1981 saw the last run of the Interneige competition until the end of 1991, when a similar version was revived for one year only. It was also Eddie Waring's last year with It's A Knockout before retiring, but Eddie made one final return for the British International at Washington. Sadly, throughout the year, Eddie seemed rather out of it, unable to keep up with Stuart Hall's banter. His commentary became slurred and unfocused and, for long-time fans of the series, this was painful to watch.

Some solace however, could at least be found in a marvellous series of new costumes on display this year, including the ‘Wasbees’ (half wasp, half bee), the ‘Budgies’ and the ‘Rabbits’ (both of which featured in the previous year’s British International at Walberton). These three creations were at the centre of much hilarity.

This year, the Domestic series saw the scoreboard receive an overhaul - the team names were set against the colours of the respective teams (red, yellow and green), and hand-held cameras were used for the first time, to give better close-up shots of the games and competitors.

The International Final saw British team Dartmouth end the year on a high, leaving as joint trophy winners with Portuguese team Lisboa.

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