Saturday 20th October 2012: More Interneige updates, today, this time to Interneige 1967. This includes two new results including the one for the Winter Final, scoreboards and a new DYK note for Heat 1. Interneige 1968 has likewise been updated, with a newly confirmed result for the Winter Final. Also updated with the new information: Winners' Circle - Interneige and Team Databases for France and Switzerland.

Friday 19th October 2012: A completely unexpected update today. After Christos tracked down a 1964 Interneige, which was staged a year before we thought the series commenced, I have been able to put together a detailed guide to this edition (it was a one-off special) and have produced a 1964 Scoreboard to accompany it. Thanks to Christos for his help on this one.

Saturday 15th September 2012: Some more on Interneige coming soon, but in the meantime, news of a change of address for the German JSF site. It's now to be found at: - pages at JSFnetGB containing links to the site have been updated.

Thursday 13th September 2012: A nice update today to Interneige 1965 and Interneige 1966. This includes revised and new results, scoreboards and additional detail about the abandoned Heat 4.

Tuesday 1st May 2012: Thanks to Neil Storer, who has provided a small but important update today - another result confirmed! Check out Heat 1 of SPIEL 1967 for the revelation.

Monday 23rd April 2012: Today, I've made some revisions to JSF 1966 Heat 4 (Ath v. Erkelenz), again to improve accuracy of the DYKs.

Friday 13th April 2012: Thanks to Neil Storer for supplying some great items for the Collectables section. New pages: A poster for Spiel Ohne Grenzen 1974, a ceramic tile souvenir from JSF at Coburg 1980 and two items from 1982, a commemorative coin from Belgium marking JSF Heat 6 at Sherborne and a souvenir sticker from Heat 7 at Gent. I have also added a DYK note to JSF 1982 Heat 6 to give a little background to the minting of the coins. Finally today, Neil has supplied a brilliant photograph from JSF 1977 Heat 6 (Antwerpen, Belgium) and I have written an introductory DYK to accompany it.

Thursday 12th April 2012: More from Neil today, with a major update to JSF 1966 Heats 3, 4 and 5. Christos has also been working miracles and as a result we can now present the Austrian transmissions for the whole of JSF 1966. Thanks both!

Wednesday 11th April 2012: I've revised today the DYKs for the JSF 1965 second Semi Final and the International Final today, to improve accuracy, wording and to add information where appropriate. Also today, Neil Storer has provided a comprehensive update to JSF 1966, and to kick it off I've processed the revisions to the production information at the top of the page and Heats 1 and 2 of this series. Thanks, Neil!

Monday 9th April 2012: And a very Happy Easter for next weekend to my friends in Greece, as Christos tells me they are celebrating a week later than the UK is! You learn something every day! A further update to JSF 1965 today to add the names of the West German 'intellectuals' for the 1st Semi-Final and also to revise the DYKs for that event.

Sunday 8th April 2012: A very Happy Easter to all our visitors and contributors! Apologies for the brief gap in updates. Unfortunately, my computer was hacked early last week and it's taken me the rest of the week to sort the resulting problems and get everything back on track. All sorted now, but it was an education in computer maintenance I could well have done without. Today's update is a small one, but worth noting: I've added a photo to JSF 1965 showing the damage caused to a JSF venue by a severe storm in 2010. Check out Heat 6 to see the image and for details. I have also rewritten and rejigged a small number of the DYKs for this competition to clarify information and improve accuracy.

Friday 30th March 2012: To round off the week, we have the third and final part of Neil's JSF 1965 update which covers the two Semi-Finals and the International Final. Neil has also submitted a series of updates for the West German domestic series Spiel Ohne Grenzen and the pages revised are: SPIEL 1967, 1967 Scoreboard, SPIEL 1968 (including newly confirmed venues, team members and a result), 1968 Scoreboard and 1969 Scoreboard.

Thursday 29th March 2012: Today, Part 2 of Neil's JSF 1965 update, focusing upon Heats 4-6.

Wednesday 28th March 2012: An update to 1965 that's so big that I'm adding it in bits! These superb revisions and additions are from the pen of Neil Storer and bring a level of detail to the original series of Jeux Sans Frontières previously undreamt of. Thanks Neil for your hard work and the fruits of these labours can be seen on the 1965 Introduction page and JSF 1965 (Heats 1-3). More in the next few days.

Monday 19th March 2012: Two updates today, both of which deserve a vote of thanks to Christos Moustakas and Thomas Kreidl. First is a complete team list for West German JSF 1966 Champions, Eichstätt. It is worth noting that the team was obviously drawn from a large squad as the team members change dramatically between the Alassio heat, the 2nd Semi-Final and the International Final. This information is sourced from a great book which was produced in West Germany to commemorate Eichstätt's success and I have added details of this book, entitled simply Spiel Ohne Grenzen, to the Collectables section.

Friday 16th March 2012: Small but important update today. Christos has been able to supply the missing score from JSF 1966 (2nd Semi Final) care of a long out of print West German book about Eichstätt's adventure in Jeux Sans Frontières! Thanks are also due to Thomas Kreidl of JSFnetGERMANY in this instance.

Thursday 15th March 2012: The start of another major innovation for JSFnetGB today, with the addition of coverage of the Australian It's A Knockout, starting with what I can track down about the 1985 series - IAK AUS 1985. The Australian Team Database has been updated with information where available. Mid-Afternoon Update: Now added - the recent Australian revival of It's A Knockout IAK AUS 2011 and a new introductory page for 2011.

Tuesday 13th March 2012: A few little tweaks and additions to information from Neil today, causing revisions large and small to JSF 1965, the 1965 Scoreboard, 1966 Scoreboard, Interneige 1977, IAK 1977 and SPIEL 1977. Also today, Intercontinents! This ambitious series from 1987-1988 has now been added to the site, with thanks to the good works of Philippe Minet and Christos Moustakas. Due to the far-reaching nature of this particular flavour of JSF, it has caused me to heavily update the Team Database, with changes or new pages created for the following countries: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Rwanda, Spain, Tunisia, USA, West Germany and Yugoslavia. Incredibly, this takes the site to over 650 pages! Phew!

Monday 12th March 2012: A great update today from Neil Storer, who has not only located the correct venue for the JSF 1971 International Final at Essen (our information was a little out previously), but has also written a piece on the location in question - the Grugastadion - for Venues 1971. The International Final has a new DYK note which summarises the Venues information. Also Today... A new 'Collectables' item, one of our earliest at the site - a Dutch Joker from the 1970 International Final, signed by competitors and others involved at Verona. Thanks to Christos Moustakas for supplying this fascinating image. Finally, we welcome a writer new to JSFnetGB, Julien Dessy, who has sent in a feature that kicks our Comment section into life once more - Comment: JSF Swansea (1) 1992. Many thanks to Julien, Christos and Neil for three wonderful additions to the site.

Thursday 8th March 2012: Many thanks to all those who sent messages for Tony Smith. I made up a greeting document for him and passed it along to him. I will pass along Tony's response when I hear back. A couple of things updated today, both on the subject of Spiel Ohne Grenzen, and submitted by Neil Storer. Please see SPIEL 1968 Heat 6, SPIEL 1974 Heat 6 and the Team Database for West Germany (the team of Herford added). Thanks Neil!

Thursday 1st March 2012: A free gift from JSFnetGB today - the souvenir programme from IAK 1977 Heat 5 (Camberley). This can be downloaded from the page or directly from here. This has been made possible by kind donations to this site. If you haven't donated, please consider the possibility. Thank you. Also, please see yesterday's update for an important request regarding Tony Smith, a good friend to JSFnetGB.

Wednesday 29th February 2012 - A Leap Year's Day Update: First of all, my sincere thanks to those who have kindly donated to the website in the last couple of weeks. It is hugely appreciated and makes a world of difference to the site's prospects. It has meant that I've had the funds available to purchase materials for the site, the first of which permits a nice update to IAK 1977 Heat 5 and JSF 1977 Heat 5 with regard to team members for the British sides and in the case of the former, game details. Now, another request: It's A Knockout and Jeux Sans Frontières competitor and Channel 5 It's A Knockout course referee Tony Smith, very much a friend of this site, is currently in hospital recovering from a double hip replacement operation. I thought it would be a nice gesture for me to send Tony a get well message from JSFnetGB. Obviously, I have already sent him a message from myself, but it occurred to me that it would be a nice idea to ask visitors to send me get well messages for Tony to the JSFnetGB email address and then I can pass them all on and we can hopefully bring a smile to his face. Thanks. :)

Friday 10th February 2012: Thanks to Christos for supplying a missing scoreboard, for JSF 1998 Heat 3. Thanks to Gianni Magrin and Christos, I've also been able to add four brilliant photographs from the 1978 JSF du Souvenir from Roche. Staying with the Roche event, I have been able to add a downloadable PDF of the original souvenir programme (supplied by Roche captain Edouard Monod, with thanks to Christos) and I have also been able to update the information for the special as a result of seeing this document.

Thursday 9th February 2012: Massive updates to JSF 1965 and JSF 1966 today by Neil Storer, who has added a remarkable amount of information and DYK notes to Jeux Sans Frontières' first series. Other pages updated as part of Neil's hard work are: ZESKAMP 1970-1971, 1974 Introduction, 1976 Introduction, SPIEL 1976 (DYKs for Heats 1 and 6) and JSF 1976, (including a revised and new DYKs for Heat 7). Brilliant work, Neil. It took me all day to add it to the site, so I daren't think how long it took you to write it!

Wednesday 25th January 2012: A quick update today, a newly found result supplied by Paul Leaver who has tracked down information for Interglace 1989 Heat 3 in an Andorran newspaper. My apologies for the lack of updates since early January: unfortunately, I have had a bereavement. My mother-in-law passed away on January 8th and the time since has been something of a maelstrom. I hope to be getting back to updating the site in the next few weeks, but please accept my apologies if the site is quiet for a while.

Saturday 7th January 2012: Well done to Christos for tracking down the remaining JRT broadcast for Ascona, JSF 1979.

Wednesday 4th January 2012: A New Year gift to all our visitors - a PDF of the souvenir programme produced for the 1976 JSF from Leeds, Great Britain - downloadable directly here. The original of this document was kindly donated to JSFnetGB by the late Cecil Korer, a very good and much missed friend of this site.

Tuesday 3rd January 2012: Another update from Neil which has led to revisions being made to the following pages: 1965 Introduction and JSF 1965 (presenter information + Heat 6). Many thanks, Neil!

Monday 2nd January 2012:  Happy New Year to all visitors and contributors to JSFnetGB!  Our first update of the new year is an obvious one assuming you drop in on this page regularly. The 2011 updates have been archived. Today's update is a biggie, as I am catching up with Neil Storer's excellent updates that he has sent over the Christmas and New Year period. These include significant updates to JSF 1965, affecting the 1965 Introduction, the first three heats and the 1965 Scoreboard, a new DYK note for Heat 2 of Zeskamp-Stedenspel 1968, new DYK notes for Zeskamp 1969-1970 Heats 1, 5 and Domestic Final, Zeskamp 1970-1971 Heat 1 and for Heats 2 (Group A) and 6 (Group C) Zeskamp 1973-1974 plus team members for Harlingen for this series, and JSF 1974. Also the 1968 Scoreboard, 1970 Scoreboard and  1974 Scoreboard have been updated to include Zeskamp. ...A pause for breath!... because there's more! Neil has also submitted a DYK for the 1974 Cup Final Knockout and updates to Spiel Ohne Grenzen: SPIEL 1972, SPIEL 1973 and SPIEL 1974 including DYKs and team member information and a major update to JSF 1974. And... Neil has also turned his attention to 1975, with updates to 1975 Introduction, IAK 1975, It's A Celebrity Knockout 1975, SPIEL 1975 and JSF 1975.

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