Another change of 'personnel' occurred for this year: Slovenia made a reappearance but the Czech Republic and Malta did not participate, dropping the numbers back to six countries. Slovenia's return was met with instant success in the first heat. Less fortunate were the team from Lumino, Switzerland, who decided to withdraw from Heat 9 following an injury to one of their competitors. This was not the first time a team had withdrawn from a JSF event, as in the ill-fated Christmas Special of 1982 the Belgian team of Blankenberge did likewise.

Another first - and considering a large chunk of the appeal of Jeux Sans Frontières was in its constant decampment to somewhere new in Europe, a rather sad one - was that the whole series was transmitted from one location, a 7000m² arena in Turin, Italy, with presenters from each country taking turns to front the programmes. In each competition, there were three standard games: the first, eighth and ninth games. The remaining games were devised by the participating countries.

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