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Friday 14th February 2020 - JSF Poster Packs: My apologies for the lack of updates of late. I've been bogged down working on other projects, though I have found time to do some restoration work on a series of 10 JSF/IAK posters, which I am offering for a limited time to help raise funds for JSFnetGB. You can see these above. They are available via ebay across three separate listings. Pack 1 (5 A3 colour posters, top row above | £19.99), Pack 2 (5 A3 colour posters, bottom row above | £19.99) or the Megapack (all 10 A3 colour posters shown above | £29.99). UK postage is free on all options. International postage is £5.99 on each of Packs 1 and 2 but only £0.01 on the Megapack, so that option might well be best for anyone interested outside the UK. Please order either via ebay or email JSFnetGB for a Paypal invoice, stating your preference and a postal address to send the posters to. Posters are printed on high quality 300gsm White Satin card stock and will be delivered direct from the printer.

Sunday 19th January 2020 - Christmas in January? A modest but important update to XMAS 1970 today, thanks to Neil, who has found two photographs from this event which have, to begin with, made it clear that the venue was actually Leiden's Groenoordhallen rather than its ice rink as we previously thought. Take a look at the page and see the updates and also the rather lovely photographs!

Friday 10th January 2020 - IAK Beamish 1975: Thanks to a recent donation to JSFnetGB funds I've been able to purchase another souvenir programme to add to the site. It's for IAK 1975 Heat 4 from Beamish, County Durham, and it's helped me make a number of updates: for starters, the cover has been added to Collectibles: Promotional 1975, team photos for Berwick-upon-Tweed, Consett (Derwentside) and Darlington are now shown on the Teams 1975 page and team members have been added to the Series Guide page along with Team Selection and Training information and photos. I've also been able to add official game titles, game cartoons and Games in Detail information. Finally, the souvenir programme has been added as a PDF to the Downloads page and can also be downloaded from the Series Guide page.

Thursday 9th January 2020 - Ramsgate v Margate 1970: Thanks to Neil for a helpful update to IAK 1970 concerning the 'Swaying Footbridge' game which was played twice at Heat 6. Thanks also to Andy Aliffe, whose photograph from this event helped greatly. I've also been able to add a small section and a couple of photos to the same heat, focusing on the Margate team's training sessions. These are sourced from a newspaper item which has been purchased for the site thanks to a recent donation to site funds. I am also grateful to Rui Craveiro for informing me that INA have recently uploaded Intervilles 1973 Heat 3 to YouTube, permitting me to add a score and scoreboard for that heat. For those interested, the heat, between Alès and Avignon, can be found here:

Sunday 5th January 2020 - Eurogames Transmissions: Thanks to Christos Moustakas and David Laich Ruiz for providing Eurogames 2019 broadcast details to date for Cyprus, Greece and Spain.

Saturday 4th January 2020 - Intervilles Internationaux 2014: Eagle-eyed visitors amongst you might have noticed that there's a new year showing up on the Series Guide selector to the left of this text - 2014. This is because Julien Dessy has kindly furnished JSFnetGB with results, scorecards, transmission and other information about Intervilles Internationaux 2014. This page requires a little bit of fine tuning before the teams can be added to the Team Database, but it's certainly got plenty of detail. But we don't like The Champions' Wall!

Friday 3rd January 2020 - JSF 1970 Concluded / IAK 1970: More from Neil as JSF 1970 Heats 5, 6, 7 and the International Final get the Games in Detail treatment. Also, a postcard from Heat 7 has been added to Collectables: Promotional Items 1970. Finally, I am grateful to Great Yarmouth team member Andy Aliffe for sending some photos which have helped shed more light on the tie-breaker game played at Ramgate in Heat 6 of IAK 1970. Andy has also provided a photo of himself in his team kit (see Heat 5) and a PDF of the programme for the civic reception (see JSF 1970 International Final - Additional Information).

Thursday 2nd January 2020 - JSF 1970 Revisited: Thanks to Neil Storer, who has provided host town, visiting towns and venue information for JSF 1970. In addition to this, he has also supplied Games in Detail information for Heats 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the same year (with more to follow) and a team photo of Como for Teams 1970.

Wednesday 1st January 2020:  Happy New Year to all visitors and contributors to JSFnetGB!  We at JSFnetGB hope that readers have had good Christmas and New Year celebrations! We hope that 2020 is good to all our visitors - and this site!

We start off for this first update of 2020 with small updates to - Coppa Italia 1994 - with thanks to Marko Voštan.

A reminder of our most recent updates:

Monday 30th December 2019 - Missing Believed Wiped: IAK 1980 Heat 2 from Bodlondeb Park, Conwy... It's sad to end the year on a negative note, but it's just been announced by our friends at Kaleidoscope that - among many other programmes - the It's A Knockout heat from Conwy, North Wales, transmitted on 16th May 1980 is now thought to have been lost by the BFI National Film Archive. The original 2" master tape had been donated by the BBC to the BFI National Film Archive prior to 1985 as part of a large collection of examples of BBC programming. Unfortunately, the collection has subsequently been lost, mislaid or destroyed by the BFI, and therefore no broadcast standard recording of this programme is thought to exist. As yet no home recordings of this It's A Knockout heat have come to light. Therefore, if you have a recording (video or audio) of this programme or any other in the list below, please drop us a line and hopefully we can engineer a happy ending!

The Full 'Missing Believed Wiped' list of the BBC Collection:

  • Asian Magazine 4/12/1983

  • Ask Aspel 17/7/79

  • Blue Peter Disney Time 14/4/79

  • The Good Old Days 10/1/75

  • It's A Knockout 16/5/80

  • John Craven's Newsround 11/2, 3/3, 10/3, 7/4, 29/11/76 and 20/3/80

  • Just A Nimmo 3/3/77

  • Me And My Town 24/3/82

  • Mr Big 14/1/77

  • Multi-Coloured Swap Shop 5/2, 24/12/77 (Swap Of The Pops)

  • Nai Zindagi Naya Jeevan 11/2/73

  • OneUpManShip 9/11/76 Yeovilship

  • Pebble Mill At One 29/11 and 3/12/79

  • A Question Of Sport 26/1/82

  • Ring-A-Ding 23/3/73

  • Rolf Harris Cartoon Time 11/9/79, 13/1/81

  • Saturday Night At The Mill 25/2/78

  • Saturday Superstore 19/10/82

  • See You Sunday 14/10, 21/10, 4/11, 18/11, 2/12, 9/12, 16/12/73

  • Star Turn Challenge 30/9/79

  • Straight Talk 13/6/80

  • The Sunday Gang 19/9/76 and 9/1/77, 27/2, 9/10, 23/10, 30/10, 13/11, 27/11, 2/12/79, 30/11 and 14/12/80, 22/11/81

  • Sutherland's Law 15/7/75

  • Take Two 22/6 and 20/7/82

  • Think Again 16/1/81

  • Why Don't You 20/4/79, 1/1, 2/1/80 27/4/84

  • You and Me 20/5/76, 31/1/78

Thursday 26th December 2019 - Eurogames polished off... Results and other details of Heat 5 and the International Final of Eurogames 2019 have now been added. The Venue Database, Team Database and Winners' Circle sections have also been updated to included information about this series. It is quite likely there will be no further or minimal updates to JSFnetGB until mid-January as we are changing broadband providers and will experience a period of downtime. Therefore, permit me to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and I'll be back when things are sorted.

Sunday 22nd December 2019 - A Festive Update... JSFnetGB wishes all its visitors, supporters and contributors a very Merry Christmas and a fine New Year. The last couple of months have not gone as planned with updates being mostly suspended due to shoulder, neck and back injuries to yours truly. Things are now much improved, I'm pleased and relieved to say, and I am very grateful to Neil Storer for supplying a timely Christmas-related update which adds plenty of detail and imagery to our page for XMAS 1973. Enjoy!

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