Knockout Star Gala 1983
British Domestic Series

Presenters: Stuart Hall and Susie Mathis

Referee: Dee Hepburn

Scorer: Charlie Nicholas

Stage Managers: Bryan Chapman, Peter March and Alex Thomas
Senior Cameraman: Ken Moir
Vision Supervisor: Andy Lorne
Sound: Chris Holcombe
Engineering Managers: Geoff Lomas and Bob Made

Production Assistant: Anne Comer
Costume Designer: Anna Baruma

Designer: Dave Wilson
Assistant Producer: Alan Wright
Producer: Rod Taylor
Director: Geoff Wilson

Produced by BBC North West (GB)


Knockout Star Gala 1983

Summer Special

Event Staged: Sunday 31st July 1983
Venue: The Willesden Sports Stadium, Willesden, Greater London, England

BBC1 (GB):
Monday 29th August 1983, 6.10-7.00pm

Teams: Dempster's v. The Dainty Dozen

Team Members included:
Dempster's -
Nigel Dempster (Team Captain), Stan Boardman, Russell Grant, Brian Jacks, Bonnie Langford;
The Dainty Dozen - Billy Dainty (Team Captain), Jess Conrad, Sharron Davies, Bobby G, Stirling Moss, Trevor Peacock, Mark Winter.
Other participants (team affiliations unknown) - Jay Aston, Floella Benjamin, Suzanne Dando.

Team Captains:
Nigel Dempster (Dempster's) and Billy Dainty (The Dainty Dozen).

Game Results and Standings




Final Scoreboard


 The Dainty Dozen


Additional Information

Dempster's team was "culled from the playing fields of Eton", while Dainty's was "culled from the playing fields of anywhere else"!

Made in Colour • This programme exists in the BBC Archives


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