To our knowledge, seven board games have been issued over the years:

Intervilles Game, 1963

Intervilles Boardgame
Maker Unknown, France, 1962-63

Giochi Senza Frontiere Boardgame
Gozzi, Italy, c. mid-1960s

It's A Knockout! Jeux Sans Frontieres Boardgame
Strawberry Fayre, Great Britain, 1970s

Jeux Sans Frontières Boardgame (jeux de société)
Antenne 2: Guy Lux - Orly jouet, France, 1978

Spel Zonder Grenzen - Dutch JSF Board Game
Spel Zonder Grenzen / Jeux Sans Frontières Boardgame
Papita, NOS Netherlands, Netherlands, 197

Giochi Senza Frontiere / Jeux Sans Frontières Boardgame (Advertisement)
Clementoni Giochi, Italy, 1979

Jogos Sem Fronteiras / Jeux Sans Frontières Boardgame
Majora Games, Portugal, 197

Harbutt's Games, It's A Knockout

It's A Knockout! Boardgame
Harbutt's Limited, Great Britain, 1982

The Grand Knockout Tournament Boardgame
MG Games (Hasbro Bradley, Ltd), Great Britain, 1987

Did you know you can also play Intervilles on your computer?

Intervilles PC CD-ROM

Intervilles PC CD-ROM Game
Developed by Belle Productions
and issued by Mindscape Games, France, 2007

(also issued on Nintendo DS)

Did you know It's A Knockout has also become a card game?

It's A Knockout Card Game

It's A Knockout Card Game

It's A Knockout Playing Cards
Promotional Item issued by McVitie's
The pack consists of 34 cards (4 Jokers and 30 playing cards)
Kindly donated by Neil Storer