It's A Celebrity Knockout 1976
British Domestic Series

Presenters: Stuart Hall and Eddie Waring

Referee: Arthur Ellis

Scoregirls: Dinah May, Leena Skoog, Hazel Lyons and Marie Worth

Games Arranger: Paul Trerise

Production Team Alan Wright and Alan Walsh
Engineering Manager:
Geoff Lomas
Sound: John Drake
Mel Bibby
Barney Colehan
Director: Geoff Wilson
A BBC North West Production


It's A Celebrity Knockout 1976

Summer Special

Event Staged: Sunday 13th June 1976
Venue: Crystal Palace F.C. Football Ground (Selhurst Park),
South Norwood, Greater London, England

BBC1 (GB):
Friday 9th July 1976, 8.00-9.00pm

The Lord's Taverners Knockout Trophy presented by: Esther Rantzen of That's Life!

Teams: The Lord's Taverners v. Celebrities

Team Members included:
Judith Chalmers, James Ellis, Sheila Steafel, John Blythe, Anita Harris, Robin Askwith, Ann Moore, Ed Stewart, Jan Hunt, Neil Durden-Smith, Linda Cunningham, Richard Stilgoe, Meriel Tufnell, Bob Grant, Jenny Hanley, George Layton, Sarah Bullen, Mick McManus, Ian Carmichael, Bob Wilson, Michael Aspel, Shaw Taylor, Raymond Baxter, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Bernard Cribbins, MacDonald Hobley, Frazer Hines, Robin Nedwell, Richard O’Sullivan, Peter Glaze, Richard Meade, James Villiers, Cardew Robinson, William Rushton, Chris Ralston.

Game Results and Standings




Final Scoreboard


 The Lord's Taverners


Made in Colour • This programme exists in the BBC Archives


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