It's A Celebrity Knockout 1977
British Domestic Series

Presenters: Stuart Hall and Eddie Waring
Referees: Arthur Ellis

Games Arranger: Paul Trerise / Designer: Mel Bibby
Cecil Korer / Director: Geoff Wilson
A BBC North West Production


It's A Celebrity Knockout 1977

Summer Special

Event Staged: Sunday 26th June 1977 from 3.30pm
Venue: Chelsea F.C. Football Ground (Stamford Bridge),
Chelsea, Greater London, England

BBC1 (GB):
Tuesday 16th August 1977, 6.55-7.50pm

The Lord's Taverners Knockout Trophy presented by: Susan Hampshire

Teams: Celebrities v. The Lord's Taverners

Team Members included: Robin Askwith, Raymond Baxter, Bernard Bresslaw, Eddie Capelli, Judith Chalmers, Keith Chegwin, Roger de Courcey, Bernard Cribbins, Linda Cunningham, Neil Durden-Smith, Eric Flynn, Alan Freeman, Gillian Gilks, Peter Glaze, Bob Grant, Susan Hampshire, Terrence Hardiman, Anita Harris, Nicky Henson, Frazer Hines, Derek Hobson, John Junkin, Ian Lavender, Legs & Co., Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Liverpool Express, Don McLean, Mick McManus, Bill Oddie, Lance Percival, Hilary Pritchard, Chris Ralston, Norman Rossington, Willie Rushton, Sam’s Set, Ian St. John, Shaw Taylor, Meriel Tufnell, Roger Whittaker, Bob Wilson, Frank Windsor and Kenneth Wolstenholme.

Game Results and Standings




Final Scoreboard


 The Lord's Taverners


Additional Information

This competition featured members of The Lord's Taverners, a charitable association of cricketing actors, engaging in a "jocular joust for The Lord's Taverners Knockout Trophy" with other celebrities from the worlds of entertainment and sports.

Although no mention of it was made, this programme was celebrating the 100th official edition of It’s A Knockout to be held on British soil since 1966. This total was made up of 73 Domestics Heats, 12 International Heats, 2 Championship Knockouts, 7 Cup Final Knockouts, 3 Christmas programmes and 3 Celebrity Knockouts (including this one)!

Made in Colour • This programme exists in the BBC Archives


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