Radio Times Logo, 1971Radio Times - the BBC's television and radio listings magazine - was a stoic supporter of It's A Knockout. From 1972, it awarded The Radio Times Trophy to the overall winning team at the end of each domestic series. In addition, its gave over space for features, illustrative material and even front covers to the series. The basis of the information at JSFnetGB was gleaned from studious research into the pages of this invaluable publication - without back issues of Radio Times to check through, there would, quite simply, JSFnetGB would never have come into existence.

This section of JSFnetGB represents the highlights of Radio Times coverage of It's A Knockout and Jeux Sans Frontières, sub-divided into years of publication. Click on the links below to access each year's page.

Illustration by Bruce Angrave
Radio Times, July 6th 1967


  • No post-1988 items have been included for the reason that neither the 1991-94 exploits of Welsh teams in Jeux Sans Frontières or the Channel 5 revival of 1999 and 2000 garnered any coverage worth mentioning in either Radio Times or its rival listings magazine, TV Times.

  • No pages have been included for 1986 for the simple reason that neither contained any IAK/JSF broadcasts in the UK.