The information presented below is a guide to the format of the games played in 2010 in Stedenspel and how points were awarded in each event. Two teams contest Stedenspel this year.


Game Details:

Points Allocation:

No. of Games per Event:
6 + Water Wall Climbing

No. of Competing Teams per Event: 2

Teams competed in all 7 games,
but 'Water Wall Climbing' was played in
two runs - by one team as 'Part I' in Game 3
and the other as 'Part 2' in Game 7.

Opening Game, Games 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6:
3pts (Win), 1pt (Draw), 0pts (Lose)

Water Wall Climbing (Games 3 & 7):
3pts (Win), 1pt (Draw), 0pts (Lose)

The Final Game:
Points difference counts for a head start
(2 seconds head start per 1pt points lead).
Winner of this game wins the edition,
regardless of points scored.

Joker & Election Game: Scoring Limits:

No Joker or Election Game in these events.

Highest Achievable Score: 21pts

Lowest Achievable Score: 0pts

Team Colours for Stedenspel 2010:

Belgium: Yellow

Netherlands: Red