The French domestic series Intervilles entered its second year in 1963. Cities were chosen for the competition based on several criteria: first and most important were technical and practical considerations, with applications considered also on local resources and promotion possibilities. It was also an aim of the production team to visit areas of France, notably the Centre, which had not been involved in the first year of competition.

The first city listed in each regional heat was the "central point", at which the main personnel such as presenters Guy Lux and Simone Garnier and the climactic Game of Questions would be based. Other presenters, including Léon Zitrone and Roger Couderc would be based at the second city. Each location also had a designated Director, Jean Bescont for the Central Point and Roger Pradines for the second location.

The 1963 series comprised eight 'regional derby' Heats which led to four Quarter-Finals. These in turn led to two Semi-Finals and a Grand Final. The series was topped off with a special programme - The Super Final - in which the 1963 Champions were pitted against Dax, the Intervilles Champions of 1962.

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