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Welcome to JSFnetGB, an online guide to the classic television series It's A Knockout and Jeux Sans Frontières.

Through four decades and beyond, It's A Knockout and Jeux Sans Frontières became much-loved European obsessions. Once described as "the zany Olympics", these were competitions of physical prowess and plain lunacy, setting town against town. Domestic heat winners would then face their European counterparts in historic and exotic locations on the continent. The games were colourful and inventive and the annual competitions gained impressive viewing figures across the continent.

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Among this site's 600 pages, visitors will find an exhaustive guide to both series, focusing mainly on the years in which these shows ran on British television. However, you will find results and details here from all years and flavours of Jeux Sans Frontières. In addition, you will find a series history containing detailed information on the early days of the programme, the people who made, presented and refereed the games and you'll also hear from some of the competitors who took part in them. Also presented, where available, is information from local, national and international press coverage and items of interest from publications such as Radio Times magazine.

JSFnetGB is part of the JSFnet family of websites, set up to celebrate Jeux Sans Frontières. Please visit our partner sites, which offer plenty of interesting features and commentary: JSFnetCZECH, JSFnetFRANCE, JSFnetGREECE and JSFnetITALY.