Jeux Sans Frontières de Nöel 1994:
25th Anniversary Knockout

Entrants Christmas 1994: Switzerland (CH) • Wales (CYM) • Greece (GR)
Malta (M) • Portugal (P)

Presenters / Commentators:
Caterina Ruggeri and Paolo Calissano (TSR - CH)
Nia Chiswell and Iestyn Garlick (S4C - CYM)
Dafne Bokota and Filippos Sofianos (ERT-ET1 - GR)
John Demanuele (PBM - M)
Eládio Clímaco and Cristina Lebre (RTP - P)

International Referee:
Denis Pettiaux

Produced by TSR (CH), S4C (GB), ERT-ET1 (GR), PBM (M), RTP (P)


Jeux Sans Frontières de Nöel 1994:
25th Anniversary Knockout

Christmas Special

Event Staged: Tuesday 6th September 1994
Venue: Cardiff Castle, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Great Britain

European Transmissions (Local Timings):
S4C (CYM):
Friday 23rd December 1994, 7.29-8.27pm
Saturday 24th December 1994, 10.50pm-12.00am and 12.15-12.40am
RTP (P): Sunday 25th December 1994, 4.30-5.30pm
TSI (CH-Italian): Monday 26th December 1994, 8.30-9.45pm

Musical Interludes performed by:
Dafne Bokota and Filippos Sofianos (GR)
Mary Spiteri (M)
Cristina (P)
Mauro Gisletter (CH)
Caryl Parry Jones (CYM)

Theme: Festive Fun

Teams: Switzerland (CH) v. Cymru (Wales) (CYM) v. Greece (GR) v.
Malta (M) v. Portugal  (P)

Team Members included:
Switzerland (CH) - Pierre Pellegrini;
Wales/Cymru (CYM) -
Hywel Davies, Melerie Davies, Raymond Gravell, Gethin Jones, John Owen-Jones, Caryl Parry Jones and Alwyn Roberts;
Greece (GR) - Zisis Prokopiou (Thessaloniki), Vangelis Palatsidis (Ioannina), Maria Stefanaki (Agios Nikolaos) and Katerina Kartsoli (Poros);
Portugal (P) -
Rui Pinheiro.

Games: The Snowball Push, The Ice Hockey Match, Reindeer on Sleighs, Raising the Firs, Catching the Cakes and The Christmas Greetings;
Fil Rouge: Down the Chimney.

Game Results and Standings


Team / Colour

1 2 3 4 5 FR 6
Points Scored


5 4 3 --- 3 2 3
CYM 2 3 4 5 --- 1 5
GR --- 5 2 3 5 4 1
M 4 --- 5 2 2 3 4
P 3 2 --- 4 4 5 2
Running Totals
(Leading teams shown in red)


5 9 12 12 15 17 20
CYM 2 5 9 14 14 15 20
GR 0 5 7 10 15 19 20
M 4 4 9 11 13 16 20
P 3 5 5 9 13 18 20




Final Scoreboard


 CH • Switzerland
 CYM • Cymru (Wales)
 GR • Greece

 M • Malta
 P • Portugal


The Venue

The venue of this Jeux Sans Frontières special was the breathtaking Cardiff Castle - for information on its history, please see James Cowan's feature in 1994 Venues.

Additional Information

This special, recorded in Cardiff three days after the 1994 International Final was held, was billed as a 25th Anniversary celebration. In truth, it was actually celebrating twenty-five series of Jeux Sans Frontières that had been produced over a thirty year period. Played out purely for fun, it saw referees and presenters assisting - and hindering - not only their own teams but also the fellow competitors. In a fitting conclusion, all teams finished with equal points, and all in first place!

Each of the first five games were played in two rounds of two teams, and after the first round of each game, the Fil Rouge was played by the ‘missing’ country. Following each Fil Rouge, the teams were presented with a Christmas Cracker, each with a different size, by referee Denis Pettiaux. This was then followed by a three-minute musical interlude by a performer from each of the competing nations.

Although points were not awarded as such, each game was followed by a scoreboard noting the finishing positions of the teams, followed by the current standings. After Game 2, it was clear from the current standings that the points being awarded on the games were 5 pts, 4 pts, 3 pts and 2 pts. After the final game the result of the Fil Rouge was revealed which ‘quite coincidently’ scored the teams in such a manner that all teams ended the contest equal with 20 pts as shown above. Interestingly, the S4C transmission showed all teams in equal 1st place but did not reveal the scores.

The teams were shown on screen as countries, but they were in fact sourced from specific areas of their countries. In their commentary, Welsh presenters Iestyn Garlick and Nia Chiswell refer to the Portuguese team as Batalha and the Swiss team as Olivone.

The teams included several celebrities. Among the Swiss team was artist Pierre Pellgrini, while the Welsh team sported the jockey Hywel Davies, who had won the 1985 Grand National, Raymond Gravell, a former Welsh rugby international, John Owen-Jones, a musical theatre actor and Caryl Parry Jones, a Welsh singer.

Made in Colour • This programme exists in European Archives


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