Let the Games Begin!
Guy Lux's celebrated Intervilles from France transforms itself into a pan-European competition that will take the Continent by storm: Jeux Sans Frontières.
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The Formative Years
JSF opens its doors to new nations as Switzerland and Britain join in the fun. Their arrival coincides with a notable change in format, as each contest sees a six-team head-to-head - all in glorious black and white!
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In Living Colour
Jeux Sans Frontières enters what many perceive to be its golden era - the Seventies and early Eighties - taking full advantage of Europe's new colour television technology and becomes a much-loved family favourite across Europe.
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The Games Return
Six years after saying a seemingly final goodbye, Jeux Sans Frontières is back, rejuvenated for a new generation of viewers and competitors. The revived series sees many format changes and innovations.
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The JSF Instant Translator
Jeux Sans Frontières is known by many names in many countries. Here's a quick guide.
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For Jeux Sans Frontières champions, see Winners' Circle in our Data Bank section.

Montecatini Terme (I), 1978