All editions of Jeux Sans Frontières 1998 were transmitted from Trento in Italy. Seven teams participated during this year, with only Slovenia from the 1997 line-up of countries failing to return. The 1998 series saw the first French victory since 1992, with La Clusaz winning the fourth heat. It was to be the last French victory in JSF. The year, however, belonged to Hungary, who won three editions including the International Final.

The arena at the Palazzo delle Albere included three pools. The biggest was filled with 800,000 litres of water, the second with 360,000 litres and the smallest with 16,800 litres.

Each edition of the 1998 Jeux Sans Frontières series as transmitted by RAI Uno began with a short promotional spot for the soon-to-be-introduced Euro currency, which was here dubbed 'the coin without frontiers'. These sequences were different each week and featured Italian presenters Mauro Serio and Flavia Fortunato. They were based on famous characters from fiction and actuality and upon films including Casablanca and Mary Poppins.

The Italian editions also featured sequences halfway through the programme which showed local volunteers testing out and practicing on the games, before the teams tried them for real. At the conclusion of each of these sequences, Italian presenters Mauro Serio and Flavia Fortunato distributed Italian Lottery tickets to the volunteers as a show of gratitude.

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