A small number of tie-in music releases have been issued regarding the series.

Teddy Moore and his Orchestra: Interville '62
President Records, France, 1962

Le Tango d'Intervilles

Léon Zitrone and Guy Lux: Le Tango de Intervilles
President Records, France, 1964

Intervilles presenters Léon Zitrone and Guy Lux's 7" single release based upon Paul Mauriat's celebrated theme to the series. Record Number PRC 371. Reissued in 1970 as 'Intervilles '70':

Herb Alpert - S.R.O.

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass: S.R.O.
A&M Records, United States of America, 1966

The seventh LP album from Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass contains a track called Bean Bag (written by Pisano-Wechter-Alpert), which would be used a few years later as the theme to the BBC domestic series of It's A Knockout. While not a 'tie-in' as such, as the track pre-dated the series and was not composed for it, it's worth listing here as fans may wish to buy the CD, which has recently been reissued in remastered form.

Mireille Mathieu: Jeux Sans Frontières
Abilens Music, Paris, France, 1981

Single release of 1981 JSF theme with lyrics as heard on some international transmissions of JSF 1981 Heat 4 from Charleroi, Belgium, including that of the RTBF. The piece was composed by Jacques Revaux, who was also the man behind the famous 1970s JSF theme tune. Mireille Mathieu is a internationally renowned French chanteuse.

Shanana - Intervilles Theme (Arrangement: H. Garella)
Carrere Records, France, 1987

This 7" single was issued in France to coincide with the 1987 series of Intervilles. The series theme is presented in an extended version with additional voiceovers by Guy Lux, presenter and creator of the series and Leon Zitrone, co-presenter. The A-side is entitled Shanana (4 minutes, 16 seconds) and is credited to R. Tweston/R. Simister - L.G., while the B-side, Nosica Tcha Tcha (4 minutes and 6 seconds) is by L.G. - R. Tweston. Cover illustration: Blanchard. Back cover photography: J. Morell of Interpress. Production: Master Fil Rouge. Record number: CA 171 14.281.

Intervilles CD
Wagram Records, France, 2006

This compilation CD was issued by French company, Wagram, in July 2006. It's a 2-CD set with thirty tracks, including two versions of Shanana, as discussed above.