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Shrewsbury's Finest Hour
Hazel Ford reviews the 2019 play and author and director Chris Eldon Lee responds

Guido Pancaldi Writes
The great JSF referee writes to JSFnetGB and other JSFnet websites

Memories of BBC Manchester
Mike Peters on the glory days of M60 1SJ

TV Heaven Telly Hell
Alan Hayes presents the case for the defence

Focus on Cardiff
James Cowan investigates this Welsh city

Focus on Luton
Neil Storer focuses on the Bedfordshire venue

Knockout in Galashiels
Alan Hayes looks at a 1967 It's A Knockout

JSF Comes to Cardiff
James Cowan writes about Cardiff 1970

A Yorkshire Battle Royal
Mike Peters looks at the 1977 IAK in Halifax

Friendly Games in Bonn
Richard Farnham comments on Bonn 1979

Swansea Welcomes JSF
Julien Dessy visits Wales with JSF 1992