Simply the Best was at the centre of ITV1's assault on Saturday night prime-time in Summer 2004. The eight feature-length programmes, recorded on the beautiful Channel Island of Jersey, were based on Intervilles (as was It's A Knockout, of course) and were positively bursting at the seams with celebrities. While not an own goal of the magnitude of ITV1's later Saturday night flop, Celebrity Wrestling, Simply the Best failed to find a significant audience and was laid to rest after just one series. Indeed, it was unceremoniously moved to a Saturday afternoon slot for its last edition - never a good sign.

The eight programmes were all recorded at a temporary arena with space for one thousand spectators which was erected solely for Simply the Best. The arena stood on reclaimed land in the Waterfront area of St. Helier. The events involved games featuring two teams comprised of celebrities and members of the public, who had to tackle physical tasks against each other. The games were interspersed by musical interludes from top chart artistes.

In a divergence from the traditional qualifying system in Jeux Sans Frontières, qualification for the final not by highest points score, but by the Champions' Wall events instead. Each team tackled the Champions' Wall at the end of each heat, with the points haul counting towards a head start on this last game. The two winning teams that completed in the Champions' Wall in the quickest time went through to the final. This same system was employed in Intervilles.

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