The JSF Instant Translator

There are many names for Jeux Sans Frontières in the many countries who have participated in the series. Here is a quick list detailing what JSF is called in those territories. In some countries, the series had more than one name, such as in Belgium, where two native languages are spoken (Flemish and French) or in Great Britain, where the international competitions were normally referred to as Jeux Sans Frontières to distinguish them from the domestic It's A Knockout contests (and of course, the Welsh name is a native language variation).


Name / Translation


 Spel Zonder Grenzen
 Jeux Sans Frontières

 Czechoslovakia /
 Czech Republic

 Hry Bez Hranic


 Jeux Sans Frontières

 Great Britain

 It's A Knockout
 Jeux Sans Frontières

 Great Britain: Wales

 Gemau Heb Ffiniau


 Παιχνίδια Χωρίς Σύνορα


 Jatek Hatarok Nelkul


 Giochi Senza Frontiere


 Loghob Minghajr Fruntieri


 Spel Zonder Grenzen


 Jogos Sem Fronteiras

 San Marino

 Giochi Senza Frontiere


 Igre Brez Meja


 Juegos Sin Fronteras
 Les Hemos Offrecido


 Jeux Sans Frontières
 Giochi Senza Frontiere
 Spiel Ohne Grenzen


 Alab Didoun Roudoud
 Jeux Sans Frontières

 West Germany

 Spiel Ohne Grenzen


 Igre Bez Granica