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Thursday 13th December 2007: A nice update today adding details for an It's A Knockout heat that no longer exists at the BBC - the 5th domestic heat of 1974, recorded in Skegness. This information includes squad member and game details and a new confirmed recording date. More to come on this heat soon... 
10.30pm: Thanks to Neil Storer for supplying a few minor amendments to the Scoreboard pages for 1972, 1973 and 1974.

Monday 10th December 2007: Major updates to the 1981 Series Guide page today, with all-new information and 'Did You Know?' notes from Neil Storer. We've also moved the 1981 It's A Christmas Knockout back to the 1981 page from it's previous location as the first programme of 1982 (which it was in the UK due to the BBC's scheduling decisions). The Scoreboard page for 1981 has been updated also. In addition, Neil has also spotted an erroneous score for Heat 2 of the Channel 5 It's A Knockout 2000, which has now been corrected. Thanks, Neil.
7.00pm Update:
A couple of further tweaks to 1981 and a correction to the 1979 Scoreboard.

Sunday 9th December 2007: Small updates today to the Series Guide pages for 1979 and 1980, plus the beginnings of a large update for the 1981 page, all courtesy of the invaluable Neil Storer.

Thursday 6th December 2007: Thanks to Neil for contacting me re. yesterday's updates, where I had overlooked a couple of amendments he had suggested. These are now fixed.

Wednesday 5th December 2007: Many thanks to Neil Storer, who has provided significant updates to the 1980 Series Guide, which has been revised this evening along with its Scoreboard page.

Monday 19th November 2007: An update today from Mike Peters, who has informed us that his friend, Ray Gravell, was a team member for Cardiff in the 1994 Christmas special. This information has been added to the Series Guide page. Sadly, Ray passed away recently whilst on holiday in Spain. If you read the sports pages in the papers, you may have heard of this, as Ray was a famous Welsh rugby international back in the 1970s. Ray's funeral took place last week at the rugby ground in Llanelli, where he had played for many years. The ceremony was attended by an incredible 10,000 people, who were there to pay their respects. JSFnetGB has its flags at half mast today and salutes a sporting hero who was a good friend to one of our most respected contributors.

Monday 12th November 2007: Significant updates to the Series Guide 1979 page and the Scoreboard for the same year, with thanks again to Neil.

Saturday 10th November 2007: Further updates today to the Series Guide, thanks to Neil Storer, with 1975, 1976, 1977 and 1978 getting a hefty revision to include additional notes and, where known, the games played in the events. Cheers, Neil, for another helpful contribution.

Sunday 4th November 2007: Another update today, this time courtesy of Neil Storer, who has added details of the games played in 1973-1974 and also some 'Did You Know?' notes for the same period. Thanks, Neil!

Wednesday 31st October 2007: I think I made a mistake when I said September was the busiest month at work... October has given it a damned good run for its money! Anyway, finally here's an update just as October closes its doors on us. A thousand thanks to Keith Williams, a member of the Wolverhampton squad of 1978, for contacting me a little while back and for not only writing a superb piece which has been added tonight to the Memories section, but he's also kindly loaned me his original BBC programme, which is bursting with info, much of which I've now added to the Series Guide page for 1978 (check the Wolverhampton domestic heat). I've also been able to add Team Photos for 1978 from this source. Help like this is invaluable to the site, and I really can't thank Keith enough. Cheers!

Thursday 4th October 2007: After a few weeks off, we're back with more updates. Neil Storer has been burning the oil of many midnights it seems, as he's provided even more amendments, additions and further copious notes for the Series Guide pages, and these will be added to the site over the coming days and weeks. For now, the 1972 Series Guide page and the Scoreboard for the same year have been tackled.

Tuesday 11th September 2007: Thanks to Christos for rapidly providing the second translation for the Magazines section. Please see the 1997 page.

Monday 10th September 2007: My word... It's been quite around here in September! There is a reason... I'm back to work and September is traditionally the busiest month where I work, so visitors will have a bit of time to catch up with last month's slew of updates! Today, I've moved the two Greek magazine articles from Collectables to Magazines, where they inaugurate that new section. The first of them, for 1996, has been translated into English by Christos Moustakas, to whom I'm most grateful. Christos has promised to translate the other, longer article soon. Cheers, Christos!

Friday 31st August 2007: A new, rather amusing, Did You Know? note added today for IAK 1979 Heat 1, with thanks to Neil Storer for relating the incident. As August draws to a close, I thought I ought to mention that there have been updates here on 21 out of the 31 days of August, so if you've been away soaking up the sun on a beach somewhere, you've got a lot of catching up to do! :)

Thursday 30th August 2007: All change again! We've dropped the Top Town section and have replaced it with The Pioneers, of which Top Town will now be a sub-section. This is to accommodate a section on Campanile Sera (within The Pioneers) which deserves equal (if not greater) coverage as an antecedent of Jeux Sans Frontières. The articles on Top Town and Intervilles have been revised as a result. Thanks are due to Mauro Tozzi for his help with Campanile Sera. Cheers also to Paul Leaver for a clarification regarding the Simply the Best results, which have been revised also. 9.00am: Been pottering around in the Series Guide this morning, revising the formatting slightly and correcting formatting issues. I've also added a new Did You Know? note for the 1969 International Final.

Wednesday 29th August 2007: An extra special update tonight! We christen our Newspapers section with some stunning material from the distant days of 1969, kindly donated by Shrewsbury team member, Dave Moore. We present nine items from the Shrewsbury local press which document the teams progress from their domestic It's A Knockout heat right up to their return from the Blackpool International Final with the Golden Trophy. Quite a story. Aside from presenting scans of the features, all text is reproduced clearly beneath them on each page, to make them more accessible to visitors with sight impairments. To see them, go to Media: Newspapers and click '1969'! In the light of some of the information in the features, we've also updated some of the information on Series Guide: 1969. If you have any IAK/JSF newspaper cuttings that might be added to this section, please don't hesitate to send scans via the email address below. Thanks.

Tuesday 28th August 2007: Thanks to Paul Leaver for getting in touch today. Paul's kindly provided results for Simply the Best, which are recorded on the Series Guide: 2004 page. We still need clarification on one result (London v. Manchester) and that of the final, so if anyone can help on those, we'd be most grateful. Thank you. In other news, congratulations to Mont de Marsan, who last night completed a pair of back to back wins in consecutive Intervilles finals. This has been confirmed in The Intervilles Winners' Circle. Also, a related broadcast has been added to Knockout TV, thanks to Ian Taylor, who told me about this nearly two years ago! Sorry Ian, your email got filed and I've only just found it again. When you told me about the programme, it was only a few months old. Now it's nearly vintage! Apologies! Additionally, a team member has been added to all four events that Blackpool contested in 1971, as has the result of the 1971 It's A Christmas Knockout. 11.30pm: An additional Did You Know note and games added for 1969 Heat 2 of It's A Knockout.

Monday 27th August 2007: A little bit of fun today... The JSF Instant Translator has been added, which documents the different names for the series in countries that have competed in Jeux Sans Frontières. We've tried to match the names up with screen-grabs from the opening titles, but we lack access to some, so if you can help with a screengrab or foreign language logo for the page, please contact us. Thanks.

Incidentally, I thought I'd share a few site statistics... The JSF Instant Translator is the 300th page at JSFnetGB and the website now contains over 178,000 words! Cripes!

Sunday 26th August 2007: An extra special addition to Collectables: Promotional this morning: a great poster advertising It's A Knockout 1979 Heat 7 from Goshen Fields, Bury.

Saturday 25th August 2007: JSFnetGB's summer round-the-world-tour continues in the USA, where we take a look at Almost Anything Goes, the American It's A Knockout.

Friday 24th August 2007: A modest update tonight, by recent standards at any rate. Thanks must go to David Hamilton, the co-founder of JSFnetGB for his checking of the Simply the Best guide, which has resulted in a few changes to timeslots, programme durations and Did You Know? notes.

Thursday 23rd August 2007: Another early morning update which opens History: Other Flavours for business with a page concerning the West German version of It's A Knockout, called Telematch. Details on this series are scarce, so if anyone can provide any further detail, we'd be most grateful to hear from you. 2.00pm: More updates with an Intervilles flavour today. First off, we have a new entry straight in at Number One on the Collectables: Games charts (because it's the oldest produced!) and secondly, the Intervilles History section is completed with the addition of Intervilles: New Millennium, New Intervilles. 9.30pm: Another update to Other Flavours, an quite an unexpected one... something I hadn't heard of until today! Thanks to forum member Nicolás E. Korzan from Argentina, who has provided some great information about an 'Other Flavours' JSF show from his country, so I've been able to put together a page to commemorate it - El Gran Juego de las Provincias (EGJ).

Wednesday 22nd August 2007: An early morning update - Simply the Best, ITV1's 2004 stab at It's A Knockout, has been added to the Series Guide. No scores as yet, but we hope to get them soon. 3.00pm: Further behind-the-scenes restructuring at JSFnetGB... I've done something I've long been meaning to get round to, namely dividing the Series Guide differently. Whereas previously it had been divided arbitrarily into decades, it is now in 'eras' marked by phases of the series. We now have 1965-1971 (covering the start of Jeux Sans Frontières right up to David Vine's last It's A Knockout series), 1972-1987 (covering the Stuart Hall era up to more or less the end of the British series), 1988-1999 (covering the revived JSF, the UK Gold repeats and the first year of the Channel 5 IAK) and 2000-Present (which covers Year Two of the Channel 5 series, plus Simply the Best and new JSF, should the EBU gets it act together over the aborted 2007 revival at some point). I've also changed the title of Miscellaneous Broadcasts to Knockout TV, as I never liked the old title and now seemed as good a time as any to change it! This update would have been added earlier this afternoon, were it not for my tracking down some great information about the 1965 Jeux Sans Frontières series. This has resulted in the addition of a previously unknown result, team members, games played, plus considerable anecdotal detail on the year's events. This hails from an article submitted to JSFnetGREECE by Philippe Minet. I'm most grateful to both sources. 7.00pm: Intervilles: Back in Town added to the Intervilles History section. Intervilles: The Beautiful Games has been revised.

Tuesday 21st August 2007: I said yesterday that I felt another expansion coming on. I checked, and no, it wasn't just the wind... I spent most of yesterday adding another new section to the site, the Data Bank, which contains the Winners' Circle (which contains easy to access year-by-year listings of IAK, JSF and Intervilles winners) and Scoreboard, which contains something I've been meaning to find a space for on the site for a while - information concerning the format of the games and how points were awarded, all arranged by year. The Scoreboard section has been exclusively worked on by Neil Storer for JSFnetGB. For the moment, Scoreboard pages have been added for 1972-1994. We hope to add further pages in the future. Thanks, Neil! (That's beginning to sound like my catchphrase of late!) Incidentally, each Scoreboard page has direct links back to the Series Guide page for the same year, and vice versa, for easy navigation. While working on this section, I've also decided to apply a few common sense changes to the Series Guide, so the 1983-1988 specials now lose the 1988 Christmas Special to the JSF 1998 page and becomes simply 1983-1987, and the 1999 JSF and Channel 5 It's A Knockout pages are now combined into a single page as per the 1966-1982 pages, to become Series Guide: 1999. 7.00pm: Catching up with Neil's very helpful amendments to the Series Guide that had to be put on the back burner while I was producing the Scoreboard and Winners sections (which involved changing every single page on the site manually - believe me, I wouldn't wish it on anyone!). Anyway, the pages that have been revised and added to are those for 1974, 1976, 1977 and 1978.

Monday 20th August 2007: Yet more updates today (can you keep up?). Much gratitude is due to Neil Storer for his continued poring over of the Series Guide pages. He's spotted a few errors that have been there for years and have (I assume) gone unnoticed, and added a slew of Did You Know? notes, which help add a bit of colour to the statistics. Today it's the 1977 page that has received Neil's attention. Cheers, Neil! I've also added a Did You Know? to the International Final for 1996. And I feel like another expansion coming on... Keep watching this space...  :)

Sunday 19th August 2007: The first pages of the expanded JSFnetGB are now live. The main update concerns Intervilles, the first article of which has now been written and added to the site, as has the page of known Intervilles winners (a bit sparse at the moment, I'm afraid). As there was some cross-over with what had previously been said in the introductory pages for It's A Knockout and Jeux Sans Frontières, both those pages have now been extensively rewritten.

Saturday 18th August 2007 (Offline Update - not uploaded until Sunday 19th August): It's all about site structure today... Eagle-eyed visitors will notice that suddenly there are more links down the side of the page, which have been added to accommodate future updates and new sections. A few cosmetic changes for starters - Biographies has moved from 'History' to 'Features', and our Radio Times pages have moved from being a sub-section of Features: Collectables and are now part of our new 'Media' section which will grow to include features from newspapers and magazines. Also added to the 'History' section are holding pages for Intervilles and what we've called Other Flavours, which will include other international domestic versions of It's A Knockout. Please bear with us as these sections are populated, but remember, you'll hear about it here first! Another addition today: I noticed an omission on the Records page - Léon Zitrone and Guy Lux's 1964 single, Le Tango d'Intervilles. This has now been added to the page.

Friday 17th August 2007: Extra detail added to the first three It's A Knockout heats of 1967, including team members, games and weather conditions. Also team members have been added for Southport's Christmas adventure of 1975. The 9 O'Clock News: Many thanks to Neil Storer for his further researches and diligent checking, which means that the Series Guide pages for 1971-1976 have had another brush-up.

Thursday 16th August 2007: We're back up and running today after a wonderful week's holiday in Jersey courtesy of two wonderful friends which has left me feeling relaxed, chilled and totally refreshed. Thanks a million to those at La Tourelle, and a special mention for the most loveable black labrador in the world, Betty. They deserve medals, but all I can manage for now is a badge...  :)

Wednesday 8th August 2007: A diversion from the normal updates today to add sound files of the A- and B-side of a rare 1987 Intervilles single, Shanana. You can find this single in the Downloads section. 2.30pm: The updates continue! A new section has been added to Collectables - Records - to record details of Bean Bag and the Intervilles single and CD. If there's any other singles or albums to add to the page, do let us know. Thanks also to Christos for giving us further detail on the venue for the 1994 Greek JSF heat and for translating the text into Greek for us. 3.30pm: The last update until next week... Added a coda to the Giochiamo a Giochi Senza Frontiere page, to the effect that there was also a French imprint of this title. Also tracked down another game - a CD-ROM version of Intervilles! 6.00pm - OK, just one more update! Neil Storer has supplied a couple of scans to add to the Promotional Items section - they can be found here and here. Thanks Neil! 11.00pm - Never say 'just one more update': We've started to add team members where possible in the Series Guide. There's only a smattering of them so far, but great oaks from tiny acorns grow. Most interesting of these is the full team for Shewsbury, 1969, complete with most of the competitors' ages at the time of the competition. Thanks to competitor, Dave Moore for supplying this info.

Tuesday 7th August 2007: We've added couple of games to the Collectables section today - examples of the extremely rare It's A Knockout playing cards (kindly supplied by Neil Storer), and a Portuguese board game from 1978. Both can be found on the Collectables: Games page. 11am: The page on Giochiamo a Giochi Senza Frontiere has been revised and Neil Storer has provided recording dates for the Channel 5 version of It's A Knockout. These have been added to the Series Guide pages for 1999 and 2000. 1.00pm: The promotional pages for Collectables have been getting rather over-full, so I've split them up into separate gallery pages for each item (as per the Radio Times pages), and have added a further item, a ticket to the dress rehearsal of the 1980 JSF heat from Arundel, kindly supplied by Neil Storer. Also a 1974 Radio Times clipping that was lost in the system has been linked to properly. 4.00pm: Thanks to Neil once more, this time for reminding me that I had the 1982 Harbutt's It's A Knockout boardgame sitting in a cupboard, waiting patiently to be photographed for the site. The game has now had its session with David Bailey and has been added to the games page. Finally, the page on the Giochiamo a Giochi Senza Frontiere book has been updated a third time, to include a further scan sent by Neil and further information.

Monday 6th August 2007: It's the Collectables section that's getting attention today, thanks to Mike Peters' generosity. Mike has supplied scans and photographs of some very nice items, which have been added to the promotional pages for the following years: 1977, 1980, 1982 and 1993. Cheers, Mike! Additionally, several pages have been revised today, including the ones on Top Town and It's A Knockout: Live and Direct to include quotes from producer, Barney Colehan, It's A Knockout: Mr. Knockout to add a couple of new paragraphs at the end, and the Series Guide pages from 1966, 1971, 1972 and 1973 (to add Did You Know? notes). There have also been minor additions made to It's A Knockout: All Things Must Pass. 10am Extra! The Series Guide page for 1993 has now been completely revised thanks to Neil Storer's diligent and most helpful endeavours. Thanks, Neil! 2.30pm Update! A busy day for the site today (as is plain to see!). Now we've added Neil's information on the 1994 series to the Series Guide. 6.00pm! New image added of Guy Lux, on his biography page. 8.00pm! The Great Day of Updates continues at JSFnetGB. Many thanks to Christos Moustakas, who has cleared up a mystery over the location of the 1993 Greek JSF heats. Also, Neil Storer contacted the site today with a scan of a JSF book he has - Giochiamo a Giochi Senza Frontiere - and details on this book have now been added to the Collectables section. I think I need a lie down!  :)

Sunday 5th August 2007: It's Mike Peters we have to thank for today's update - he's written a superb biography article concerning Arthur Ellis, the former international football referee who joined It's A Knockout in 1969 as chief referee of the domestic competition and Great Britain's refereeing representative in the European competitions of Jeux Sans Frontières - and became a much-loved figure in the process. Thanks Mike, for another worthy addition to JSFnetGB.

Friday 3rd August 2007: Found a little time this evening to enter further details from Neil Storer's excellent researches - the 1992 Series Guide is now fully updated. Thanks once again, Neil!

Thursday 26th July 2007: Another day, another update. Following the publication of the 1991 Series Guide on Monday, it has come to light that the Welsh transmission order was at variance with what we presented. This has now been amended. Thanks to Mike Peters for noticing the anomaly and to Neil Storer and Mike for their help in producing the updated list.

Wednesday 25th July 2007: We're on a bit of a roll here... Updates on four consecutive days - wonders will never cease! Today, a small but important update to the Series Guide courtesy of Paul Leaver, concerning Heat 5 of It's A Knockout 1969 from Bangor, Northern Ireland. With the help of the staff in Belfast's Ulster and Irish Studies Library at Belfast Central Library, Paul has discovered that the Belfast Newsletter reported that the 1969 Northern Ireland 'final' was between Coleraine and Fermanagh, rather than Bangor (the team our researches had previously suggested competed against Coleraine). Paul has also been able to provide the result - 11-9 to Coleraine. Many thanks, Paul!

Tuesday 24th July 2007: A day off from the cut and thrust of the Series Guide, to present a review of last night's TV Heaven Telly Hell, written by yours truly.

Monday 23rd July 2007: A small update today comprising a 1991 promotional item. Burning the Midnight Oil (Second Update): The results and details of the 1991 JSF series have been finalised today, with many thanks to the invaluable Neil Storer for all his hard work on this. Third Update: 2007 Miscellaneous Broadcasts page added to mark tonight's broadcast on Channel 4 of TV Heaven Telly Hell, where comedian Jack Dee failed to see the funny side of It's A Knockout. Who said comedians could do with a sense of humour?  :)

Sunday 22nd July 2007: The rains have abated - temporarily, I'm sure - and I've spurned the sun to update the 1990 Series Guide page, with information supplied by the estimable Neil Storer. It's not completely complete, as we're still lacking the presenters for the Macau Christmas special, Christmas in the Orient. If anyone can supply this information, it will be gratefully received. Many thanks once more to Neil. Secondly, I've also finally revised the page on The Future? to take account of the recent aborted 2007 revival of Jeux Sans Frontières.

Sunday 15th July 2007: Another rainy day here in Knockoutland, so the site's getting some attention! The continuing programme of revising the Series Guide has now got as far as 1989, which has been updated today, thanks to information supplied by Neil Storer. Cheers, Neil! I've also been able to add for the first time, European transmission dates for all Jeux Sans Frontières programmes from 1965 and 1966. Also, in a purely aesthetic update, all heat winners are now shown in bold throughout the Series Guide.

Friday 13th July 2007: Not so much an update as a heads up! UK residents will be treated to a programme, TV Heaven, Telly Hell, on Monday 23rd July 2007 at 11.05-11.35pm, which will feature a section about It's A Knockout. The programme is to be broadcast on Channel 4, and the Videoplus code is 598033. The programme is introduced by Sean Lock, and the It's A Knockout feature is hosted by Jack Dee.

Monday 25th June 2007: We've been promising further details about Gianni Magrin's superb Italian language book about JSF, Giochi Senza Frontiere: Trent'anni di Giochi, for some time now. Well, finally we can present Mike Peters' excellent book review at JSFnetGB (the delay is down to me, not Mike, I have to say!). Many thanks, Mike, as always.

Sunday 24th June 2007: Thanks to the hard work of Neil Storer, the first series of the JSF revival of 1988 has been gone over with a fine toothed comb and is now up to scratch! Broadcast and recording dates and several notes have been added to the page. Thanks, Neil. Thanks also to Marc Eversley for sending a digital photo of a rare promotional item from the 1978 JSF heat from Lincoln, UK, which has been added to the Collectables section.

Tuesday 29th May 2007: It's never finished 'til it's finished! The 'complete and verified' 1972-1987 pages have received a final polish courtesy of the hard work of Neil Storer. This includes something we'd both overlooked - Interneige (The Winter JSF), which ran from 1977-1981 and is now presented complete with transmission details, teams, results and trivia. Thanks for all that lovely detail, Neil!

Sunday 27th May 2007: Details on the 1999 Channel 5 It's A Knockout are now complete, thanks to Brian K. Outlaw. Cheers!

Sunday 8th April 2007: A superb addition to the site today, written by the redoubtable Mike Peters. Mike has submitted a fascinating biography of David Vine, who presented It's A Knockout in its formative years. Thanks Mike, for another valuable addition to JSFnetGB!

Thursday 5th April 2007: Further long hours have been happily spent updating the Series Guide today, with the remainder of the information kindly supplied by Neil Storer. Consequently the pages for 1980, 1981, 1982 and 1983-1987. The 1982 information clears up the mystery about the unbroadcast Christmas show - Trio - and presents the final score, published for the first time anywhere! Thanks, Neil!

Wednesday 4th April 2007: A million thanks to Neil Storer for contacting me with an absolute slew of information to add to the Series Guide. Neil has been an avid fan of It's A Knockout and Jeux Sans Frontières since 1972 and his knowledge and documentation on the series is such that even the BBC has consulted him for information at times. Well, the great news is that Neil is kindly sharing his information with this site, meaning that the Series Guide is getting a complete overhaul today, with all pages from 1972-1979 being revised and annotated. One very interesting point that Neil's research has revealed is that the 6th domestic heat of It's A Knockout 1974 was cancelled due to an industrial dispute within the BBC. This answers a long-standing question I've had concerning the competing teams in that event - Portsmouth & Southsea and Swanage - and why neither qualified for that year's Jeux Sans Frontières heats. Thank you, Neil! Your generosity has greatly benefited this site and I'm sure that our visitors are as grateful as I am for your help and hard work in compiling the document from which I'm updating the guide. On viewing the pages, visitors will also notice a new symbol that declares that the information in the section below it is correct and has been verified against official sources. This doesn't mean that more information won't be added in future, but that to all intents and purposes, the information is complete and has been checked. More tomorrow!

Sunday 11th March 2007: The Series Guide gets that little bit closer to being complete today, with one of the incomplete years... completed! Thanks to Brian K. Outlaw, we have been able to finalise the information for the 2000 It's A Knockout series shown on Channel 5. Thanks, Brian!

Wednesday 14th February 2007: A few additional items in our promotional items section tonight. There are features from Greek magazines for JSF 1996 and 1997 (kindly supplied by Christos at our forum), and scans of a ticket and souvenir programme from the 1994 JSF European Final which was held at Cardiff Castle, South Wales, and attended by Brian K. Outlaw, who kindly donated the images. Thanks to both of you.

Friday 2nd February 2007: Venues added for Heats 1-6 of the Channel 5 It's A Knockout from 1999, with grateful thanks to Brian K. Outlaw. Besides this, our forum is coming on well. The member count is now in double figures, with members joining from all over the world, and there have been over 175 posts. Thanks to those people who have contributed thus far. We look forward to a long and healthy life for the forum, and welcome all new members.

Sunday 28th January 2007: A major update to the JSF results today, following a check of those published in Gianni Magrin's excellent book, Giochi Senza Frontiere: Trent'anni di Giochi. We will be reviewing this book soon and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with a love of Jeux Sans Frontières, even if you do not understand Italian. The book can be ordered from Gianni's painstaking research added to our own at JSFnetGB and that of the webmasters at the sister JSFnet sites means that we are closer than ever to having a comprehensive set of results for the series. There are still gaps, but a lot less than before. Hopefully, we will one day be able to present a complete results service. Results have been added today for 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973. We will check the subsequent years in the coming few days. Thanks to Gianni for all his hard work and for a wonderful publication.

Thursday 4th January 2007: Thanks to Pino Frisoli for contacting us and pointing out that our listings for 1970 weren't quite accurate. It transpires that Heat 2 from Lugano, Switzerland, of the 1970 JSF was transmitted in black and white and not, as we thought, in colour. Thanks for the correction, Pino! Evening Update: Further investigation has highlighted that Heat 3 from Namur, Belgium was also transmitted in this way. The likely reason is that these two countries were still transmitting in B/W at this stage.

Monday 1st January 2007: A New Year's present for fans of It's A Knockout and Jeux Sans Frontières from JSFnetGB! Regular visitors to the site may have noticed that since we started, there's been a link down the left hand side to a forum. This was set up by one of our European sister sites and while it was a worthwhile effort to begin with, it ultimately became plagued by pop-ups and spam. The forum closed down some time ago now... Well, the good news is that we at JSFnetGB have started one of our own - The JSFnetGB Community Forum - and it launches today. The "Forum" link on the left now points to the new messageboard. There are several categories in which to chat, and this will hopefully become the focus for IAK and JSF fans to meet on the internet. Whether it succeeds or not is down to you. Pop over and start a discussion off, and let's see where it leads us! Happy New Year!

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