A change in format for It's A Knockout as each weekly competition was now contested by three teams, rather than two. The BBC staged the first It's A Celebrity Knockout featuring many famous names from British television and sport. Future series producer, Geoff Wilson was promoted from production team member to become Director for 1975 and beyond.

During this year, the British representative in the British heat of Jeux Sans Frontières had to compete for that honour (instead of being decided by its score in the Domestic heats, as was the case in previous years).

At the end of the year after all the results were analysed, 1975 turned out to be Great Britain’s worst-ever year in Jeux Sans Frontières, finishing in the bottom three places in seven out of the eight International programmes played. This resulted in the nation finishing bottom in the total points and placings leagues and gave the BBC something to think about for the following year.

On a happier note, French team Nancy reached their second consecutive International Final, and on their third attempt of trying in total, enjoyed the spoils by winning the Jeux Sans Frontières Golden Trophy.

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