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Wednesday 21st December 2011: A new DYK note for Anything Goes 1985 Heat 1 after Neil Storer kindly pointed out something that was so obvious that I can't believe how I missed it! Thanks also to Neil for providing the following: a new DYK note for IAK 1973 Heat 6, a revised team listing for West German team Werl in SPIEL 1973 and JSF 1973 and team members for British team Ashington, also for JSF 1973.

Tuesday 20th December 2011: It's not often that I can add a whole new series to JSFnetGB, but that's what I'm doing today. Anything Goes was a BBC programme that could be described as an It's A Knockout spin-off and was produced for two years in the mid-Eighties. I have no access to recordings of the series, so results are unknown, but there's enough detail to justify including it in the Series Guide. Hopefully the results will come later! For the background to the series, please see the 1984 Introduction and 1985 Introduction. Series Guide entries: AG 1984 and AG 1985. The Great Britain Team Database has been updated with this new information. My thanks to David Hamilton for the Radio Times research on this series. I've also added three 1984 Anything Goes items to the Radio Times section - feature page 1, feature page 2 and programme listing for Heat 1.

Saturday 17th December 2011: Two new BBC programmes have been added to Knockout TV: 2011, one of which is an extended version of a programme Auntie's Northern Soul shown earlier this year. The other is a great item shown on regional BBC in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire which saw a reunion of members of the 1976 British team from Kirklees. I have added a new DYK note to IAK 1976 Heat 4 on this subject. Also today, some more updates from Neil. These include the addition of a team captain for Riccione in JSF 1971, a scoreboard for Zeskamp 1970-1971 and new DYK notes for JSF 1972 Heat 7 and the International Final. Many thanks, Neil!

Monday 12th December 2011: A series of corrections to my typography from Neil this evening and a new Did You Know note for Spiel Ohne Grenzen 1971 Heat 4. Thanks, mate.

Wednesday 7th December 2011: Full team squads added today for British teams Farnham and Thamesdown - IAK 1974 and JSF 1974 - with thanks to the combined efforts of Christos Moustakas and Neil Storer. Also added, with thanks to Christos, is a free gift to our visitors, a PDF of the original Souvenir Programme for the Farnham IAK event, which has prompted me to update the game names to the official ones given inside. You can find this PDF linked from IAK 1974 Heat 4.

Tuesday 6th December 2011: A couple of former competitors for British teams have contacted the site recently and as a result I am able to add a few details about the competitions in which they took part. Firstly, David Walker of the 1970 Margate team (who we had previously not listed due to his not being mentioned in press reports or commentaries) has been added to the IAK 1970 and JSF 1970 Margate team lists and a new DYK note added to IAK 1970 Heat 6. David has also provided the earliest example of promotional material that we have to date, a competitors' pin badge from the 1970 Jeux Sans Frontières, which has been added to our Collectables section and also a couple of newspaper reports from the local press which I've added to the Media section - here and here. Thanks for your help, David. Thanks also to Richard Stannard, whose father Dick captained the 1979 North Walsham team. Richard's information has lead me to update the team lists for North Walsham at IAK 1979 and JSF 1979. Finally (and by no means least), Neil Storer has submitted a sizeable update for Interneige 1977 which also affects the 1977 Scoreboard. Cheers Neil!

Tuesday 29th November 2011: More on 1971, with a nod of thanks towards Christos and Neil, both of whom have provided material which has allowed me to write a handful of DYK notes for JSF 1971 Heat 2 (CH) and to identify two members of the British team that played at Solothurn.

Saturday 26th November 2011: An interesting update to the 1971 Introduction with reference to the opening animated sequence for Jeux Sans Frontières.

Thursday 24th November 2011: Thanks to Tim Deeks for correcting a team member's name for Cheltenham 1967 and to Neil Storer for kindly pointing out a few small errors that have crept in. These have now been fixed. Thanks, both! Neil has also provided an additional game name for IAK 1967 Heat 3.

Tuesday 15th November 2011: Thanks again to Ian McAdam, who has come back to me with additional team member names for the Prestwick 1971 IAK and JSF team. His information has also made it possible for me to add a DYK note for IAK 1971 Heat 4. Many thanks, Ian!

Sunday 13th November 2011: Apologies for the lack of updates for the last few weeks. I've been involved in other projects and those along with a family crisis have accounted for my time pretty exclusively. My apologies to anyone who has written and not received a reply. I'm catching up! Today, a small but welcome update thanks to Ian McAdam who has helped me with team names for Prestwick 1971 (with a spelling correction - Brian Picken - also affecting Ayr 1975) and also to Malcolm Ellis, a previously unidentified North Walsham team member from 1979. Malcolm's information has also made it possible for me to add a new DYK note to IAK 1979 (Heat 3) concerning the North Walsham team. Thanks to Ian and Malcolm!

Monday 17th October 2011: Another mystery solved thanks to Neil Storer, that being the participants in the 1967 Interneige Winter Final. For a little (silent) footage, take a look here.

Friday 14th October 2011: Just as JSF fans are coming to terms with the loss of the much-loved Guido Pancaldi, who passed away on 4th October, it is my sad task to inform you of another recent loss to the JSF family. Cecil Korer, the second BBC producer for It's A Knockout and Jeux Sans Frontières after Barney Colehan, died suddenly on 24th September 2011. He was 86 years old. This news comes as a particular shock to those behind this site as we have been in regular contact with Cecil for the past year. He has shared many memories with us and helped us clarify many things about his time with the series (which goes back right to the start of It's A Knockout in 1966, when he was an Assistant Producer). We have been in awe of this man who in his eighty-sixth year was travelling to San Francisco and, more recently, Portugal, and who visited Roundhay Park in Leeds annually, such was his affection for his time on the series. He told me in April this year, that "I always go into Roundhay Park and stand where I stood back in 1976. I close my eyes and can see everything as it was. It quite turns my heart over." Cecil has supplied such detail in his emails that so far we have only been able to incorporate a small proportion of what he has written. This means that Cecil's name will be associated with this site for several years to come as we gradually incorporate his contributions, sadly now a legacy. The JSFnetGB flag is at half-mast today in memory of a kind and enthusiastic friend to this site who produced many years of memorable entertainment and was responsible for putting smiles on millions of faces. Rest In Peace.

Tuesday 11th October 2011: Fully back up to speed now with a new update for 1967 from Neil Storer. Pages revised: 1967 Introduction, IAK 1967, SPIEL 1967 and JSF 1967. These updates have also necessitated a small alteration to the second DYK note for the JSF 1978 International Final. Thanks Neil, for an excellent update. Some more from Neil... 1976 also gets a brush-up thanks to Neil's hard work. Pages revised: IAK 1976, SPIEL 1976 and JSF 1976.

Monday 10th October 2011: Many thanks to Philippe Minet for sending scoreboards for JSF 1965 and JSF 1966. These have been added and have permitted us to add final scores to several heats. Any changes have been reflected in the Team Databases for Belgium, Italy and West Germany. Of particular note is the result of JSF 1966 Heat 8, which was won by Todi rather than, as we previously thought, Malmedy. Additionally, the scoreboard for the Blackpool JSF 1967 heat has also been added and Christos has kindly supplied the remaining scoreboards for JSF 1995. And There's More... Thanks to Kostas for furnishing me with some information on JSF 1993 Hungary (Heat 10), which has led me to revise the Did You Know section. Thanks also to Christos for Belgian transmission dates for JSF 1989. And Finally... Almost Anything Goes 1976 has been heavily revised today, to include some results, venues, games and new Did You Know notes for Heat 1. The USA Team Database has been updated with the new information. This information provided by Paul Leaver. Grateful thanks to Paul and to everyone else involved in today's updates.

Wednesday 5th October 2011: A very sad time for fans of Jeux Sans Frontières as it has been announced that Guido Pancaldi died yesterday. For the entire duration of the original series, Guido was one half of the popular and legendary refereeing duo with Gennaro Olivieri, who himself passed away in February 2009. Guido even returned in 1988 and 1989 when the series was relaunched. Always popular and respected figures who officiated with a lightness of touch and good humour, Guido and Gennaro were right at the heart of the series appeal and popularity and it is sad to think that neither is with us any longer. They will both remain forever in the hearts of fans of Jeux Sans Frontières. My thanks to Gianni Magrin, Mauro Tozzi and Ischa Bijl, all of whom contacted me with this sad news.

Wednesday 17th August 2011: A major update from Neil Storer today, focusing on 1975 and 1976: IAK 1975 Heat 6 (team members and DYK), IAK 1976 Heats 1-6 + Championship Knockout (venues, team members, games and DYK), CUP FINAL 1976 (staging date and DYK), SPIEL 1976 Heats 2, 5 and 7 (team members), JSF 1976 Heats 1-7 + International Final (presenters, venues, team members, DYK, staging change for Heat 3). Amazing work as always, Neil! Many thanks. Also, thanks to Ischa for a result correction for the JSF 1990 International Final.

Sunday 14th August 2011: Breaking my summer break today to update the JSF 1995 page, adding scoreboards for the majority of editions. This has resulted in a result change for the second Portuguese heat. As an aside, I have recently edited a collection of adventure stories by my great-great uncle and published them via Lulu. For details, including ordering, please take a look at my publishing website, - many thanks to anyone who purchases a copy or one of my 2012 calendars. It may seem an odd thing to say, but sales of these really do feed into me being able to keep JSFnetGB going.

Wednesday 20th July 2011: Many thanks to Sebasien Dias of JSFnetFrance who has provided Italian broadcast information for the 1992 Winter Series.

Saturday 16th July 2011: Major update today from Neil Storer. Pages revised: JSF 1970 (DYK Heat 6), 1972 Introduction, IAK 1972 (Heats 1-3), JSF 1972 (Heats 2, 3 and 6), It's A Cup Final Knockout 1972, IAK 1974 (All Heats), It's A Cup Final Knockout 1974 and JSF 1974 (Heats 1, 2, 4-7 and International Final). Thanks Neil for another comprehensive and attention grabbing set of updates! Also Today...  With massive thanks to Christos, Zeskamp 1973-1974, which has an interesting revelation concerning Dutch qualification for Jeux Sans Frontières 1974...and 1975 and 1976! Finally, the Netherlands Team Database has been updated to incorporate this new information.

Friday 15th July 2011: Video added for JSF 1972 at Delft. Zeskamp 1970-1971 has also been added today, a result of research by Christos. Paul Leaver has also supplied information which has enabled me to build a page for the USA Domestic Series, Almost Anything Goes 1975. I have also produced a page on Almost Anything Goes 1976, which is a best guess based on available information and is likely to be heavily updated in the future. The Team Databases pages for Netherlands and the USA have been updated with this new information. Phew! Thanks all!

Wednesday 13th July 2011: First up today, the staging date for It's A Celebrity Knockout 1977 has been corrected in the light of new information. Next up is the first of several updates concerning the Dutch Domestic Series, Zeskamp. Although the series we're covering today commenced in 1969, the nature of the series (qualification being based on aggregate scores across three appearances for each team) has caused me to break with tradition for this site and the whole series is presented as Zeskamp 1970. Also added is a Dutch-Flemish competition Zeskamp-Stedenspel 1968 which includes a video excerpt of the Aalten heat. The Belgian and Dutch Team Database pages have been updated with this new information. Today's update has been researched by Christos Moustakas and myself.

Tuesday 12th July 2011: Thanks to Paul Leaver for filling in some of the team blanks we had regarding Spiel Ohne Grenzen 1968 and 1969. The West German Team Database has also been updated with this information.

Monday 11th July 2011: JSFnetGB back after a short break which included a marvellous holiday with some dear friends on Jersey. A great update to come back with today, from Neil Storer, who has added a great deal of detail to IAK 1966 (and the accompanying 1966 Scoreboard) and IAK 1969 and JSF 1969 (and the 1969 Scoreboard and 1969 Introduction). The 1969 updates include a major update regarding the Northern Ireland Qualifiers, which now have their own page at the site and has necessitated an update to the the Great Britain Team Database. These updates are a result of Neil's hard work researching at The British Library, Colindale. Thanks a million, Neil!

Thursday 23rd June 2011: Details of last Sunday's BBC1 North West programme about the decommissioning of their Oxford Road Studios and the move to the new Media City, Auntie's Northern Soul, have been added to Knockout TV: 2011.

Wednesday 22nd June 2011: Catching up with a great update from Neil concerning 1975, but also supplying minor additions and alterations to other years. Pages revised: IAK 1972 (games for Heat 2), Spiel Ohne Grenzen 1969-1975 (referee and presenter information), 1974 Introduction, JSF 1974 (DYK for Heat 3), IAK 1975 (comprehensive update), SPIEL 1975 (team members), JSF 1975 (comprehensive update) and JSF 1982 (DYK Heat 4). Interneige 1976 has also been updated with additional information, as has its accompanying Scoreboard. Thanks also to Christos for his help with clearing up a mystery regarding an unexpected April transmission of this Interneige series.

Monday 20th June 2011: Thanks to Michel Filannino for getting in touch and pointing out a few omissions in the Team Database. As a result, the Netherlands team page now features information from Stedenspel 2010 and the West German entry now includes Spiel Ohne Grenzen information for 1980. Additionally, the Winners' Circle for Interneige has been updated also - it seems I have updated results without updating the winners! Also today, a nice feature in the Banbury Guardian, which has lead us to add team members for Banbury and Congleton in IAK 1972 and JSF 1972.

Friday 17th June 2011: Thanks to Christos for supplying transmission information for JSF 1966 (SSR / ORTF / TSI / RAI) - and a result for Heat 1 of that year which reverses the finishing result that we previously had! Great stuff! I've also written a new DYK for Heat 1.

Tuesday 14th June 2011: A couple of series of Interglace added today, with thanks to the good researches of Christos: Interglace 1987 and 1989. The French Team Database has been updated as a result and a page added in the same section for Andorra.

Monday 13th June 2011: A great update from Christos, who has tracked down information about German TV broadcasts for JSF 1965, JSF 1966, JSF 1967 and JSF 1968. This information (and information about ORTF's broadcast of World Cup Football on 13th July 1966) has caused me alter the staging date of 1966 Heat 7 and to write new DYK notes for 1965 Heat 2 and 1966 Heats 2 and 7. I've also added a page for Intervilles 2004, although information about this particular series are at present somewhat sparse. Anyone able to help, please contact me at JSFnetGB. Thanks.

Sunday 12th June 2011: Small addition today - a special Intervilles programme from 1999. As a result, a new page has been added to the Team Database for China and the French teams page updated also.

Friday 10th June 2011: Spiel Ohne Grenzen Week draws to a close today with the addition of a Series Guide page for SPIEL 1980 (the last year of the series), thanks to Neil and Christos's excellent research. Christos has also discovered the transmission times and dates for the 1969, 1970 and 1971 series. Great work from the both of you! All West German Spiel Ohne Grenzen broadcast times from 1970 to 1979 have been corrected to take into account the fact that the country did not adopt Daylight Saving Time until March 1980 (information we had for 1970 onwards was from Dutch newspapers - and the Netherlands were on DST). Onwards to Intervilles... We now turn our attention towards the French Domestic series, Intervilles, beginning with a new Series Guide page for Intervilles 1995 (plus Interglace 1995), Intervilles 1996, Intervilles 1997 and Intervilles 1998. The West German and French Team Databases have been updated with today's information.

Thursday 9th June 2011: Spiel Ohne Grenzen Week continues at JSFnetGB. It wasn't planned - it's just turned out this way! First up, thanks to Christos for sending a great photo from the 1970 West German Domestic series, which has prompted me to write something to accompany it - you can find it on the 1970 Introduction page. Next up, Neil has added Scoreboard information for Spiel Ohne Grenzen 1978, 1979 and 1980 and Series Guide pages for SPIEL 1978 (including invaluable broadcast information from Christos) and SPIEL 1979. The West German Team Database has been updated to include the 'new' teams. Also, Neil has contributed two DYKs concerning It's A Knockout - one for the 1977 IAK Celebrity Special and another for the Grand Final of IAK 2000

Wednesday 8th June 2011: The focus remains on Spiel Ohne Grenzen for now - yes, it's Spiel Ohne Grenzen Week at JSFnetGB! Thanks to Christos, we've been able to confirm transmission and staging dates for SPIEL 1967 (including the addition of five losing teams from the six that year) and SPIEL 1968. Additionally, I've added a DYK for Heat 3 of 1967. The West German Team Database has been updated to include those five 'new' teams.

Tuesday 7th June 2011: More Spiel Ohne Grenzen today, thanks to Neil's good works. So... SPIEL 1975, SPIEL 1976 and SPIEL 1977. The West German Team Database has again been updated with the new details and Scoreboards for Spiel Ohne Grenzen have been added for the years 1967-1977. Also, thanks to Christos, transmission times have been added to all Spiel Ohne Grenzen editions 1972-1977.

Monday 6th June 2011: Major updates to the Series Guide today, courtesy of Neil Storer who has been researching local newspapers at Colindale reference library. Superb work! Pages updated as a result are: IAK 1966 (Heat 1), IAK 1969 (Heat 5 + Northern Ireland Qualifying Heats - these teams have also been added to Team Database: Great Britain) and IAK 1973 (Heats 1 and 3-6). Also, again thanks to Neil's research and with a nod towards JSFnetGermany and Christos Moustakas, JSFnetGB now features information about the West German Domestic Series, Spiel Ohne Grenzen. New pages in this section: SPIEL 1967, SPIEL 1968, SPIEL 1969, SPIEL 1970, SPIEL 1971, SPIEL 1972, SPIEL 1973 and SPIEL 1974. The West German Team Database has been updated with these details. Cheers Neil!

Friday 3rd June 2011: As a result of yesterday's major update regarding the Italian Domestic Series, Campanile Sera, I have today revised the Italian Team Database to include all teams and placings from that series. 

Thursday 2nd June 2011: An update today that I thought I'd never be in the position to be able to make, but thanks to the supreme efforts of Christos Moustakas, I can now present Series Guide pages for the Italian Domestic Series, Campanile Sera! These programmes were broadcast between 1959 and 1962 and most of them are long lost. However, Christos has proved that the information is still out there to find and between us we can present details and winners of all competitions, scores for the vast majority of them, plus transmission dates and times and the occasional DYK note. You will see that the Series Guide year grid to the left now goes back to 1959 - and this is why! I have also written background features to accompany this update, which takes this site to over 600 pages! New pages: 1959 Introduction, Campanile Sera 1959, 1960 Introduction, Campanile Sera 1960, 1961 Introduction, Campanile Sera 1961, Campanile Sera 1962. Revised page: 1962 Introduction. Thanks so much to Christos for all his hard work on this!

Friday 27th May 2011: Finally today I can reveal the 'background project' that I've been working on since March this year, as it is finished! It's a section unique to JSFnet and which has been quite a tiring job to compile - it's the Team Database (part of the 'Data Bank', you'll find it linked from that section in the left hand menu. It lists all team names alphabetically by country, says where and in what competition they took part, and their finishing place. I hope that people find it a useful resource.

Thursday 26th May 2011: JSF DAY! Today is a celebratory day for all of us at JSFnet and many of our sites will be running special features today - please check out the JSFnet links down the page on the left. It is of course the 46th Anniversary of the very first JSF broadcast from Warendorf and Dax - the start of something very special. My apologies for the paucity of updates of late. This is due to my being involved in an exciting publishing project (not related to JSF, before anyone asks). I will advertise it here and would of course be grateful to anyone who is interested enough to purchase it. Proceeds from it will help keep me financially solvent and in a position to keep JSFnet running and updated regularly! News of this book soon.

Today's updates here are from Neil Storer, who has been researching hard at Colindale reference library. He has unearthed significant information which corrects results and adds a wealth of extra detail. Something else to celebrate today! Thanks to Neil, there are updates to the following pages: IAK 1966 (Lancs Heats 1 and 2), 1969 Introduction, JSF 1969 (Heat 5/International Final), IAK 1971 (Heat 4), JSF 1971 (Heat 4), IAK 1972 (Heat 1), JSF 1972 (Heat 1 - including some interesting information about the Belgian Joker - and the International Final), Cup Final 1973 (change to staging date and venue), IAK 1973 (Heats 1-4 and 6), JSF 1973 (Heats 3 and 7), IAK 1974 (Heat 1 - including a new scoreboard - and the cancelled Heat 6), JSF 1974 (Heats 1 and 5). Great stuff and a great update for anniversary day!

Wednesday 11th May 2011: A small update from Neil today, with information added to the DYK section of IAK 1970 Heat 5. Also, I've made an textual addition to the 1980 Introduction, adding a great photo which Neil kindly sent a while back. Night Shift... Thanks to Neil for his submission concerning the JSF 1970 International Final, which rounds off his recent 1970 updates.

Tuesday 10th May 2011: More from Neil Storer today - new team member information and Did You Know note for JSF 1968 Heat 4 concerning West German team Osterholz-Scharmbeck, plus a hearty update to IAK 1974 and JSF 1974 comprising team member and venue information and a liberal smattering of detailed Did You Know notes. Cheers Neil!

Wednesday 4th May 2011: Thanks to Richard Farnham, I have been able to add scoreboards for JSF 1970 (International Final), JSF 1979 (Heat 2, now in colour) and JSF 1980 (Heat 3). The 1970 scoreboard has caused the result of that event to be updated.

Friday 29th April 2011: Thanks to sterling research by Neil, the JSF 1991 staging dates are finally all confirmed. This has meant an update to the staging dates of both Welsh heats and also the International Final. Neil's research has also uncovered an incredible Did You Know for the first Portuguese heat from that year.

Wednesday 27th April 2011: Some major additions to IAK 1970 and JSF 1970 today, courtesy of Neil Storer. Cheers Neil!

Friday 22nd April 2011: Happy Easter, folks! Some nice updates today. Catching up with Neil's submissions, and these have added new details to the 1967 Introduction, JSF 1967 Heat 2 (but also affecting Heats 4 and 5), the 1967 Scoreboard, the 1969 Introduction, JSF 1969 Heat 2, the 1969 Scoreboard, the 1970 Introduction, the 1970 Scoreboard, the 1971 Introduction and the 1971 Scoreboard. Also, thanks to Christos, a result for JSF 1966 Heat 6 has been added and a fascinating Did You Know for the JSF 1965 2nd Semi-Final reveals another little mystery. Christos has also supplied some team photos for 1974, 1979, 1980 and 1982 and team member details for Zrenjanin (YU) of JSF 1979 and Lizzano (I) and Caldas da Rainha (P) of JSF 1982. Sorry if that all sounds infinitely complicated, but many thanks to Neil and Christos!

Thursday 21st April 2011: Some more from Neil concerning the 1968 and 1976 series. This update includes revisions to IAK 1968 Heat 4, team members for JSF 1968 Heat 3, a small tweak to the 1968 Scoreboard and additions to IAK 1976 Heat 5.

Tuesday 19th April 2011: The other half of Neil's updates today, this time for JSF 1968. These include venue, team member, game, joker and other information, plus detailed Did You Know notes. These updates have also resulted in changes to the 1968 Scoreboard and to JSF 1978 (DYK for International Final) and JSF 1982 (DYKs for International Heats 2 and 4). Thanks Neil!

Monday 18th April 2011: Thanks everyone for your patience in waiting for updates to JSFnetGB. I'm still recovering, but am generally on the mend. I've taken a little time out of my rest schedule to add some great updates by Neil Storer to the 1967 series. These focus on JSF 1967 and add bags of detail to the heats and International Final. The 1967 Scoreboard is also updated as a consequence. Neil and I have also heavily revised the 1967 Introduction.

Tuesday 5th April 2011: Apologies for the lack of updates this last week. Unfortunately, my time at the computer has been limited by a painful shoulder injury. While this persists, I'm afraid updates will be less frequent and less extensive than they have been of late. Please bear with me. In the meantime, my thanks to Christos, who has supplied details of Greek team members for JSF 1994.

Tuesday 29th March 2011: A couple of great updates thanks to the generosity of former It's A Knockout producer, Cecil Korer: first is for JSF 1968 Heat 4 at Harrogate, where I have been able to add a Did You Know note concerning Cecil's unexpected participation in that event and the other is the addition of official game titles and a Did You Know for JSF 1976 Heat 4! Thank you, Cecil. Most kind of you. Also tonight... Thanks to Philippe Minet for his help with missing scoreboards for JSF 1967, JSF 1968 and JSF 1969. These have led to my correcting some scores and even teams!

Monday 28th March 2011: The remainder of Neil's 1999 updates, causing significant revisions and additions to IAK 1999 and JSF 1999, have now been added. Many thanks as always Neil!

Sunday 27th March 2011: Many thanks to Neil Storer, who has sent in updates for IAK 1999, including a new scoreboard for IAK 1999, with amendments to the scoreboard for JSF. These changes have also prompted a new Did You Know for Heat 1 of IAK 1976. Finally, IAK 1999 and IAK 2000 have belatedly been updated into the 'new' format for the Series Guide (introduced towards the end of last year). The remainer of this update will be added tomorrow.

Wednesday 23rd March 2011: Huge thanks to Nancy and Bar-le-Duc team member François Lombard, who has written the first part of a terrific Memories feature concerning his time in Jeux Sans Frontières - read it here. I have also revised, with his help, the Nancy team members for JSF 1974 (and it's worth noting that the constitution of the team changed between the International Heat in Barga and the International Final in Leiden). My thanks to François, Sébastien Dias who originally published the piece at JSFnetFRANCE and to Christos for kindly translating it for use here. Part Two... The second part of François' account of his JSF exploits has been added to the Nancy 1974 page, and a sad Did You Know has been added to the JSF 1974 International Final.

Tuesday 22nd March 2011: More on Intervilles today. Firstly, thanks to Christos for supplying more accurate transmission times for Intervilles 1962 and 1963. Secondly, Christos has unearthed a good deal of detail about Intervilles 1964, which I've worked into a page for that series along with a 1964 Introduction. Thanks for your sterling help, Christos!

Monday 21st March 2011: Today's the day that anyone wondering recently why the Series Guide selector to the left had dates starting from 1962 finally finds out what it's all about. I've added, with thanks to Jean P., outline details for Intervilles 1963 including a brief Introduction and Intervilles 1963 page. More will follow, as I track down information. P.S. 1962 Introduction and Intervilles 1962 now added too (though this is very sketchy!) and the Intervilles Winners' Circle has also been revised.

Friday 18th March 2011: The Series Guide pages for JSF 1978-1982 have been revised as a result of Neil's information about Yugoslavian time differences. The first Heat of each year has an additional Did You Know note and JRT transmission times have all been given a note in 'European Transmissions'. Thanks also to Christos for double-checking his information.

Thursday 17th March 2011: Big thanks to Christos today, as he has supplied more international transmission data which has been added to the following Series Guide pages: JSF 1979 (JRT), JSF 1981 (JRT + new Did You Know notes added to Heat 1), JSF 1982 (JRT) and JSF 1997 (TROS, TSI, RTVSLO and F2) and team members for Bietigheim-Bissengen (D) JSF 1975 and Dobrepolje (SLO) JSF 1996. Thanks also to Ischa (for an improved scoreboard capture for JSF 1997 Heat 3) and to Sebastien and Christos for supplying scoreboard for Heat 6 and 8 of the same year, respectively. Eureka! Thanks to Neil for his astute explanation of the discrepancies we found in the Yugoslavian times for JSF 1981. This has necessitated a few changes to the JRT information and the Did You Know note for Heat 1 of that year.

Monday 14th March 2011: Major updates to JSF 1973 today courtesy of Neil Storer, who has added team members, revised themes and games and written a number of new Did You Know notes. He has also provided a revised Did You Know for Heat 8 of JSF 1979, amended due to information arising from the 1973 updates. Thanks, Neil! Thanks also to Ischa, who has corrected the games list and added a Did You Know to JSF 1999 Heat 6 and a scoreboard for JSF 1997 Heat 3 (which has necessitated a correction to the results). Additionally, I have added a Did You Know note to JSF 1970 Heat 4 and revised the 1970 Introduction regarding the move from black-and-white to colour transmissions. We'll Always Have Paris... Thanks to Neil for a further revision to team members for JSF 1973 and an expansion of the notes accompanying the International Final in Paris that year.

Saturday 12th March 2011: Another small update today while the background work continues. Thanks to Christos for a Did You Know note for the Portuguese JSF 1979. Also, with Ischa's help, I've revised the Star Trek-related Did You Know for JSF 1999 Heat 5.

Thursday 10th March 2011: I'm still very busy working in the background on that new section - it is coming along well and in my opinion will definitely be a valuable addition to the site. I apologise if it looks like nothing's happening here... but like a swan, all is calm on the surface, but underneath there is frenetic activity! A small update to JSF 1998 today, thanks to Ischa, who has provided an amusing Did You Know for Heat 5.

Friday 4th March 2011: I'm working in the background on a major new section for JSFnetGB, which I hope to launch in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, updates may seem infrequent compared to recent form - and apologies to those who have sent submissions which are yet to be added. They are on file and they'll be processed as soon as possible. In the meantime, a new Did You Know note about West German team Schwäbisch Gmünd has been added to the 1978 Roche JSF de Souvenir Special. Also a big hello to Jim Cowan - it was a pleasure chatting to you tonight. Just wanted to say thanks.

Wednesday 2nd March 2011: The focus is still on JSF 1998, and today I've moved a Did You Know note from Heat 1 and added it to the 1998 Introduction, which has also been expanded slightly. Also the game titles for Heat 9 and the International Final have been revised, scoreboards added for these competitions and a Did You Know added to the International Final.

Tuesday 1st March 2011: Work continues on JSF 1998, with games updates for Heats 7 and 8. Scoreboards have also been added for these competitions and a Did You Know note for Heat 8.

Monday 28th February 2011: More game changes plus scoreboards for JSF 1998 Heats 1, 2, 4 5 and 6, with new Did You Know notes added to Heat 1. One for Heat 6 has been revised. Also Joker type has been amended for the whole 1998 series. Thanks also to Ischa for some 1990s tweaks.

Sunday 27th February 2011: A tweak today to the Did You Know notes for the first two heats of JSF 1980. Thanks to Ischa for sending some minor corrections to Did You Know notes from JSF 1996, JSF 1997, JSF 1998 and JSF 1999. He has also kindly supplied some scoreboards for JSF 1997 and he and I have concocted a new Did You Know note for Heat 1 of that year. Thanks to Ischa for suggesting that the second game of JSF 1996 Heat 8 needed a change of name and to Christos for helping out with what to call it, and for pointing me in the right direction to write a Did You Know to explain the game title. I've also changed game names for JSF 1998 Heat 1 and standard games throughout the year. The Late Shift... Some nice updates from Neil, which affect JSF 1970 Heats 1 and 5, the 1971 Introduction, JSF 1971 Heats 1 and 4 and the 1971 Scoreboard. Neil has also contributed significant updates to the 1972 Introduction and JSF 1972 (adding team members for most heats and many Did You Know notes for the International Final). Finally, with thanks to Ischa, the 1982 Trio special has a new Did You Know note concerning the 'Lighting Christmas Trees' game and a revision to the note directly above it.

Saturday 26th February 2011: A Yugoslavian flavour to today's updates, as Christos has tracked down team members (and a photo) for the team from Kikinda, and these have been added to JSF 1980 Heat 2 along with a brief Did You Know - and also, he has found details which update the venue, team members and the final Did You Know for Šibenik, JSF 1982 Heat 2.

Friday 25th February 2011: Further 1973 updates courtesy of Neil, who has added team members for the Blyth team to IAK 1973 Heat 5 and team members, games and Did You Know notes to the corresponding JSF 1973 International heat. Also this morning, thanks to Ischa for sending a scoreboard for JSF 1997 Heat 1 and Did You Know notes for JSF 1977 Heat 7 and JSF 1997 Heats 2, 7 and 8. Additionally, Christos has provided a couple of Did You Know notes for the JSF 1970 International Final, sourced from the Italian press, and for the Collectables section, a car sticker from Rochefort 1978, a poster for Donji Milanovac 1979. and a poster for Mireille Mathieu's Jeux Sans Frontières song of 1981 (this also has meant the amendment of Did You Know notes for JSF 1981 Heats 4 and 6 concerning this song). Also, I've made further minor revisions to the Spiel Ohne Grenzen article, and have added a couple of photographs kindly supplied by Neil. Thanks to Neil, Ischa and Christos for their help with today's updates.

Thursday 24th February 2011: More tonight from Neil Storer, who has provided updates for JSF 1973 (mainly to Heat 4), IAK 1976 (further updates to the Cleckheaton heat), JSF 1976 (to Heat 4), JSF 1981 (subtle changes to the fourth Did You Know of Heat 3) and also a quick brush-up for the West German Domestic Series, Spiel Ohne Grenzen. This latter article will have a more comprehensive revision in the near future, but for now I am clearing up a previous misconception - that the West German series went out under the name Telematch. This was not quite the case, this title being used in the 1980s to repackage Spiel Ohne Grenzen programmes for international sale.

Wednesday 23rd February 2011: Thanks to Christos today for supplying a team photo of the 1980 Todtnau (D) team. Names of the team members have been added to JSF 1980 Heat 2 and the International Final as a result. Thanks are also due to Neil for sending another team photo, this one of Aviemore's 1981 It's A Christmas Knockout team. On the subject of team members, thanks again to Neil for pointing me in the direction of information concerning the Kirklees 1976 IAK (Heat 4 + Championship) and 1976 JSF (Heat 4) team. There are new Did You Know notes and revisions to the Heat 4 IAK venue and games as a result.

Tuesday 22nd February 2011: A quick update tonight, this one thanks once more to Neil Storer, who has amended the first Did You Know and venue for JSF 1973 Heat 1 and provided comprehensive notes, plus venue and game information for Heat 2 of the same year. Thanks to others who have sent updates - I will add them as soon as I can, but this week is proving a busy one for me. Finally tonight... An important Did You Know added for IAK 1971 Heat 1, to clear up some possible confusion concerning one of the Blackpool players.

Monday 21st February 2011: Thanks to Philippe Minet for helping out with a score that was obscured on a scoreboard by a channel logo - this means that San Marino's score in the first heat of Christmas 1989 has been corrected. Further to this, I have also added more scoreboards to this page and a couple of Did You Know notes. More from Neil... Further updates this evening to 1973 Introduction and the IAK 1973 and JSF 1973 pages. Cheers Neil!

Sunday 20th February 2011: A welcome series of updates today courtesy of Neil Storer. These include team member and game information, with the addition of a significant number of Did You Know notes. Pages revised: IAK 1972, JSF 1972, JSF 1973, 1978 Introduction, IAK 1978, Celebrity 1978, JSF 1978, Christmas 1978, IAK 1980 and IAK 2000. Many thanks, Neil! Thanks are also due to Ischa, who has revised the game titles for JSF 1999 to make them fit better with the themes/stories of each edition. Ischa has also added reciprocal Did You Know notes for JSF 1996 Heat 5 and JSF 1999 Heat 4. Additionally, I have reorganised the archived What's New updates by year, and visitors can access these pages, should they wish to, via the links to the right of this text. Today's Breaking News! Congratulations to regular JSFnetGB contributor Ischa Bijl on the launching of his own JSFnet website - JSFnetNL. Keep an eye on this site - I'm sure it will develop into a great resource for Dutch JSF fans and fans of the series in general.

Thursday 17th February 2011: A few new items for the Collectables section today, with thanks to Christos for sending them: Riccione 1975, Verbania 1978, Pula 1981 and Malta 1994. Christos has also supplied a team photo of Verbania and a Did You Know note for JSF 1978 Heat 1. Thanks also to Tony Smith for his new Did You Know note for St. Albans JSF 1979. There is also a subtle change to the venue for the 1978 Interneige Final. Evening All! A couple of confirmed staging dates for 1995 (Malta) and 1996 (Heat 1 and Final), added courtesy of Christos, via his researches into newspaper archives. Also a new Did You Know added to 1998 Heat 2, with thanks to Ischa.

Wednesday 16th February 2011: First up today, an update from Neil Storer that I'd somehow overlooked, which he had sent in December - a spruce-up for the 1994 JSF Christmas special. Thanks, Neil - and my apologies! Thanks also to Christos, who has helped with staging dates for three 1994 JSFs (something else from deep in the 'to do' list), a TVM Malta transmission for the first Maltese heat that year and a Did You Know for JSF 1995 Heat 2. Also today, I have compiled a surprising revision to the 1982 Trio Christmas Special, something I have been stewing over for a long while. My thanks to Christos and Neil for their help and opinions on this, which have helped me work out what (probably!) really happened. I've also added some staging dates for JSF 1992. Finally, with thanks to Philippe Minet, I have added scoreboards for the 1989 JSF Christmas Special. These affect the results and rankings, which were previously incorrect. The Night Shift... Thanks to Christos for corrections to the staging dates of the two JSF 1992 heats from Italy, confirmed from contemporary press articles (with a brief Did You Know added also); also Christos has provided team member information for Verbania JSF 1978 and Les Bois JSF 1981. Finally... The 1978 Jeux Sans Frontières de Souvenir has been revised regarding its production and transmission and the Did You Know section has been amended and added to and a further Did You Know has been added for Christmas 1994. A Swiss team member has also been added to JSF 1976 Heat 2 and the JSF de Souvenir 1978.

Tuesday 15th February 2011: More catching up... Thanks to Ischa for sending game name revisions for 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 (all JSF). 1999 also receives a result correct for JSF Heat 5, thanks to Julien Dessy. Staying on 1999, Ischa has found an interesting and unique element of this series - that each edition told a story in between the games. As a result, there has been an addition to this effect on the 1999 Introduction page and story details added for each edition on the JSF 1999 page. While researching this, I have also been able to fine tune the venue for the 1999 series. Additionally, due to continued problems with working out the staging order of the 1994 JSF series, I have returned it to the original order. The Late Show... A revision to the Introduction page for 1998 and the associated JSF page for that year, regarding the International Final, with thanks to Ischa. Ischa has also submitted a Did You Know note for the 1972 JSF International Final, which I have also expanded upon.

Wednesday 9th February 2011: And up with the larks! Sleep is for wusses... (So I'll have a kip this afternoon, no doubt!) In the meantime, Ischa has kindly sent a further JSF 1996 update, affecting Heats 5, 7 and 8 and comprising game information and new Did You Know notes. Thanks also to Christos for sending a nice item for the 1977 Collectables... and to Jim Cowan for pointing out that Jokers in the 1978 Lincoln JSF were 'Lincoln Imps'.

Tuesday 8th February 2011: Like Christos' great find yesterday of the Jeux Sans Frontières de Souvenir, I have also been investigating a rare and little known It's A Knockout special recently - and with grateful thanks to Oldham team member Sheila Antrobus and IAK producer Cecil Korer (who first put me on the track of this event), I can now reveal that the Oldham team travelled to Hong Kong in November 1977. The purpose was to compete in a special 'Telegame' to mark ten years of Hong Kong broadcaster, HK-TVB. Just about the only thing we don't know is the actual result, but we do know the winning team. What I can share (thanks to Sheila's generosity) is transmission, team member and game information plus copious Did You Know notes. There are also some gorgeous photographs from the event and some downloadable documents that offer further reading (again, thanks to Sheila!). The 1977 Introduction has been revised and a brand new page for the 10th Anniversary Telegame has been added. Also a new Blue Peter entry has been added to Knockout TV 1971 today. Wow... a 2.15am finish today, but I'm sure you'll agree this is worth the loss of shut-eye!

Monday 7th February 2011: A couple of important updates today, both owing a debt of thanks to Christos. First of all, he noticed that the first indoor summer Jeux Sans Frontières was not as we had previously thought the Bern JSF of 1972, but actually 1971's trip to the Netherlands and the Ahoy Rotterdam. This has meant changes to Did You Know notes for JSF 1972 Heat 2 and JSF 1976 Heat 2, as well as a new Did You Know added for JSF 1971 Heat - and the Ahoy Rotterdam has been added to our new Venues section. Secondly, and quite astonishingly, Christos has also tracked down information about a 1978 JSF event that no one at JSFnet previously knew about! Held in Roche, Switzerland, Jeux Sans Frontières de Souvenir brought together three teams from the 1976 Milano heat (so another Did You Know added for JSF 1976 Heat 2!) and other teams that had played on Swiss soil in the past. Thanks to the Gazette de Lausanne, we have information and even the result! Well done, Christos! Early Evening Update... Thanks to Tony Smith, who has provided further information about the events in which he participated: this includes team members for St. Albans IAK 1977 and Stevenage IAK 1978 and JSF 1978 and a new Did You Know note for the 2000 It's A Knockout Final. Thanks also to Ischa for game information for JSF 1996 Heat 5. The Late Shift... Finally today, a lovely article by James Cowan about one-time It's A Knockout and three-time Jeux Sans Frontières venue Cardiff Castle. This has been added in the Venues section not once, but three times (with different illustrations on each variant page), so please check out venues for 1969, 1970 and 1994.

Sunday 6th February 2011: A small update again today - a bit of catching up really. Firstly, I've added a very nice First Day Cover for the 1976 International Final at Blackpool to the Promotional Items for that year. Stuart Hall's interview on Channel 4's The Word has been added to the Knockout TV 1995 page (thanks to Kaleidoscope for their help locating transmission information for this programme). Also, thanks to Ischa for supplying the official presenters of each heat for JSF 1997 and games and a Did You Know note for JSF 1996 Heat 4 - and to Christos for Portuguese transmission information for JSF 1988 and JSF 1989.

Saturday 5th February 2011: A considerably more modest update today. A bit more on Stedenspel, including links to the official videos at the TROS site, and broadcast times for the Netherlands broadcasts of the series (thanks Christos!).

Friday 4th February 2011 (Part 2! See also Part 1): Something very special today, with huge thanks to Ischa Bijl, who has done the lion's share of the work on this... It's not every day when I can announce that I'm adding a whole year to the Series Guide, but that's what I'm doing today! And what's even more surprising is that it is last year - 2010. Yes, the rumours of the death of Jeux Sans Frontières have been somewhat exaggerated it seems, as there has been a JSF-style series running in Belgium and the Netherlands this last year - Stedenspel (City Games). We've added an introduction, plus a guide to the series and even a Scoreboard! Somehow it almost seems like I've entered a fantasy land...

Friday 4th February 2011 (Part 1!): I've added a new section today which I hope will develop into something rather nice over the coming years - Venues - only a few in there at the moment. Thanks to Neil Storer, Christos Moustakas and David Hamilton for their help in making this section come to life. In addition to this, Neil has submitted a detailed 'Luton Special', which has meant updates to 1972 IAK, 1972 JSF (including details of an alleged scandal at JSF Heat 7!) and 1981 IAK and 1981 JSF, and has also fed into the new venues section. Thanks Neil!

Thursday 3rd February 2011: Some very welcome updates from former Jeux Sans Frontières competitor and It's A Knockout referee Tony Smith today. These include a St Albans team photo in 1979 Teams, team members and Did You Know notes for St Albans 1977, Stevenage 1978 and St Albans 1979 (for IAK and JSF), a significant revision to the introduction for 1999 and a sad news story about Liz Nicholls, the Costume Designer on the Channel 5 It's A Knockout, which has been added to the introduction to the 2000 series. Thanks ever so much for your sterling assistance, Tony! Also today... Ischa Bijl has provided games information for 1996 JSF Heats 2 and 3 and Did You Know notes for 1996 Heat 1 and the International Final that year. Ischa has also corrected my typo regarding the lowest achieveable score in the Scoreboard information for the 1996 International Final. Additionally... I have split up the Winners' Circle to include Interneige events, Christmas specials and other internationals. The Intervilles winners have been updated also. Please note that some of the winners in the Winners' Circle (notably early It's A Knockout) have been updated. Also, I've written a new Did You Know note for It's A Cup Final Knockout 1972. Still more... I've also found time to add Neil Storer's updates for 1972, 1977 and 1979 which include new Did You Know notes, additions to team members and venue information and a small update to the introduction. These have also led to Did You Know and team member updates for 1977 IAK Heat 6, 1978 Heat 6 and 1981 IAK Heat 4. Thanks to everyone who has helped out with today's updates!

Tuesday 1st February 2011: First of all, visitors will notice a few changes around here from today. Yes, it's another spring clean for the site. I've added right hand side navigation menus, which contain the contents of each section. Also, I have split the Series Guide pages into sections by year (rather than a page to a year) - this may seem mildly disconcerting at first, but it allows for further expansion. The Series Guide pages were becoming very bloated, so this is my solution. No content has been lost in this revision, of course. You'll also see links on the Series Guide pages that will lead you to further items of interest about the year in question. The whole idea is to make it more obvious what is on offer at JSFnetGB and make navigation even easier than before.

While I've been doing this, I've necessarily put the second part of Neil's updates on hold until everything's sorted out in terms of the rejig. However, I was delighted yesterday to hear from Tony Smith, who has been both a competitor in It's A Knockout and Jeux Sans Frontières and a referee in the Channel 5 revival of It's A Knockout. Tony has kindly offered to help the site out and this has begun with Tony being added to the team members for St. Albans IAK 1977, Stevenage IAK 1978 and JSF 1978 and St. Albans IAK 1979 and JSF 1979, with Did You Know notes added to these heats and to Heat 1 of the 1999 IAK. Many thanks and good wishes to Tony.

Sunday 30th January 2011: Part 1 of an extensive set of updates from Neil Storer tonight. These include small changes to 1970 (domestic and international) and a major update to 1971, with new Did You Know notes, presenter, venue, team member and game information. There has also been an update of the 1971 Scoreboard. Thanks, as always Neil!

Saturday 29th January 2011: More updates from Ischa Bijl today, affecting 1993 (Italy 2 -Heat 6), 1996 (Heat 1 and International Final), 1997 (Heats 2 and 4-8), 1998 (Heats 1-4, 6-8 and International Final) and 1999 (Heat 5). Thanks Ischa!

Friday 28th January 2011: An update I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to make today - to the 1975 It's A Cup Final Knockout, which I've been able to add copious detail for. The result has been corrected, scoreboard grab, team members, games and Did You Know notes added, and special guests clarified. Also, the new information has brought about a subtle change to the 1975 Scoreboard in relation to this event, regarding the games on which the Joker could be played. Thanks to Steve Arnold for making this possible. Also, with thanks to Neil Storer for the heads up regarding the first It's A Knockout standard domestic competition to be held indoors. It wasn't Luton 1972 as we thought, but Blackpool 1981. This has brought about the removal of a Did You Know from 1972 IAK Heat 6 and revisions to others for 1975 IAK Heat 3 and 1981 IAK Heat 6.

Thursday 27th January 2011: It's 'second series day' at JSFnetGB, which means I'm catching up with Ischa's updates! First up, Ischa has provided game information for the 1992 Winter Series, and has made corrections to the 1992 Scoreboard in relation to the Semi-Final of this series (which also has a revised Did You Know note on the Series Guide page) and the Winter Final. 1997 sees game information and Did You Know notes added for Heats 4, 5 and 6.

Wednesday 26th January 2011: A great feature added today, written by Cardiff resident James Cowan, giving a local's perspective of JSF coming to his home town - When Europe Stormed The Castle! - in our Comment section. Many thanks for a tremendous article, Jim! This has also lead to some updates about the Cardiff JSF heat of 1970, including the addition of team members and Did You Know notes and changes to game titles. Also, a part of Jim's piece has been added to the introduction on the 1970 Series Guide page. It's A Miners Update! I'm pleased to be able to add plenty of new information about this obscure 1978 It's A Knockout special, with a nod of very grateful thanks to Steve Arnold for his invaluable assistance in making this possible. The result has been corrected, team members, games and Did You Know notes have been added, the Data Bank Scoreboard for 1978 has been updated with reference to It's A Miners Knockout.

Tuesday 25th January 2011: Back to a series of more substantial updates today. First up, many thanks to Sébastien Dias for information which affects the staging date of Interneige Heat 1 from 1978. The date has been changed and a Did You Know? added to explain. Italian transmission dates and times have also been added to this competition, again thanks to Sébastien. Additionally, I've updated the scoreboard image for 1970 JSF Heat 7 and slightly amended the first Did You Know for that heat. Also today, a documentary video has been added to 1976 JSF Heat 2 concerning the Roche team from Switzerland, with thanks to Kostas for drawing my attention to the video and, thanks to Christos, Interneige transmission dates for SSR and ORTF have been revised for 1965, 1966, 1967 and 1968. Swiss, French, Italian, Portuguese and (from 1980) Yugoslavian transmissions have been added/revised for 1977 (new Did You Know for Heat 1), 1978 (new Did You Know for Heat 1),  1979, 1980 (additional Did You Know notes for Heat 1) and 1981 (additional Did You Know for Heat 2), again courtesy of Christos. Staging dates for Interneige 1979 and 1981 have also been revised. And There's More... I've added two Did You Know notes to the 1975 JSF heat from Southport and have updated the Knockout TV page for 1976 to include additional details concerning Behind the Scenes: Four Days in Southport with Jeux Sans Frontières.

Monday 24th January 2011: A small but important update tonight - a change of venue for the 1975 FA Cup Final Knockout. Previously thought to be Loftus Road, home of Queens Park Rangers FC, I can now confirm it was staged somewhere else entirely...

Friday 21st January 2011: I've been taking a short break from JSFnet in the last week and a half as I've had a couple of side projects on which have necessarily taken my attention for a while. These projects are continuing, so please don't expect updates at the same rate as recently - for the time being anyway. A quick update tonight, with thanks to Ischa for flagging an oversight regarding the International Winter Final of 1992, which omitted to mention Brugge's similar achievement to that of Nové Město na Moravě (qualifying for an international final with a last place in the heats), back in 1969.

Wednesday 12th January 2011: After yesterday's mind mangling update about Interneige (for me, not you, I hope!), today's is a more sedate bit of tweaking courtesy of Ischa Bijl, who has suggested a few 'second series' changes. First up, Ischa has provided game titles and Joker type for 1994 Italy 2 (Heat 10). There is also a change to team colours for JSF 1996, corrections to the Fil Rouge and Crossing the Sea games of 1999 (plus a Did You Know for Heat 3 of that year). Back tracking to 1977, Ischa has supplied further team member information for the La Calamine and Doetinchem teams that competed in Heat 7. A brief Did You Know has also been added for this heat. Thanks, Ischa!

Tuesday 11th January 2011: It's Interneige Day at JSFnetGB! Something of a surprise today - it's not often that I can add a whole series of JSF competitions that I'd not previously been aware of, but today that's exactly what I'm doing! Thanks to Philippe Minet for sending a scoreboard from a 1976 Interneige - a series everyone at JSFnet had previously thought returned a year later than this! Even the French archives at INA make no mention of the 1976 series. So, between myself, Christos, Seb and Philippe, we've obtained as much detail as we can - with particular mention to Christos for tracking down the transmission information in Swiss newspaper archives. So, the Series Guide for 1976 now looks a little different and the opening blurb on the return of Interneige has been removed from 1977 and revised to be included as part of the 1976 introduction. Staying on the subject of Interneige, Christos has unearthed further valuable detail on Interneige: 1966 Heat 1 now has a result, an updated venue and a Did You Know, Heats 2 and 3 have partial results and the latter a Did You Know, Heat 4 has a result and Did You Know and the Winter Final has a startling revision including Did You Know information - and for 1967, a Did You Know has been added for Heat 1, a result added for Heat 3 and the venue of Heat 4 has been updated. Moving on into the colour era of Interneige, Christos has updated European transmission information for 1977 and 1978 (which has caused the Interneige staging dates in both these years to move a week back). Many thanks to Christos and to Seb for their help with this information, which was quite a challenge to interpret accurately!

Saturday 8th January 2011: Sterling work from Philippe Minet means JSFnetGB now has scoreboards for the majority of the colour era Interneige. This has been doubly valuable as it has corrected the results I previously had for the 1977, 1979, 1980 and 1981 series. Pages updated with these scoreboards: 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980 and 1981. This has also resulted in a Did You Know being added for Interneige 1977 Heat 3 and Interneige 1978 Heat 1. Thanks, Philippe - very helpful! I have also added a Did You Know note for Portugal 1 (Heat 3) 1988, concerning the spelling of Aosta-Pila, with thanks to Neil Storer and Sébastien Dias. Afternoon All! Seb has kindly come back to me and has filled all the gaps I had in the Interneige scoreboards of 1977-1980. Again, this has caused a couple of my results to be revised. Thanks also to Ischa Bijl, who has fine-tuned the games for Heats 1 and 2 of 1997 and to James Cowan, who has given me some new detail about It's A Knockout heat in Cardiff 1969, which he has researched in the Cardiff local press. This includes an update about the venue and a completely new Did You Know section for the heat. James has also supplied information about the Cardiff area which has allowed me to add Did You Know notes to 1970 JSF Heat 5 and the 1994 International Final. Thanks to James and all those who have helped with today's updates.

Friday 7th January 2011: A few new Did You Know? notes to start the day off... One from Neil Storer for the 1969 International Final, and four from Ischa Bijl - for 1997 Heat 3, 1999 Heats 1 and 2 and the International Final. Thanks, folks! Thanks also to Christos Moustakas for his heads-up about the sorry story of the Palazzo della Sport in Milan, venue for JSF Heat 2 of 1976, which has allowed me to write an additional Did You Know? note for that competition.

Thursday 6th January 2011: A series of major updates courtesy of Neil Storer - the first is an important one. The result of 1970 Heat 7 as shown on the scoreboard was wrong. See the result and read the Did You Know? for details. Beyond that, there are small updates to 1965, 1966, 1967 and 1968 regarding production companies and adding a Did You Know note to 1967 It's A Knockout Heat 3. There are also minor scoring tweaks to the following Scoreboards - SB 1966, SB 1967, SB 1968, SB 1969 and SB 1970. Neil has also provided a major update to 1969 and 1970, which includes new information on venues, games, jokers, team members and themes with the addition of substantial Did You Know? notes. Also a 1976 It's A Knockout spoof by The Two Ronnies has been added to Knockout TV.

Tuesday 4th January 2011: A lovely and unexpected addition to the site today. Legendary Jeux Sans Frontières referee, Guido Pancaldi has written a piece to be published at all JSFnet websites. I'm exceptionally happy to add this message, which I have added to the Fil Rouge section, and am very grateful to Guido for his generosity and enthusiasm. Many thanks to Guido and to Gianni Magrin and Christos Moustakas for their help in bringing this to reality. Also... many thanks to Marko Voštan, the webmaster of JSFnetEX-YU, for sending me further details about the 1999 JSF Birthday special and also three scoreboards for that year, all of which have been added to the page. And... Scoreboards added for 1980 Heat 7 plus International Final and 1997 Heats 4, 5 and 7 and International Final. Thanks Christos! Christos has also kindly researched and submitted Swiss-Italian, Hungarian and Slovenian transmission information for 1996. Finally... Our venue for Bern 1972 has been proven to be incorrect by Christos, who has pointed out that the heat was staged indoors. I have traced the actual venue and have therefore revised the information from the Wankdorf Stadium to the Eisstadion Allmend (Allmend Ice Stadium, aka Bern Arena) and have altered the Did You Know notes for this heat and Milano 1976 as a result.

Monday 3rd January 2011: Quite a lot more today. First up, a brand new event added to the 1999 Series Guide, which I'd not previously been aware of - the Italian international celebrating 30 series of Jeux Sans Frontières. Referees have also been added to the 1999 series as well as a scoreboard for the International Final. Thanks to JSFnetItaly and Ischa Bijl for this information. The 1999 page has also been revised into the new format, and I've added French and Italian transmission dates to it. This means that all Series Guide pages are now in the new format. Thanks to Neil Storer for spotting the reference in the West German heat of 1969 to Brugge's last place finish in Heat 1 of that year, which contradicted the 2nd place finish that we had on record. The result has been replaced with that given in Gianni Magrin's book - Giochi Senza Frontiere: Trent'anni di Giochi - which is not wholly accurate, but at least tallies with the placings we can confirm (Adria in 1st and Brugge in 5th).

Sunday 2nd January 2011: The first proper update of 2011... To start us off, there are a couple of tweaks to the venues of the 1977 West German heat and International Final, with thanks to Neil Storer. Games have been added/corrected for 1993 (Italy 1, Switzerland 1, Portugal 1 and Hungary, International Final), 1997 (Heats 3, 7 (also team members) and 9) and 1999 (all JSF competitions) and Did You Know note added/amended for 1993 (Switzerland 1, Hungary), 1997 Heats 7 and 9 and the 1999 International Final. These updates completed with the kind assistance of JSFnetFrance and Ischa Bijl. Ischa has also suggested a small change to the Joker usage on the 1996 Scoreboard. Also today, I have revised 1996 into the new Series Guide format, updated the presenters and added the remaining scoreboards, with thanks to Sébastien at JSFnetFrance. Also, team members for 1976 Heat 2 have been corrected, thanks to a newspaper article supplied by Gianni Magrin. Grazie, Gianni! Finally, final scoreboards have been added for 1978 Heat 4, 1979 Heats 2, 3 and 4 and 1981 Heat 3 with thanks to Christos for supplying them! I have also added scoreboards for 1975 Heat 7, 1980 Heat 6. There are now an incredible 281 scoreboards included in the Series Guide pages! Never Say "Finally"... Another couple of quick updates thanks to Neil Storer - team photos for two West German teams - Bietigheim-Bissingen 1975 and Ludwigsburg 1977. And "finally" (I'm saying that word again!), JSFnetGreece have an interview (available in English) with Fabriano (I) team member Pina Stroppa. Ms. Stroppa has also been added to our team member information for 1974 Heat 5.

Saturday 1st January 2011: A new year and a new start. As of today, JSFnetUK is no more - long live JSFnetGB! Since British teams tended to compete as 'GB', I thought it was high time that this site reflected it. May I take this opportunity to wish all visitors and contributors to the site a very happy and positive New Year and I thank everyone for their support in what was a difficult 2010 for me. Looking forward to a great year for JSFnetGB...

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