Just when you thought that the era of Jeux Sans Frontičres was over, along came a new series to surprise you. Stedenspel (in English, City Games) was a television show in which Belgium and Netherlands battled against each other in a competition that JSF fans might find somewhat familiar. All the editions were recorded in television Studio 12 (complete with its 3.3 million litre water tank!) at the Eurocam Media Center in Lint, Belgium and was produced by the Flemish broadcaster EXQI Plus and the Dutch broadcaster TROS. The programme was hosted by Guy Van Sande (Belgium) and Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen (Netherlands) - pictured above - and commentary was supplied by Tom Blom. Stedenspel aired in the Netherlands and in the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium, Flanders.

Each programme in the 2010 Stedenspel series featured two teams consisting of five men and five women, representing Belgian and Dutch towns and cities and they played a set of nine standard games which were repeated from one programme to the next. The titles of these games betrayed an important element of the competition: 'Sponge Game', 'Penguin Game', 'Water Climbing Wall' and 'Boat Game'... All games were played in, on, next to, above and even under water. An enormous 25 by 35 metre swimming pool was the key - and lots of competitors got very wet in their endeavours to prove their home towns the best!

All the games played in this series were standard games, which were identical in each and every programme. Game numbers were shown in on-screen graphics, but the opening and final games were unnumbered, so confusingly the second game of each programme was referred to as Game 1. Despite not being officially titled, the opening and closing games in each event have been given titles by JSFnetGB for reference purposes. Additionally, the two heats of the 'Water Climbing Wall' game were given separate numbers (Game 3 and Game 7), even though technically they were two halves of a single game.

by Ischa Bijl with Alan Hayes

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