It's A Knockout and Jeux Sans Frontières come to the end of the line as full series Jeux Sans Frontières would return six years later, but without British competitors.

This year’s Domestic series saw a ‘first’ of many things in It’s A Knockout. During the opening credits, previews of the games were shown, with replays shown during the end credits, and there were also picture-in-picture shots during the games.

Another overhaul of the It’s a Knockout scoreboard this year (for the final time) - the flat numbered board scores which were changed by the scoregirls, were replaced by wheeled numbers and were changed by a member of the production crew behind the scoreboard out of eyeshot. This was to give the impression of the scores being changed electronically.

Following Eddie Waring’s departure, It’s A Knockout featured different guest presenters to present the marathon in each programme.

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