Nineties Jeux Sans Frontières was constantly in a state of change, with numbers of countries varying from year to year. 1995 saw the numbers drop from nine to seven, with Slovenia and Wales backing out. The competition is just as tight however, with the Czech Republic enjoying an excellent year, marking up three wins in the heats and top spot in the International Final.

The editions of JSF 1995 each comprised 10 games, plus a fil rouge and a special game played by the presenters (which was not played for points). The fifth game of every heat was a 'jeu d'amitié' (friendship or co-operation game). Each country fielded two players on these games and each would be associated with another from a rival team. To get the total time of any given country, the times achieved by its two competitors would be added together. JSF 1996 also featured a co-operation game - 'The Dragons'.

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