Having reached the BBC retirement age of sixty, British producer Barney Colehan stepped aside after ten years with It's A Knockout and Jeux Sans Frontières, his position taken by Cecil Korer. The tenth anniversary of the British domestic series was marked by a special feature in Radio Times magazine and original series personnel Charlie Chester and MacDonald Hobley made special guest appearances in the opening heat. New costume characters introduced into the Domestic series this year were the Tweedles and the Giants. In a new development, winning teams from the It's A Knockout heats competed for the Knockout Trophy in a special event, It's A Championship Knockout.

On the international stage, RTP of Portugal joined the list of broadcasters, but at this point, Portuguese teams did not participate.

In addition to the by now traditional summer Jeux Sans Frontières competition, two countries got together to host the fifth series of Interneige, a version of JSF staged in the snows of winter, the first such competition since 1968. Two towns each from Switzerland and France competed for the Winter JSF Trophy. Competitors were generally sourced from specialist ski resorts and clubs.

At the end of the year, the West Germans won their sixth Jeux Sans Frontières Golden Trophy, the first in seven years, with an outstanding score of 52pts (just four points short of the maximum achievable).

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