IAK Opening Titles, 1960s

The rarely-heard theme from the Sixties It's A Knockout shows.
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IAK Opening Titles, 1973

Herb Alpert's 'Bean Bag', used famously in Great Britain as the theme to the golden era of It's A Knockout. Full-length version.
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An Intervilles single! Released in France in 1987 on the Carrere label, this 7" single contains a re-recorded version of the 1987 Intervilles theme with additional voiceover by series creator, Guy Lux. The A-side, Shanana is credited to R. Tweston/R.Simister - L.G. and Noisca Tcha Tcha - the B-side - to L.G./R. Tweston. Record number: CA 171 14.281.

Download Side A 'Shanana' in MP3 format: 1.5MB

Download Side B 'Nosica Tcha Tcha' in MP3 format: 1.4MB