It's A Celebrity Knockout 1980
British Domestic Series

Presenters: Stuart Hall and Eddie Waring
Referee: Arthur Ellis
Scoregirl: Jean Kelly
(a Marilyn Monroe lookalike)

Producer's Assistants:
Maggie Youdan and Iris Davies

Stage Managers:
Mike Milone, Chris Miles and Helen Wienholt

Costumes: Jackie Pinks

Senior Cameraman: John Johnson

Vision Supervisor: Y. Levy

Sound: John Drake

Production Team
Alan Wright, George R. Clarke and Tony Williams

Engineering Managers:
Geoff Lomas and Ernie Knight

Designer and Games Deviser: Stuart Furber
Executive Producer:
Barney Colehan
Geoff Wilson
Tony Harrison
A BBC Manchester Production


It's A Celebrity Knockout 1980

Summer Special

Event Staged: Sunday 29th June 1980
Venue: Fulham F.C. Football Ground (Craven Cottage),
Fulham, Greater London, England

BBC1 (GB):
Friday 11th July 1980, 7.05-8.00pm

Teams: The Lord’s Taverners v. Rest of the World

Team Members included:
The Lord's Taverners - Harry Secombe (Team Captain), Robin Askwith, Raymond Baxter, John Blythe, Jess Conrad, Roger de Courcey, Barry Cryer, Linda Cunningham, Windsor Davies, Neil Durden-Smith, Liz Fraser, Peter Glaze, Nicky Henson, Rod Hull and Emu
, John Junkin, Stephen Lewis, Victor Maddern, Patricia McSherry, Ann Moore, Patrick Moore, Wendy Padbury, Cardew Robinson, Willie Rushton, George Sewell, Jim Standon, Sheila Steafel, Jerry Stevens, Roz Tranfield, Meriel Tufnell and Frank Windsor;

Rest of the World - Bobby Charlton (Team Captain), Debbie Arnold, Bobby Ball, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Tommy Cannon, Suzanne Danielle, Frederick Davies, Tracy Dodds, Arthur English, Bob Grant, Anita Harris, Bill Hayes, Melvyn Hayes, Abigail Higgins, Frazer Hines, Derek Hobson, Adrian Love, Teresa Mann, Malcolm Macdonald, Kevork Malikyan, Mick McManus, Frank Mills, Roy North, Pan’s People dancers, Lance Percival, Magnus Pyke, Catherine Schell, Alan Tarrant and Patricia 'Dee Dee' Wilde.
Other Participants (Team Allegiance Unknown) -
Claire Gordon, Jan Hunt, Rocky Taylor.

Games: The Great Sedan Chair Race, Stuffing the Balloons, Pass the Bucket, The Gruffs and the Bones, The Grand National, Pearly Kings and Queens, The Canvas Slide, Seesaw Balloon Bursting and The Inflatable Mountain (The Stepped Dirigible);
Marathon: The Slippery Pole;
Jokers: Joker playing cards.

Game Results and Standings




Final Scoreboard


 The Lord's Taverners
 Rest of the World


Presenters, Officials and Production Team

Regular It's A Knockout scoregirls Tracy Dodds and Roz Tranfield traded their usual roles to become team members, with Tracy joining the Rest of the World team and Roz playing for The Lord's Taverners. Despite Jean Kelly being the only regular scoregirl doing her normal job in this programme, Dodds, Kelly and Tranfield were all credited as scoregirls in the end titles, possibly due to a contractual agreement.

Additional Information

The appearance by Top of the Pops dancers Pan's People was perhaps a little odd, as the troupe had recorded their last routine on the music show in April 1976 and had been replaced by Legs and Co. For It's A Celebrity Knockout, the dancers were billed as Dee Dee Wilde's Pan's People, the name of the second incarnation of the group, post Top of the Pops, which comprised Patricia 'Dee Dee' Wilde, Pauline Crawford, Abigail Higgins, Patricia McSherry, Francesca Whitburn and Sarah Woollett. Singer Sarah Brightman was also briefly a member of the troupe during this period.

Made in Colour • This programme exists in the BBC Archives


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