The programme, now settled into its uniform layout and format, brought British viewers elation and joy and the country’s third Jeux Sans Frontières victory with Ely being invincible both at home and on the continent. Their impressive demolition of Hertford in their Domestic Heat lead to them winning the Radio Times Trophy as the winning team with the highest points score (and the largest winning margin ever in It's A Knockout). In winning their Domestic Heat, followed by triumphs in their International Heat and the International Final, Ely joined West German teams Bardenberg (1967), Osterholz-Scharmbeck (1968) and Wolfsburg (1969) in having won the Jeux Sans Frontières Golden Trophy completely undefeated.

This was the first year that the opening animated credits ended with the European map showing the hosting country and the venue's location on screen. This was to remain the norm until the end of the first phase of the programme in 1982.

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