IAK Galashiels 1967
Alan Hayes looks at the surviving material from the 1967 series of It's A Knockout - a 23-minute excerpt from the third heat in Galashiels, Scotland.

JSF Cardiff 1970
James Cowan looks through the local press and relates the story of the build up to this event and, as a long-time Cardiff resident, gives a local's perspective on Jeux Sans Frontières coming to his home town.

IAK Halifax 1977
Mike Peters casts his mind back to April 22nd 1977, when two became three and Beverley were number one!

JSF Bonn 1979
Richard Farnham on the sixth heat of the 1979 series of Jeux Sans Frontières, staged in Bonn, Germany. The theme: The Open Air Festival.

JSF Swansea (1) 1992
Julien Dessy looks back to the first Welsh JSF of 1992.

TV Heaven Telly Hell
It's A Knockout fell victim to this half-hearted Room 101 clone on Monday 23rd July 2007. Alan Hayes presents the case for the defence.

The Future
Alan Hayes muses on whether the series has a future on British television or elsewhere.